Life in a New Standpoint a Walking Dead Fan Fiction

In this spin off of the Walking Dead an 18 year old girl must learn everything there is too being an adult, without the help of any of her family. There are many lessons to learn as an adult, love, responsibility, and happiness. Along the way she will find people to help,but it won't be easy.


5. The Race to Safety

 “Annabel?” Philip stares back at me in amazement. He was my dad’s best friend. We use to have barbeques, go shooting together and I even use to babysit his daughter Penny.

            “Let’r go.” Philip says to the guy holding me back. “Where’s Penny?” I question. He stares back at me for a few moments and then proceeds to shake his head. “What about your family?”  I look up at him and say, “All dead.”

            Tears start to come down my face, and I spring myself on him without a second thought. My arms hold him tight, it is nice to be in the arms of someone I know and Trust. It takes him a moment before he puts one arm around me in return.

             I pull myself away wiping the tears from under my eyes. Daryl screams from behind us, “Annabel?! You know this Som’ Bitch?!” I turn to face him, “He was my family’s friend. We can trust him. Philip can you let them go?” Daryl looks crazed; he looks from me to Philip and then shouts again, “So what? He’s not going to let us go. This guy is evil now Annabel. He’s the governor. Martinez was his guy; I bet he sent him inside to kill your family.” My heart drops into my stomach and I turn to face Philip, “Is this true?” I choke out half audible.

            Philip takes in a deep breath and shakes his head. “They’re lyin’ to you Annabel, that woman killed Penny and their people attacked mine. They aren’t what they seem.” My ears ring, I am overwhelmed by information. I just don’t know who to believe, the people that saved me, or a family friend. “Can you just let them go so we can talk about this?”

            Philip walks away from me and says, “I’m afraid I can’t do that. You are either with us or against us.” He goes towards Michonne and smacks her across the face. I gasp at the sight of it. Michonne spits on Philips face and he smacks her again. “Go ahead, tell her your lies. We all know the truth.” Daryl fights in the man’s arms trying to get to Michonne. He goes in for another smack but I yell, “Stop.” He stops mid hit, I quickly pull my gun out and pull the hammer back.

            He slowly turns around with his hands up and stares at me. “I am still a good shot Philip, remember you and my dad taught me? Now get your hands off of her.” I know now who the real enemy is. There is something different to him, something maniacal about him.

            An evil grin forms slowly across his dirt ridden face, “What are you going to do Annabel, shoot me?” I mimic his smile, “Exactly.” I quickly point my gun putting a bullet into his shoulder. He falls to the ground with a scream.

            The men holding Michonne and Daryl let them go and rush to Philips side. “Run!” I shout motioning for them to follow me. They quickly come to my side, “We need to warn the others.” Daryl nods back and me but Michonne stops us, “So we are just going to let them get away?! What if he goes back to the Prison?!”

            I shake my head at her, “That’s why we need to get there first. We don’t have much time.” I am right Philip shouts to his minions “Don’t let them get away you cowards!”

            Before Michonne even has time to answer gun shots are flying past us. We go low running as fast as we can through the brush. “Faster!” Daryl yells to us. He is a little ahead leading the way.

            The gun shots continue to fly. They are wasting bullets, or so I thought. Daryl goes flying to the ground clutching his side. He’s been shot. Philips people are getting closer, I can hear them. They aren’t that far behind. Michonne and I help him up, but Daryl resists. “I got it.” He tries to get up but falls right back down. I hear the enemy’s voices. Michonne whisper shouts to Daryl, “There’s no time. Just let us help.” We drape him around our shoulders helping him through the woods.

            “We can’t go back to the car, they’re probably already there. We are going to have to find a new ride.” I say to Michonne. She nods in agreement.

            A full grown man weighs a lot, even with two people carrying him. I don’t think I would have been able to do this on my own. We trudge through the woods trying to make minimum noise, but it isn’t easy. Daryl is leaving a trail of blood behind us. He is losing a lot of it. He needs medical attention fast.

            “It didn’t go straight through.” Daryl mumbles out and shakes his head. This is going to be more complicated than I thought. “You’re going to be fine.” I lie to him. Truth is I am not sure if any of us are going to make it out of here alive. We have people with guns on our trail, plus we don’t even know where we are headed.

           Up ahead I can finally see the road. We have strayed really far from where are actually car is, but finally we have some luck. There is a car pulled over on the side of the road, but we are going to have to fight for it, four of the turned guard the black Nissan. “Shit.” I stutter under my breath. We stop for a moment under a tree to catch our breath. I look over at Michonne who seems to be coming up with some sort of plan. “I’ve got this.” She whispers to me. We prop Daryl against the tree and watch as Michonne walks to the dead.

            She pulls her katana from its holster raising it and charging for the one turned. The blade goes clean through its eye. She slices the second one’s head off at the neck; its body falls limp at the ground and its head rolls on the ground biting the air. She kicks one of them back ward; she quickly runs around and stick the katana in the back of its head. The last one finally gets up and charges for her, but it’s swiftly put to death, Michonne slices the top of its skull off.

            I stare wide eyes at the women who just flabbergasted me. That was the most talented thing I’ve ever seen.

            She runs over to help me carry Daryl to the car. “That was remarkable.” She gives me a slight leer, “I’ve learned a thing or two in the apocalypse.”

            Daryl shakes his head, “I’m bleeding out over here, quit the small talk.” He’s right we are in a serious situation.

            I think we have lost Philips people for now, but it won’t be long before they catch up. The car is unlocked so we carefully place Daryl inside. “My dad was a doctor; I know a thing or two. I think I can handle it.” Michonne nods at me and goes to the front of the car to get it started.

            I tend to Daryl in the back. “Okay, Can you maybe roll to your side?” He slowly moves along with my help. The wound is pretty bad, there is no exit and it is still bleeding. I pull my first aid kit out of my pack and press gauze down hard on the wound. I press harder and harder, but the bleeding ceases to stop. Daryl flinches, “Watch it!” I release the pressure from his side.

            I take out my shoelace and tie it around his waist just about the wound. I tie it tight, in hopes the bleeding wills stop. It doesn’t all stop, but it’s not bleeding as much, it gives me time to get the bullet out. “Daryl.” I shake him lightly, he has lost consciousness. We don’t have much time. I watch for the rise and fall of his stomach, my heart jumps when I don’t see it, but it only takes a moment.

            I wipe the wound with some water and grab my tweezers from my kit. I slowly stick it inside the wound, I feel around for the bullet. I finally find it and pull it throwing it outside behind me.

          The car revs to life and just in time too. I hear on of Philip’s men shout, “They are over here!” We close are doors and Michonne slams the gas causing me to roll around in the back. “Sorry. How’s he doing?” I sit upright on the dirty floor. “He’ll be just fine.”

            Michonne keeps her eyes on the road but does something much unanticipated, “Thanks for helping.” A slight smile forms across my face. I don’t need to say anything in return. Maybe, just maybe I’ve earned her respect.

            I stitch and bandage Daryl’s wound. I untie the tourniquet; the bleeding has pretty much stopped.

              I crawl into the front with Michonne and stare at her hand on the steering wheel. “What?” she asks glancing over at me. I shift in my seat and say, “I still don’t know how to drive.” I chuckle to myself, my dad never taught me. I was always a little scaredy cat, but now in the apocalypse, I wish I had that skill. “If we live through this, we’ll have to teach you.” She smiles at me. It’s these moments now that I live for, the little pockets of happiness in all this madness.

            Our first priority now was warning the people at the prison. I look in the rear view mirror and my heart stops. “Michonne. They’re following us.”



           So how did you like chapter 5?(: Sorry it was a little short, but next week will be better! I did edit it, but there are always a few more mistakes that I don't catch! So sorrry for that, also I am sorrry for this chapter taking so long! I've been busy! Walking Dead last week was awesome, and this week is going to be very very sad. So good luck everyone! LOL! I always love feedback, thanks for reading.(:

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