Amelia Andrews was always the tomboy at school. She acted like one she dress like she was one, but what happens when here best friend Robert makes her audition for the x-factor as a joke. What happens when she actually makes it past boot-camp.


1. WHAT?


"Robert what do you want." I said putting my head in to my pillow. "We're going somewhere, so dress nice and then we will be off." he told me laying next to me. This is my best friend Robert. We have been friends since middle school and we are now living in an apartment near LA.

I got out of bed and went towards my bathroom to take a shower. Once I was finished my shower I wrapped my towel around me. I opened the door to find Robert sleeping on my bed. I ignored him since he probably stay up all night watching TV again. I walked towards my closet trying to find something nice. I finally came up with a white and black striped tang-top with black jeans and my black leather jacket. I grabbed my black combat boats with my baby blue and pink swag hat. I add my Beatles bracelet and my heart necklace i got from my grandma before she died. I walked back towards my bathroom and got changed in there. I got out and walk over towards Robert. He looked so peaceful. Oh well.

"ROBERT WAKE UP" I yelled he jump up and fell off the bed with a huge thud. "What was that for?" Robert ask. "Payback" I said smiling.

"Alright. Let's go. We will stop by McDonald's and get us food. We are going to be late." he said pushing me out the door. We got in my mustang instead of his jeep. We arrived at McDonald's and went through the drive-thru. I got cinnamon buns and hash browns with a chocolate frappe and Robert got pancakes with a iced mocha. 

"Where are we going." I finally asked him. "Do you know all they lyrics to your favorite song Change Your Life by Little Mix" he asked ignoring my question. "Duh. Of coarse I know my favorite song." I said."But where are we going and why?" I said again. "Because" he said dragging the 's' out as we turned. "I got you an audition on the X Factor. Happy Birthday" he said looking for a parking spot.

"OMG." I said." You got me an audition on the X Factor, but I'm horrible at singing though." I said. "No.You are great. Just try,for fun."Robert pleaded. We finally found a parking spot and started walking towards the front where they were giving out numbers. They're were about 10,000 people there. 

"It's just a joke, try it for fun." he said nudging me. "OK. I'm doing this for you. They'll probably will stop me once I start." I said huffing. We got in the back of the line and were just talking about things at school and celebrities while other people were warming up there voice and practicing there lyrics. Well, we stood out. 

After about 2 hours we finally made it to the desk. We stood in front of a women about 40 years old. She had light brown wavy hair that came down to about her ribs and had bright ocean green eyes. "Hello. Welcome to the X Factor. What is your last name?" she asked smiling. "Andrews" I replied.

"OK. Here you are you number is 17822, place it on your stomach and your number will be called and they will escort you to the stage were you will wait only a little bit for you to perform"She said handing my number over.(sorry i really don't know how they work at the x factor. i am just making this all up.i think)

I nodded then walked towards the seating area with Robert behind me. We found seats close to the back. "Well let's wait again with people singing horribly."Robert said sitting next to me while I had to stiffen a laugh.

About  half a hour earlier

"17820,17821,17822, and 17823 please come forward towards the door." A person said coming out the door everybody has entered and left. There have been people smiling and crying while I will probably be laughing.

Me and Robert got up and started to walk over towards the doors. There was 1 other soloist while the other 3 were groups. Everybody was about my age. The other soloist was a boy. He had dark brown hair like younger Justin Bieber and light caramel eyes. There was 1 boy group of 5 and thought 'there goes another one direction'. The other 2 groups were girls. One girl had 4 and the other had 5.

We all walked through the double doors and were escorted around farther in to the stadium to the stage.

"Alright so you guys will stay back here and we will call your number. When we call your number we will take you to the side of the stage and tell you were to stand, how close to hold the microphone and when you should walk out. The people you brought will be with you the whole time and will be standing on the side of the stage while you sing. Once you are done the song and got a yes or a no to make it to boot camp you will exit the same way you entered. If you made it to boot camp you will be given a slip of the info of when boot camp is. There is water, chairs and mirrors if you need it. First 17820 come with me. Your next." It was the 4 member girl group, a few minutes later, they called the boy,then it was my turn.

Me and Robert got up and followed a new women back. She told me everything the other person said to us, just more info into it.

"OK. Walk out in 3,2,1 go" she said pushing me on stage.

I walk towards the x that I am suppose to stand on.

"Hello"Simon said

"Hi" I said back

"OK. how old are you." he said leaning over and resting his elbows on the desk.

"18"I said. 'there are a lot of people in the crowd' I thought

"OK. What will you be singing today." Demi asked

"I will be singing Change Your Life by Little Mix" I replied

"That is a tough song but good luck. Go ahead." Simon said

I waited a few seconds then heard the familiar tune play.

The whole time I sang my heart out actually wanting to make it far. I actually finished the song and I really couldn't believe my eyes. Everybody was standing. All the judges. I couldn't even think. I never though I was that great. Once everybody calmed down and Demi started to talk.

" I can not believe you just sang that song so powerfully. Your voice is amazing. It's so amazing I think you just beat the one direction boys and are now the new world wide sensation. I want you on my team and"she ended. Next was Kelly.

"Baby doll. I can not even speak, your voice is spectacular. It's so strong. It's like an angle. I have no words all I can say is me and Demi are going to fight for the girls team." Next Paulina.

"Please tell me that is your real voice and not somebody else."she said

"It's my real voice"I said chuckling

"Dang. Your voice is perfect. I can't believe I just witness this live. Thank god I am a judge and will not have to watch this show from home. Your voice is beautiful. I want you." Finally Simon.

"I can't believe I doubted you, your voice is perfect. I also believe you can beat one direction. sorry boys but, she is amazing" he said looking into the camera" You will make it  far. How did you find this place? Why didn't you come while you were younger?" He asked

"Well actually I wanted to be a stylist, so I never though of this but my friend back there secretly audition me here and I had no clue about this until we pull into the parking lot. He said I had an amazing voice but I kept denying it, so he did this." I replied.

"Well tell your friend I said thanks. Alright lets vote. I say positively yes."

"Definitely yes" Paulina answered

"honey you know my answer." Kelly said

"You better remember me when you become famous and say 'thank you Demi for giving me four yes's"I cried. I couldn't even think. I ran off stage into Robert's arms saying thank you a million times.

"Hey. I told you were good."Robert told me.

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