Amelia Andrews was always the tomboy at school. She acted like one she dress like she was one, but what happens when here best friend Robert makes her audition for the x-factor as a joke. What happens when she actually makes it past boot-camp.


6. New Beginnings

" you're through. You going to live shows." Demi and Ed yelled together. We all screamed and jumped around.

"Oh my god. Amelia we got in." Juliana screamed. "I know. I was right here." I replied laughing. She just had the biggest smile in the world.

"Congrats girls, but remember we are going have to work hard." Demi said. We all nod, still smiling." Now go and pack." Demi tells us.  Nodding again, we run out of the living room to the hall way were we meet the host, Mario Lopez.

"Alright girls. We are going to start filming soon with Mario asking you a few questions. Okay?" a crew member said. Winter replied for us saying "Alright."

"Starting in 3, 2, 1." he pointed at Mario and Mario started talking. "How did you girls feel when singing in front of Demi Lovato and Ed Shereen?" Mario asked. "Well, we were scared and nervous at first but I believe once we started singing we became confident and we did our best."Georgia replied. "Did you expect Ed Shereen to be there?" Mario asked. "Not really. I was expecting an american singer but once I saw Ed Shereen I was ready to fan girl but I kept it cool." Winter said


A/N-Oh my goodness. There's an amber alert in my state. I just got a text. I hope the kids are safe. That's all. Back to the story.


"Well congrats Girls for making it to the live shows. I'll see you soon." Mario ended the interview at that. "Can we call my parents first?" Juliana ask. "Sure." we all reply. Juliana pulls her phone out and calls her mom. 


"Juliana" he mom yelled. We all laughed while Juliana said "Hey" "Come on momma wants to know." Mrs. Deplin said. " Well.....We got in." she screams. In the background, we could hear Mrs. Deplin screaming. " My baby. Oh my. Juliana. Girls. You are living your girl's dream. Oh My. I have to tell your father. I have to tell the neighbors, wait no the whole neighborhood. I'm so happy for you girls."

After we called everyone we wanted to, we separated our ways and went home to pack.

2 Days Later

"What am I going to do without you?" Robert ask."I don't know. Maybe you can get a girlfriend." I replied. "Or a Boyfriend" he mumbled. "No way." I yelled. " When did this happen?" I asked. " Four days ago at the mall." He replied. "Why didn't you tell me sooner." I asked a little sad he told me the day I'm leaving for the contestants house. " I was scared that you would hate me." Robert said avoiding my eyes." Robert. You know I could never hate you. You are like a brother to me." I said hugging him. At that moment somebody knocked on the apartment door. " I'll get it." I said walking to the door. I opened the door to see and older man.

" Hello Ms. Andrews. I'm here to take you to the contestants house. I'll take your bags while you say your goodbyes." he said stepping into the house. I let him pick up the bags at the front door and turned to see Robert standing their behind me. " I guess this is goodbye." I said. he just picked me up and hugged me. "I'm going to miss you." Robert said, almost in tears. " It's not going to be long. Only for a short period." I told him. " Okay. Alright. I'll see you soon. bye." he said. I walk out the door waving one last goodbye to Robert for now. I walked out of the apartment, straight into the car. There were already 2 other people sitting in the back that also lived in LA. I said hello to them and then sat in the front passenger seat. Looking out the window, I thought 'this is going to be a new beginning.'



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