Amelia Andrews was always the tomboy at school. She acted like one she dress like she was one, but what happens when here best friend Robert makes her audition for the x-factor as a joke. What happens when she actually makes it past boot-camp.


3. Juliana

It's been a few days and I have been practicing my heart out. I have been so scared about boot camp. I heading there now with Robert again. He has been messing around with me saying I'm going to become famous but I am dening it. We walk in to the building talking about something that happened a day ago when we were at the mall and I 'accidentally' push him in the water fountain.

"You were standing there laughing while I was getting arrested for going in there. You did that on purpose."  he said throwing his arms around.

"I know." I said smiling.

"You butt-hole." he said picking my up and spinning me around.

"Ok. Ok. I have to go. I will see you after." I said. He put me down and crushed me into a hug.

"Good luck. I know you'll make it." He said.

"Bye." I waved back to him and turned towards the check in desk.

"Hi. My name is Amelia Andrews." I told a lady with medium skin and black hair.

"Ah Yes. You can go back there and relax. We will be starting soon." she said

"Ok. Thank you." I said.

I went to the door she point to. When I went through all you could hear was people talking and singing. I saw a girl with blue pastel hair wave me over and started walking towards me.

"Hello. My names Juliana." she said. She had ocean blue eyes and a heart shaped face.

"Amelia. I love your hair." I complimented her.

"Oh my god. Thank you, but i love your hair more. It's a nice pastel pink. I tried that color but it didn't look very well on me." she said.

"Alright people. Pay attention. If your first letter of your last name starts with A through M you will be dancing first. N through Z will be getting there songs and partners they will be singing against. If you are dancing come with me and my friend Cleo here will take N though Z to get there songs. Let's get started." said an older man who looked about 45.

" What is your last name?"I asked Juliana.

"Deplin. Your's?" she said with a question look.

"Andrews" I said smiling." Come on let's go dance." I said hooking my arm with hers.We laughed skipping to where the older man was.

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