Life in a New Standpoint a Walking Dead Fan Fiction

In this spin off of the Walking Dead an 18 year old girl must learn everything there is too being an adult, without the help of any of her family. There are many lessons to learn as an adult, love, responsibility, and happiness. Along the way she will find people to help,but it won't be easy.


9. The Chocolate Factory

As you read keep in mind I don't follow the show exactly! I do my own thing. Sorry I am so behind. 

I sat on the kitchen table, tracing my finger over the scratches on the fine wood. I hum quietly to myself, trying not to let my emotions get to best of me. Its been over 12 hours since Rick passed out and he still hasn't woken up. Will said that Rick will hopefully be okay, he bandaged him up, but he still is in pretty bad shape. 

The sun beats through the blinds sending streaks of sunlight over the dimly lit kitchen. It is quite a mess, it looks like it hasn't been cleaned in ages. Just staring at it makes me all twitchy, I glance up at the clock, 9:30 in the morning. 

Carl went out to look for supplies, I begged him to let me go with him, but he wouldn't let me. If Rick was awake, he wouldn't of stood for that. But Carl, he just seemed like he needed to be alone. I of all people understand that. 

I get up from the table and walk around it so I'm directly in the kitchen. I tilt to the side and place a hand on my hip, why on earth did this bug me so bad. That's it, I have to clean it, I can't take it a moment longer. I pull a hair band from my wrist and pull back my hair into a high pony tail. 

A small smirk forms across my face as I get to work. I open the fridge, it is cleared out, besides a few jugs of water. I grab it and search the cupboards for a spare wash clothe. I clean the dishes first, and pile them neatly in the cabinets. I begin organizing the remaining can foods, cereal boxes, forks, knives, cups. I throw away all the trash and wipe down all the counters. 

Finally after an agonizing hour, the kitchen looks immaculate. I take a few paces back, admiring my work. I take one more step and bump into what feels like a brick wall. I quickly turn around to be face to face with Will, well more like his face towering over my body. 

"So, you already playing housewife?" He chuckles placing a hand on his hip, "I kinda liked it messy." 

"Hardy har har." I say scowling. "I don't see how you can live in this filth." I take a seat at the newly polished table, leaning back in my chair. 

Will follows taking a seat across from me, he props his feet up on the table. I wince a little, and clench my jaw. 

"Can you please not do that." I ask. 

He slowly removes his feet, grinning all the while, "Cleaning the kitchen? Telling me what to do? Did I ask you to be my wife?" 

I let out a small laugh as my cheeks turn crimson. "Real funny. I just needed something to take my mind off Rick. How's he doing?"

"He's..About the same. I'm pretty sure he'll wake though." He says hesitantly. 

I nod, "Thanks for you know, welcoming us I guess." 

He smiles again, "Thanks for you know, cleaning the kitchen." He taps his fingers gently on the wood.

"You smile to much." I sigh at him. 

"You don't smile enough Annabel." He says continuing to grin.

I look up at him for a moment and then at my lap, "What's there to smile about?" I question softly. 

"You're alive." He replies smoothly.

Before I can even reply, the back door open and shuts again. Both of us quickly jump up and Carl comes through the door, looking a little beat up. He walks right past us and into the living room. He sets the bag of supplies down by the entry to the kitchen. 

"Should we go talk to him?" Will asks.

I shake my head, "No, just give him time." 

"Where's your family Anne?" He asks quietly. 

I wince a little when he calls me that. My name is Annabel, not Anne, nor Annie, just Annabel. I turn my entire body to face him. "It's Annabel, just Annabel." I say this with a straight face.

His eyes widen and he taps his fingers nervously on the table, "Sorry, Annabel.." He says softly tilting his head a bit, "So are they..?" 

"What? At Charlie's Chocolate Factory? No they're dead, where else would they be?" I say sternly closing my eyes tightly. My family flashes behind my closed eyes and I quickly open them to see that Will has moved closer to me. His hand is placed on my thigh and his blue eyes are piercing mine. 

"Mine are too.." He says not once averting his eyes, the corners of his mouth begin to tilt up, "But I just pretend they're at the chocolate factory." 

I let out a small laugh and push his shoulder playfully, "You're such a dork." 

He smiles widely now, "You said it first." He bites his lip and his cheeks heat up a bit, "You know your smile really is nice. You should do it more often." 

I begin to laugh and then I push his shoulder, "Stop that." I giggle. 

"Stop what Annabel?" He asks laughing.

"Making me laugh, I forbade you." I say wiping a tear from my eye. 

The two of us talked on as the sun begun to fall, and the bugs began to hum. Carl stayed in the living room, sitting by his dad reading a comic book. By this time the both of us were in Will's room listening quietly to the CD player. Batteries were one of the smartest inventions ever. 

I didn't know this guy for more than a day and I already felt myself getting close to him. It wasn't that often that I was able to open up to people about things, let alone lay in bed with them and listen to music. 

"Annabel?" He says quietly keeping his eyes shut. 

"Yes Will?" I reply also keeping my eyes closed. It was so peaceful, I felt okay. I only wish that Rick would come around so Carl could bask in this serene place. I don't ever want to leave, I don't know Rick that well but I know if he wakes, he'll make us leave. 

"In high school, how was you love life?" He questions easily. 

I sit up against the pillows. That's a weird question, I have hardly even thought about that terrible place since the apocalypse. Let alone the individual people I hung out with. "I didn't really have a love life. I was more of the friend who was just there. How about you Will?" 

He rolled over so that his beautiful eyes were piercing into mine. "During my EMT training I fell in love with this girl. Her name was Reagan and she was, well perfect. But she, she turned." He says slowly as if repeating the event in his head. 

"Were you dating her?" I ask hesitantly, sliding back down into the bed. 

He chuckles and shakes his head, "No, I only wish though. But it's not good to dwell in the past." 

"You can say that again." I say with a laugh, "Do you know what time it is?" I roll over so we are face to face. 

"Time for you to get a watch." He laughs, I push his shoulder, "It's about 3." He replies glancing at his watch. 

Dang, I didn't realize it was this late, I should really be getting to bed. "Wow, I had no idea. Sorry for keeping you up." I say while pushing myself out of bed. 

"No stay! You can sleep here." He says smiling and patting the bed. 

I giggle and say, "No, I only sleep with boys after we've had an official date." I wink and coolly walk out of the room. That is until I fall down the stairs. 

Will comes rushing down and Carl even flees from his fathers side, "Are you okay?" They both ask at the same time. I start to laugh like there's no tomorrow. Both of them are looking at me like I'm crazy. But in truth, the best way to come with pain, even if it's physical, is to laugh. Will runs a hand through his hair and begins to chuckle with me, Carl shakes his head and he even lets of a few small laughs. 

Then we hear it, a muffled voice, barley even a whisper, "Carl.


How do you guys like it? No Walking Dead at the moment, can't wait for it to come back though! It'll be a while! If anyone is still reading, I apologize this took forever. Now that summer is here I will hopefully be writing more! Please, please comment and like the story! I love feedback! Thaks guys!

-Hope (Sorry for any mistakes)

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