Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


4. Elab in the Wilds


Elab was a drifter. Someone unwelcome to most Pangaeains. Drifters did what their names suggest and drift; never staying in one place for too long. They were at one with nature and understood how it should be treated. But they were shunned by civilization in disrespect and had been for centuries. They were blamed for most things and were often seen as bandits or animals. Drifters also had many bounties on their heads that killed or butchered any drifters they came across. How could you spot a drifter? Well drifters were solitary as it was much more efficient to fend for yourself. Well what if it was a lonely traveler going to market? That would never happen as people were warned that drifters would slaughter and loot everything you owned or the hunters looking for drifters would instead. But drifters were mostly innocent and docile people; not caring about regular citizens. All they desired was to be left alone but as time grew, that got less and less likely.  Elab though was one of the best drifters. No matter how many bounties he had, no matter what situation he was in, he would always find one way out that a normal drifter would be blind to.

His father was a great warrior who guarded the local towns and had tort Elab everything about fighting and combat. Elab was also taught by his uncle how to live off the land like catching food, crafting tools and finding materials. With all this knowledge though, he could not put it into practice for he was kept indoors and was never aloud to go more than a few feet outside of the village. Galinor was were the village placed and Galinor was the most unpopulated province. Meaning, nature was mostly left alone for a young boy like Elab to explore and see. When Elab heard the tales and legends of the drifters and their way of life, he was gripped in their myths and longed to be one. When he was a bit older of an age about 14, he fled from the village with all the equipment he needed. Never to be seen again. He was quickly known through Galinor as people saw sightings of his doings. But he was always one step ahead and slipped away from people's attempts to murder him or blame him.

One thing he was blamed for was for murdering a local villager and taking all of his belongings. The real criminal used Elab's warning poster as a way to get away with the crime.
As usual, the bounties were raised on Elab and two brothers took up the job. These brothers were of differnet heights and body shapes; each one shadowed by their hoods. There was a small pipsqueak and a large brute. Hardly recognizable as brothers.

"Oi! Dan! Look at dis! Anofer one." said the second brother has he tore off Elab's wanted poster.

"Ah! 'e looks easy! Bi' of a weed if you arsk me." as he snatched the poster from the second brother's hand.
As they stormed into the management office to accept the hunt, they pulled out their rifles and headed into the local woods with evil giggles. The arrogant and cocky siblings thought they were the ones in charge but even when they were only 10 meters into the forest, Elab was already watching them.

"Ahh! Dan, when we gunna find this 'ere crook! And it's getting dark and cold." came a squeaky and whiny voice from behind the first brother. The first brother talked in a much deeper tone but still with the same spiteful accent.

"Shu' 'p! We'll make camp 'ere for the noight and look for this scoundrel tomorra!"

"Yeah. A'roight." The brothers whipped up a small fire using any rotten wood and leaves they could find. Elab was still watching them as they were unaware of his nosy eyes.

"Bill, you go' first watch. Keep your eyars pealed!"

"Yeah. Go' ya Dan."
The stubby twerp twitched his neck all over place in keeping an eye out for Elab. The snores from Dan shook the flames of the fire. Elab was now inching forwards to go in for the kill. But Bill's ears were high on alert and heard the ruffles as Elab's feet swam through the leaves. Bill cocked his rifle as the ruffles got closer. But as Elab was breaking away the shadows to reveal himself, a bright roar came from the west on the high tops of Mount. Kangia. Bill was stunned by the wave of sound hitting his ears.

"Whoa! Wha' the hell was tha'?"
Now Elab took his chance and dashed straight for Bill's throat, slashing it open with a veracious cut. Bill fell to the floor, drenched in his own blood. Elab then went for Dan who was still sound asleep. Elab stuck his sword into Dan's chest as Dan gave his last breath. He could see the light show of death as dark clouds engulfed the mountain and orange flashes blasted through the trees. Elab whispered to himself in faded image of interest.

"What in the world...?" as he stared through the trees.
He ignored it and continued through the forest.

Next morning, he rose from his slumber in the trees as the sun rose with him. He went about his daily routine of catching breakfast, cooking it and finding whatever materials he could find for equipment. With the morning pushed aside, the afternoon brought a new surprise in store for Elab. He was digging under an oak tree to hear a soul ripping scream that leaped in the air and startled Elab. He ran straight for the scream and found a young man of Elab's age pointing a strange sword at two grounded girls. He sprinted to aid the girls and tackled the other man to the floor into cacophony of dead leaves and worms.


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