My love Story

"Hi...I'm Claire!",I say shy like. "Hi I'm Drake.",He says nicely.


1. c:

I looked up at the sky blushing like an idiot. I smile at him and then lightly kiss him on the cheek.

Lets start from the begining shall we?

I stare at my computer screen waiting for a reply. I wait for this guy to say Hi to me,but for some reason it's taking a while. "Hellooooo?",I say to this unknown person over the computer.
"Hi...",he finally says. "Well Hello I'm Claire c:",I reply. "I'm Drake.",He says to me. I smile I here my mom yell for me. "WHAT?!",I say annoyed. "COME EAT!!",she yells back. I sigh. I close my computer. I get up sighing again. I quickly walk to the dining room waiting for my mom,dad,and 3 sisters. I groan loudly. "Just a minute Claire!",My dad yells. "Hurry up I have things to do people to see!",I complain. My crazy family walks in with their food I smile. I have so many problems with these crazy people! I look down at the floor. "Eat Claire Marie Eat!",My mom  yells. I hate when she calls me by my middle name it's so weird.... I hurry and eat then rush to my room. I turn on my computer. "What do you know this Drake kid is still online.",I say to myself.  I started the conversation with just a simple Hello and this time he actually says Hi back very fast. I blush,This kid is probably going to be a great friend.

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