Luckerville Vampire

Here's another poem I wrote, basically because I wanted to try something different from my usual style - to do a non-rhyming poem. Let me know what you think! :)


1. Luckerville Vampire


On the outskirts of a town named Luckerville,

Hides a shadow; of which all live in fear.

Eyes a dazzling cobalt blue

Charming like the most eligible bachelor

But attacks with the ferocity of a hungry feline.


A shadow that's present when light doesn't shine

Takes the form of anything you desire

Then uses it against you.

Teeth, each one a blood-dripping dagger

Will tear you apart with one easy, gut-wrenching rip


A shadow that thirsts for your blood

Yet wishes he did not

Baring this brutal burden for an internal life

He plays up to the uncontrollable demon he's seen to be

As he'll never be anything else.

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