Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


6. Bad Greetings

When Micha and Jess got into the woods, enough where the guards couldn't see them, they stopped to let their breath catch up with them. They both looked at each other and started giggling quietly.

"I can't believe we actually did that!" Micha whispered as she knelt over to catch more air.

"I know! I cant believe I went through with your plan." replied Jess as the adrenaline in her body made her shake. Micha got back to her feet and started strolling through the forest ahead of Jess. She turned her head back and gestured to Jess to keep moving.

"Come on, let's get moving. It'll be dawn soon". Jess scrambled to her feet and was still chuckling to herself.

The two girls walked 'til the sun was right over their heads and watching them through the sticks of the trees. The forest was tall; very tall. Dead leaves sat on the floor in shame as the girls kicked them whilst they were down. The wind weaved through the trees as it darted from branch to branch. But something else was bouncing through the leaves. Something quick. The girls heard the unnatural rustling in the trees ever so slightly and they stopped dead. Frozen like statues with their ears pricked like dogs. They looked up and saw a figure zap through the tall trees in a blur of speed.

"What was that?" Jess asked as her eyes swiveled around to look for the shadow.

"I don't know... I think we're being watched." Micha answered as her chin started to rise; drawing her sword in preparation. Then, out of no where, something pounced on top of them from the trees and knocked them both to the ground. Micha could not react in time as she wriggled under the weight, trying to grab her sword or her gun. But her arms where pinned down and glued to the floor as a large metal boot pressed down harder. She looked up to see a horrifying sword, none of which she had seen the likes of before, glaring at her face. She looked passed the angry sword and saw a tall, young man beaming down on her. Even if she could get free, he seemed too strong to be able to fight and for her to defeat. Micha found it was hopeless to free herself and gave him the same horrid look he was giving her. Jess was stunned and started to regret coming with Micha. In less than one hour of being free, she was trapped again only this time with a threat of death at her neck. Micha now resorted to aggressive words and compromising to get herself unlocked.

"What do you want?"
shouted Micha as her mouth turned to fire. The figure sniggered as he spoke in a certain and confident voice. He avoided the question and asked one himself back at them.

"What's a couple of fine young ladies doing in a filthy place like this?"

"It's gunna get more filthy in your own blood if let me go." The man started to gently scrape the sword's rugged teeth against Micha's neck. It's gentle fingers touched Micha's skin without doing any damage. The sound as the sword was slowly moved along the throat was a dark scraping sound that made Micha's heart race with her brain to make a plan. The man spoke again.

"So naive.
I'm sure you would put on a good display for me." As his words faded into the breeze, the tables turned again as another man tackled the first one by ramming his shoulder straight into the first man's side. The leaves on the floor took flight as the the two heavy bodies slammed into the floor. The two of them got up and stared each other down. Micha now got to her feet as she realized the second man was in aid of her. Jess ran as she used a tree as a shield and watched intently; asking for the tree to protect her.  Micha and the savior did not speak to each other as they both stared the attacker down. He glared back at them with the same confident smirk on his lips. 

Micha tried to make the first strike at him as she ran straight towards the proud body to engage him. Her sword came down only to be locked in the horrid sword's canines. Micha's helpless sword was launched to the side by the man as it took Micha with it as she went head first into the pool of leaves. Elab now had a go only for his sword to be grabbed by the eery sword as well. His opponent flung Elab's sword into the air as it span round and landed firmly in the attacker's other hand. He now had two swords as he kicked Elab's chest and blasting Elab's back into a sturdy tree trunk. Micha looked up from where she landed and saw a small cave a few feet to her right. She crawled on her hands and knees as fast as she could so as to not to draw attention to herself. Once she was in the cave, she noticed her jeans where cut open on her shin and there was blood soaking through it. The cave had very little light even at the mouth of it and it looked as if an animal made its nest in there. Micha grabbed her gun from it's sleep and a few rounds from her back pocket and loaded the gun. The pistol made a reassuring click as it prepared it's self to be fired. She looked around the corner of the cave to see if she had a clear shot of the man who attacked her. She could see the man marching slowly towards Elab as Elab coughed and spluttered from being winded by the rejecting tree. Twas now or never for Micha. Her finger went over the trigger as she held the pistol up ready. Clear in sight. She squeezed the trigger and shot the man in the shoulder.


The bang echoed through forest as the attacker fell to his knees in pain. Yet he started to rise slowly like a baking cake. Micha watched in wonder as she saw the wound close up on it's self as the flesh and skin rapidly healed. Micha then ran out of the cave and grabbed her sword from the pile of leaves it fell in. She looked around and jumped up to the nearest tree branch and fell on him in the same way he did to her. But he dodged her and swung his own sword at her head. The sword made a growl from its mechanism that made the ears of the surrounding trees bleed. She ducked, bending her back backwards without moving a her legs. As her eyes pulled themselves up to see his face again, his arm instead met her neck as it wrapped round it like a snake; locking into place and forced her to face forward. He was now behind her with his arm gripped round her neck and Elab's sword at her gullet. Her sword softly crashed to the ground in sadness for it could not save her now. Elab clambered up and saw Micha in a head lock and his own personal sword threatening to kill the person it was intending to save.

Elab stood there glumly for there was nothing he could do. The smirk transformed into a smile as the man spoke.

"Well, well, well! You two put up a good fight I must say!"
Elab's faced turned foul as the man mocked them both.

"But I am a good soul. You two fight well. Unlike your friend behind that tree..."
Elab and Micha both turned their heads as they saw Jess' weary face peep out from behind the solid bark.

"Anyway, I shall set you free my dear lady if you promise to not retaliate aggressively." Micha's now more relaxed face nodded slowly. She was going to slice his head off when she was let loos but she thought for a second about it. He probably was expecting a fatal blow when she was set free and would just get herself into a worse situation. His clutch dropped. Air was never more welcome into Micha's lungs before more than this.

"and for you my good sir" He chucked the sword at Elab's feet as it stuck into the unseen soil. Elab gripped the sword, pulled it out of the ground mouth and put it back in his sheath by his hip. Elab looked back at the figure as he also placed his sword in a sheath but on his back. Elab spoke and lifted his head at the same time.

"Care to explain yourself now?" He stared back at Elab with one of his eye brows raised slightly higher.

"Of course! Come. Relax as I will explain why I am here." Micha stepped forward and shouted from where she was standing.

"What is your name by the way?"

"Ah! My apologies. I forget my manners. My name is Aldrin. Skylord Aldrin."


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