Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


13. A Heart Turned to Ice

As Elab ran towards the forest, he turned around to see if Micha was following him. As he turned around, he saw Micha coming out of the cave entrance in her new armor. The armor then started to give off tiny flashes of glimmering colors and then a huge cloud of gold surrounded Micha. When the fog of the cloud dyed down, the armor, which before was a bit too big, now fitted her perfectly; showing off every inch of her skin. Whilst Micha was admiring her new armor, Elab just stared at her. Micha looked up from beaming at herself and saw Elab looking at her with wide eyes.

"Awkward.." she sang in her head as she continued to walk towards the woods. Micha caught up to Elab who was standing on the edge of the woods waiting.

"You ready?" he said whilst trying not to shake from Micha standing this close to him.

"I was born ready!" she muttered, smiling with a wild spark in her eyes.

They both dashed at full speed into the woods. Side by side; dodging trees as they went. They got further into the woods and Elab looked up to see where his usual hunting spot was.

"See that big fur tree a few meters in front of us?" Elab yelled as they ran.

"Yeah." Micha said eyes zoned in and locked on the tree.

"Okay. When we get close, jum--" 

"Already ahead of you!" Micha interrupted. She picked up speed and over took Elab. She leaped onto the side of the tree then bounced up to the nearest branch and swung up to the next one; laughing the whole way up. Elab stopped dead watching her in awe as she gracefully swung her way up. Elab started to run towards the tree and like Micha jumped onto the side and bounced up to the nearest branch. His leaps were more violent and a struggle than Micha's way up. She then perched herself on a large branch to support both their weights. Elab just managed to catch up.

"How did you do that?" Elab said has clambered onto the branch.

"I've learned in time. When I had to climb up a rope to get onto Jess' balcony or I would climb onto the roof to see the big wide world." Micha said starring out through the trees. 

"Impressive! Never expected that." Elab said to her with a slight sense of admire. She then whipped her head around to glare at Elab.
"What? You think I just sat around getting my hair and nails done? I spent every day of my life, since I was ten, preparing for when I could escape. Learning all about combat, how to survive out here and practiced climbing. Since I was ten, all I could think about was getting myself prepared to escape. So you thought I couldn't handle myself didn't you?"

"No..." Elab muffled as he hoped he didn't insult her. "I just didn't realize you wanted to get out of there so badly." 

"Well anyway. Let's begin with what we're really here for. How do I use this thing?" Micha said as she took out the bow from off her back.

"Here, watch." Elab said as he pulled back his own bow to demonstrate.

For the next few hours, Elab taught Micha how to use the weapon and how to use it effectively. With every minute, Micha grew better and better as her aim and focus increased. After hours passed, she then decided to shoot at an apple on a far off tree. The apple burst open as Elab glanced at the falling and wrecked piece of fruit hit the snow below. 

"Alright. You're ready. Aim at that buck down there. She seems like she has some good meat on her for cooking." There was no pressure on Micha now for if she missed this, she would be embarrassed. She drew back her bow as far as it would go, aimed downwards from her branch and focused on the animal's head. She breathed out. The cloud of warm breath in the cold air held onto the arrow as she let go of the string. The arrow whistled as it flew through the winds. The deer toppled to the ground.

"Perfect shot!" cheered Elab as he jumped down from branch to branch. He was secretly trying to impress Micha; showing he could be acrobatic too. She jumped after him but went straight for the ground. As she landed, she rolled to avert the force away from her bones. Elab then felt upstaged once again. He was drifter! How could he be upstaged in climbing? He walked over to her as she stared at carcass in ignorance. 

"What now?" she questioned.

"Now we take it back to the cave. Come on. Use those muscles." They both dragged the buck by the back legs as the blood trail from the head painted the snow behind them. They were half way through the wood when a cheeky tree root tripped over Micha. Only this time, she did not fall so gracefully. Elab chuckled slightly and held out a hand to help her up. She grabbed his arm and picked herself up; trying to salvage her pride. As she got back on her legs, Elab removed the mask that covered half her face and gently kissed her. For Elab, it was a dream come true. For Micha, it was a disaster of confusion as her eyes widened in surprise. He then finished and smiled at her. She did not smile back... Elab was starting to get concerned as she was not talking or smiling back to him straight away. She pulled the mask back over her face and spoke underneath it.

"Elab. You are sweet and kind but I just... don't see you in that way." Elab's body broke in two. His face completely fell as he felt ashamed for what he had done. She then smacked him twice on the cheek lightly and pretended it never happened (for his benefit).

"Well come on. This deer is going to drag it's self." She grabbed one leg and invited a glum looking soul to drag it with her. They dragged the body even further and could see the forest line ahead of them. Just beyond that, the cave's mouth. But the mouth screamed a girlish and terrifying scream. Both Elab and Micha dropped the deer and made straight down the cave with swords at the ready.





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