Life in a New Standpoint a Walking Dead Fan Fiction

In this spin off of the Walking Dead an 18 year old girl must learn everything there is too being an adult, without the help of any of her family. There are many lessons to learn as an adult, love, responsibility, and happiness. Along the way she will find people to help,but it won't be easy.


4. Finding the Governor

“Listen Rick; just tell me what’s going on.”  We race down the halls of the prison, and I am hardly able to get a good look at my future home. I do notice that the people here have been working really hard to get it looking this nice.

            I bring myself to a halt stopping Rick along with me. He turns around and stares at me with confusion. “Listen,” I begin, “I am very grateful that you people are taking me in, although I do not like being man handled through a prison without being told anything. I feel like I am being arrested. May I ask what my charges are officer?” I flash a light smile trying to lighten the mood.

            Rick rolls his eyes slowly, placing his hand on the back of his neck and rolling it in a disapproving circle. “Annabel, Martinez, well he – Michonne will explain.” With that he takes off once again in front of me.

            Who the hell is Michonne and what does she have to do with me and Martinez?  I guess I will find out in time, everything revolves around time now. Sometimes things happen way to fast, and other times you have to wait a painstakingly long time.

            I didn’t see many people on my walk from cell block C, but one person I did recognize was crossbow man. When I walked down one of the many passageways I saw him, his eyes watched my gait as I walked. I couldn’t help but look back at his mysterious face.

            Rick and I walk down a dirt driveway that heads to a gate. Surrounding the drive way is a large open field, which has a little farm on it. My stomach growls at the thought of fresh produce.  If they have enough tomatoes, maybe I could make some spaghetti for them. I use to make it all the time for my family. “It’s a nice farm.”

            Rick continues to walk forward but says, “I keep up with most of the gardening, I could always use some helping hands.” I’m not sure if that means he is asking me or telling me I should help him sometime.

            “I had you pegged for a leader.” I walk faster trying to keep up with his long strides. He then slows down coming to a complete stop, “That’s not how we do things here. We have learned that no one man can do the job on his own.” With that he turns back around to guide the way to Michonne.

            About 100 feet away is a women loading up a car. Rick picks up his speed towards her, this must be Michonne.

            “Michonne!” Rick shouts out to her. As soon as she turns around I recognize her, as the women in the woods.

            When we reach her she speaks to Rick, “Whatcha need?” She glances over at me for a second and then back to Rick. “We have something that could help you find the Governor.” Rick states.

            Once again questions come into my head, but I keep my mouth shut. Michonne’s eyes go wide towards me. “Does the name Caesar Martinez mean something to you?” As soon as I say this anger rises in her eyes, and for a second I am scared for my life.

            “What do you know?” she blurts out anxiously, “Um,” I begin and look back at Rick, he nods in approval. “He killed my mother… So I killed him.” She takes a step closer to me, “Was he with anyone?” I shake my head no back at her.

            For a second I see disappointment in her eyes. I still don’t know anything about this situation.

            “Where’s the place you killed him?” I hesitate to answer. I am horrible at directions. “Well, I am not so sure I could give directions. I remember where it is though.” Michonne has an upset look on her face.

            “Then it is settled, Annabel will show you where it is.” Rick utters. As soon as I hear this I turn around and practically yell back at him, “What?! I just got here and now I have to leave.”

            Ricks face stays serious, “Seeing that you don’t have directions. It has to be this way.”

            I sigh knowing that Rick is right. Then appearing from out of the blue, crossbow man, “Who’s going where?” he questions his thick southern accent coming out. “Annabel has a lead on the Governor.” Rick says. Crossbow man gets a surprised look on his face. Something really bad must have happened with this Governor guy. What a strange thing to call someone.

            I hold out my hand to him, “Annabel.” He looks down at my hand and then back at my face. Seems like people here don’t remember what a handshake is anymore. “Yeah, I know. We saved your ass. Daryl’s the name.”

            I want to say something snarky back, but I know he is right, they saved me. I would be dead if it weren’t for them. “I’ll come.” He volunteers.

            Rick speaks again, “Then it is settled, the three of you will go and the rest of us will hold down the prison. It’s a strange place to live, a prison, but it’s the smartest damn thing that anyone has done.


I stare out the window in the back seat of the old car, the sun shining in from the blue sky. Every day the grass gets higher and higher there is no stopping it. It would be a nice day for a picnic! Yet, of course that isn’t going to happen.

Before we left the prison Rick gave me my knives and gun back, along with some food. I felt welcomed by him, but the two people I sat in the car with aren’t even giving me the time of day.

Daryl sits in the passenger’s seat fiddling with the radio. “Face it; you’re not going to find it.” Michonne says looking down at him, He looks up to face her and smirks, “Well I have nothing better to do, so I mine as well try.” He continues to mess with it, flipping back and forth between channels.

I know we are getting close to the old farm house, so I speak up, “It’s right down the dirt road on your left.” Michonne turns her blinker on, I hold in a snicker. It is funny what people remember from the past.

I bring up the courage to finally thank them for what they did for me, “So, I was in a really rough place. Thank you for saving me.” I shift awkwardly in my seat. Daryl turns around to look at me, “It’s no big deal.”

Michonne finally speaks up, “How far down the road?” I scoot up putting my head between the two, looking out the windshield I say, “Not much more.”

My family and I only lived here for a bit, but being near this place kills me insides. The road is bumpy and trees line the road. It’s such a beautiful scenery. In its day this place was probably a remarkable place to live.

Michonne moves the car to the side of the road, “We will walk from here.” I trail behind the two solider like people. I am still not sure why this Governor person is so important, but I am happy to help if it means I get a place to stay.

Up ahead is the other turn off for the house, as we approach it my heart pounds faster. Who knows what mysterious we will find at this god forsaken house, hopefully what they are looking for. “We turn right here.” They both follow my direction turning together towards the farm house.

I have never been good at finding my way places so it’s a wonder that I have. I can see the house now; I slow my pace at the sight of it. Be strong Annabel, fight it.

One of the turned stumbles out from the woods, covered with blood, and dirt with half of its face taken out. It slowly stumbles towards moaning for our human flesh. Before I can even say anything an arrow goes flying through its head with a crunch. My mouth almost drops at the quickness of the kill.

Daryl walks towards it places his foot on its head and gradually pulls out the arrow. He glances back at me, “How old are you Anne?” I jerk at the sound of him calling me that, I hated that name almost as much as I hated the turned. ‘I’m 18 almost 19. I am not so sure.” He nods back at me reloading the arrow into his crossbow.

We reach the house, its shutters are moving in the minor wind. The blue paint is peeling and vines are growing all over the place. A lot has changed since I’ve been here.

“Creepy.” Michonne states staring up at the large house. I sit down on the steps; I am a little winded from the walk over here.  I try not to think of all the memories, but it is hard not to. “We are going to walk the perimeter, can you handle yourself?” I nod back at Michonne in response. They both leave me to absorb in the beautiful nature around me. My dream use to be that someday I would live in a farm house with my husband and 2 kids, but now my dream is just to make it to tomorrow.

Off in the distance I can see the faint outline of a man dressed in black. For a second I think I am hallucinating, but as he comes closer I know I am not. My heart rate picks up again, “Shit.” I quickly get up to go find Daryl and Michonne.

I run to the side of the house only to run into a manly body. I fall to the ground; I look up at the man the tall bald muscular man in fear. “Michonne! Daryl!” I yell.

The man smacks me hard across the face, “Shut up!” He squawks. He pulls me up my face stinging with pain he holds my arms tight behind my back. He starts to walk me forward, but I stomp on his foot. He shrieks in pain losing his grip on me. I manage to get free; quickly turn around kicking him hard in the balls. He falls to his knees. I need to find Michonne and Daryl.

I run as fast as I can to the front of the house only to them squirming in the arms of strangers. I stop for only a brief second to look at them for a sign of what to do, before I too am met with arms holding me tight.

Well Great.

The man I saw in the distance is now standing right in front of Michonne. She looks as if she wants to kill him. There is something vaguely familiar about him. He is wearing a black trench coat and has an eye patch over his eye.

He stares at Michonne, “Took you long enough to find me.” He then goes to Daryl, “I see you guys have met my new friends. Your long search gave me time to build up an army.” The man steps over to me, and as soon as he lays eyes on me he goes silent and his face goes pale. I stop twisting in the man’s arms. I know him. “Philip?” I say astonished.

I believe this is the longest chapter I have wrote! Almost 2000 words.(: There is a little twist in this chapter! I did go over and edit this chapter, but I wouldn’t doubt it if there are still many mistakes. So, if you watch the show you know the Governor says his name is Philip. Well if you read “Rise of the Governor” you find out it is Brian, and Philip is his brothers name. But I decided not to confuse people and just keep his name Philip! I hope you like the chapter! Feedback is always greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading! I can’t wait for tonights episode.(: 


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