My love Story

"Hi...I'm Claire!",I say shy like. "Hi I'm Drake.",He says nicely.


2. 8 months later

"Haha okay babe whatever you say.",Drake says with that cute smile. You know that feeling when you go down a high hill when you are driving? Those butterflies are attacking me. "Drake Mero! You are cuter!",I yell with a giggle. He smiles. I stroke his cheek I study his features. And let me tell you out of ever man out there(even Harry Styles) he is the most beautiful guy I have ever seen. His blonde hair is just so soft and his beautiful smile makes me melt. I remember when we first kissed we have matured a lot sense then. His sister Sarah says that Drake looks like Niall Horan. I sorta agree I guess. Drake smiles then kisses me. Those beautiful soft lips against mine I could feel the love in every kiss he left me. Our lips moved in sink. It was like our lips were made for each others. We gently pulled away. I wanted more. I'm sure he knew that. "I love you.",he said. And those three words made my heart beat faster. "I love you too." 

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