The Willingstone

Avery Willingstone is your everyday irregular high school student in Seattle High Public School. Her life is left in unimportance, when she is left on the outside.


1. Chapter One

Out of the millions, of hundreds, of books in the world. You settle for this one. It's quite peculiar don't you think? Not to sound inferior but I am not the most popular girl with the most beautiful face or with the cutest clothes.I was an accident, the drink is the only residuum for my existence.  You've probably determined this book is just going downhill, which is, your probably right. Though if you've continued. Your in for cataclysm.

It was a rational day back in Seattle. Sitting alone at lunch, watching people point and grimace, walking down the hall, securing yourself with towers of books and binders so no one advocates you into a locker. Like I said this was customary.

The bell rang as I barricaded home. Slamming door, I hassled to my room. Over several assignments I urged myself to fulfill. By the time my father had called me for dinner I was accomplished. I hurried down the stairs exhausted.

"Yay great now in less that 12 hour my day will revolve around homework, popularity's and trying not to fall asleep in math class" I droned.


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