What the hell?

Lola is just a normal 17 year old girl, well... apart from the fact that her parents died in a car accident, and now she lives on her own. But she is looking for a person to share her big apartment with. Just from generosity, and she can't pay for it on her own. So what happens when a tall, dark haired, 19 year old guy, named Zayn Malik, takes the offer and moves in to Lola's apartment? Will Lola resist his hot and charming looks? Or did she even make the right decision of letting him live with her?


1. Chapter 1: My Name Is


Lola's POV

Okay, so.. it's Wednesday, and as you can see, its a school day. Unfortunately. Another day of sitting through 5 boring classes and thinking about your miserable life. Yes... you heard me right... MISERABLE life! I've been living a 'miserable' life since my parents died, (and that was like, 5 months ago). They died in a tragic car accident. So as you may have guessed by now, I live on my own, and I'm 17.

I have this Massive apartment that I live in, I pay for it. Well... mostly the government, but I pay for my personal stuff, like books, clothes, etc. And because my apartment is that big, I decided to rent it to someone, I've just put an offer up online. Because just me living in a three bedroom apartment would be just selfish. So I'm only doing this out of my kind heart, and because I might need the money. Even though after my parents died, I got all their money, (which was quite a lot!), and I also got money from the Government.

Anyway, I packed my bag and rushed off to school grabbing an apple from the kitchen along my way. 

I arrived at school in my black Range Rover, that I got for my 16th birthday from my parents. 

I rushed inside, and headed to my locker. Then I heard a very familiar voice! Alexis. My BFF since middle school. 

Alexis- 'Hey, girl! Why didn't you answer my text yesterday?'

Me- 'Hi! Oh, I was busy online. Sorry!

Alexis- 'Like with what?'

Me- 'Oh, its just that I'm looking for a person to share my apartment with. Cuz ya know... Its one hell of an apartment! I put an offer up online'

Alexis- 'So you looking for a hot guy to share your room with? heh?' , she said with a cheeky smile.

Me- 'What? NO!... I'm just going to rent it to another person, while I'm still going to live there, because as you know, I have THREE bedrooms' , I said that last bit right in front of Alexis' face, while trying to hold back a laugh. 

 She could be so annoying at some times. But I like her for that, she IS my best friend.

We headed off to first class, which was Biology. Urggg! Biology is just SO boring! 

Alexis and I sat through the whole class just yawning every two minutes, and trying not to fall asleep! At the end the Teacher announces that we have an exam next week on food chains. Which would be quite easy for me, because I'm pretty good at it. 

We went to our other 4 classes. and then it was the end of school.

Alexis- 'Can I come to your apartment, so we can study for the biology exam?'

Me- 'Yeah sure! I don't really need to study for it, but you can come anyway'.



Hey guys! So this is the first chapter. I know... It SUCKS!!! But the next chapter will be better, I promise!

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