Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


7. Zayn's audition

So, i stil haven't told zayn, how can i? he means too much to me, he's filled up too much space in my heart and im no way ready to create another hole into my heart. I have atleast a week until i have to move to london with my dad. Today's zayn's audition he is so nervous, he's been shaking all morning, i've decided to tell him about me moving just after the auditions over, i can't break his heart before. "So zayn, you will be going up on the stage in 5 minutes, get prepared" the back stage crew explained to zayn, his nerves were getting to him abit too much. "zayn, look at me" "i dont think i can do this sarah" he stuttered. "no, you cant do it if you keep worrying like this, zayn, i promise you you will be amazing, you have a true talent and if you don't do this then how will you know if you're ever good enough? this is your dream, so live it, make it come true" "thank you sarah, im glad i have you" i kissed his cheeks before the man came back over, "zayn, it's time" Zayn's breathing began to get heavier and heavier as we walked near the stage. I sat behind the stage bit watching the screens. "zayn, remember what i said,goodluck" i shouted, he half smiled at me then walked on the stage.

Zayn's POV

I walked onto the stage, i thought i was going to crack any minute, there were thousands of people watching me, but all i could think about was what Sarah said, i need to make my dreams come true, and this is the only way how. "hello sweatheart, what's your name?" The one judge asked. "zayn, zayn malik" "okay,and what will you be singing zayn?" mario, let me love you" "take it away" The music came on and my heart began to race faster and faster until i started to sing.

Sarah's POV

Once zayn finished his song everyone started to cheer, im so happy for him right now it's unreal. I looked on the screen to listen to the judges. "zayn, you really have a lovely voice,im going to say yes" the one judge mutttered. "yes..yes..yes" I stopped on my tracks, he got 4 yes's i knew he could do it. He came running out to me and hugged me so tight i thought i was going to stop breathing. "i cant believe you got through, i knew you could do it!" "this is all because of you babe, i love you so much" he then kissed me really hard,yet so passionately, this is going to be hard leaving him.


Zayn's family were so chuffed about him getting through to the auditions,zayn's going over to see them all to celebrate in a few days time. "Babe, just tell me already" zayn muttered desperately waiting for an answer, now's the time i have to tell him. Tears released from my eyes reminding me of all the times zayn's not going to be by my side or to protect me. "babe, you're worrying me" "z-zayn,im leaving, me and my dad are moving to l-london" He looks shattered once i told him "what? you cant, why? you only just moved here a few months back" tears then formed from his eyes. "my dad got offered a better job,im so so sorry zayn, i tried to stop him but he needs the money,i love you so much" i grabbed his hands so tightly. "when are you leaving?you dont have to leave, you cant" "i have to zayn, please understand that, and in a week" Tears streamed down his eyes even more now,and my tears were shooting out just as bad. "But i love you, Sarah, i am in love with you, i cant do any of this without you, i cant carry on xfactor without you, i just cant" "zayn, you can, you have to, please, do it for me, do it all for me,please zayn" "but-but..okay,ill do it for you,but i don't think i can cope without you, you changed me like noone else could Sarah, i love you" "zayn, i love you too,so much and i'll never forget you,i promise" We both hugged tightly sobbing into eachother's chests, this is going to be so hard.

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