My love Story

"Hi...I'm Claire!",I say shy like. "Hi I'm Drake.",He says nicely.


3. My Netulla Baby

"Ugh!",I scream. "Claire come on!",Sarah says with a smirk. I swear this blonde girl is so annoying  her cute little face just makes it even worse. "Sarah...",I groan. "Just come shopping with me!",she yells. "I can't stand shopping and you know that!",I say. "Drake is coming.",Sarah smiles widely. "Fine,but only because Drake is coming.",I say with a smile. 




"Hey! Claire guess what this blonde guy has!?",Drake asks laughing. "Him... I wish I knew.",I said with a giggle. "Netulla!!!!!!",he yells "Oh lord that is going to be mine!,I yell giggling. I kiss him he gets some Netulla and draws on my face I smile. When he turns away I grab the jar and I run off. He runs after me. "Claire give me that!",he yells. I giggle. I stop running and he yanks the jar from my hands and runs. "Hey! Now that's not fair!",I complain. "Life's not fair Claire Bear." I run after him laughing in the process. Drake climbs up a tree and sits on the big branch. I giggle then climb up after him. I walk to him and squat down next to him. He quickly pecks my lips the jumps down. "You tease!"I yell. I jump down after him. I look around for him. I feel someone grab me before I knew it I was in the bushes. Drake sat down the Netulla the cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. I could feel the passion in the kiss. I still believe he is the best kisser ever I mean really! To bad no one else can kiss them!






A/N this part in this chapter with the Netulla really happened this book is a true story some parts are not true but the true parts and the non true parts are for me to know but thanks for um... reading! CX As Drake said to me today,Crazy Mofos!!!

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