Bald and Beautfiul

For dearest Talia ( We miss you :) Lots of love)
A princess,rich,fortunate but cancer can change everything. you can lose your forgiveness, dignity and even your hair. How will Talina survive how will she live without her hair.


1. Judged

 Not a typical fairy tale not a normal life

A princess; Blessed and thankful. Living in a huge palace and a royal family. Born and raised to be beautiful. What happens when cancer takes over your life? I lost forgiveness,trust and dignity and also my hair. I guess I wasn't beautiful after all, according to the public I was beastly.

   My life was Perfect I was born and raised with a mother and father whom very much loved me, along with that was my step sister that was only a couple years older than me. Her name was Clementine, I would always make fun of her name knowing it was something I ate.  I was named Talina I really did admire my name, it sounded like Talia and if she was here at the time it would of been a great help. I really do miss her and she was a huge inspiration to so many girls including me.

 My hair was deep, dark ,long and lustrous that it moved like the ocean it was just beauteous. I was known for my hair and Clementine was known for her  alluring and sensational undefinable sparkling eyes,  they could change  colour depending on the mood she was in. My hair was really everything it was my dignity, soul I couldn't imagine a day without it. My head  would just feel bare and on top of that I would lose my beauty,self esteem.











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