Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


45. Zayn, you don't understand!!

Sarah's POV

"Babe, guess what?" i flicked through the magazine whilst listening to music through my headphones. I felt a tap on my shoulder, i turned to see zayn with the biggest grin on his face, i took my earphones out and smiled. "Someone's happy huh?" His grin got wider, what was up with him?.."Zayn, you're worrying me.." I punched his arm jokingly until he opened his mouth to speak. "Well, we have been invited round for dinner at ed sheeran's house and a lot of celeb's are going, it's going to be fun" he laughed, a grin appeared on my face and i hugged him. "When is it zaynie?" i asked in my baby voice. "Tonight, me, you, laney and the boy's are going" i smiled again until i thought of one person he didn't say.."What about El?" "Oh she can't come, she's really busy at her work and can't get out of it unfortunately.." i frowned but smiled when i remembered laney was coming.

Zayn's POV

I loved seeing her smile, the way her dimples became visible and her cheekbones which always use to make me giggle like a girl back in high school..."So, plan's for today?" she asked me.."Well, me and the boy's have a book signing in 30 minute's to i have to get going in a minute" i said disappointed that i can't spend the day with her, i'm always too busy for her and i hate it.."Oh, it's alright, i'll make plan's with laney or something.." she half smiled but i knew she was as disappointed as i was.."Come by later and see me babe, it's at HMV were there until 4" i suggested, she could meet a few fans, it will be good.."i'd like that, but i'm going to go and see laney now" she smiled and kissed me. "See you later baby" i muttered. "see you later zayn"

Laney's POV

"Liam, liam, stop, i think someone's at the door" liam thrust-ed himself in and out of me repeatedly whilst i tried to listen to see if someone was at the door, moan's were escaping my lip's and liam just smirked at me. "Liam, stop, there is someone at the door" I stuttered. He pulled himself out of me and i wrapped a robe around me, as did liam. I ran as quickly as i could to the door and it open making it hit the wall.."Oh shit" i spoke under my breathe. "Oh hey sarah, whats up?" she stood there looking a bit disappointed.."Were you expecting someone else?" she then smirked. "noway, me and liam were just..erm..busy" i giggled, she looked at me and laughed. "Ew, Well anyway, the boy's have a signing in half an hour and i was thinking we could do something together, zayn said we should go drop by later and see them so yeah" i frowned, liam didn't tell me about the signing. "LIAM" i shouted, he came out the bedroom all dressed and looking handsome as always. "Yeah baby? and hey sarah" "Hey liam" sarah replied. "How come you didn't tell me you had a signing?" "Oh,sorry babe, i forgot" i sighed and kissed him as he left..

Sarah's POV

"So laney, i was thinking, we go out get a pizza and starbuck's? or stay here do each other's nail's and face mask's and order pizza, then around 3 we go see the boy's at HMV?" "the second choice sound's good" she smiled and we high fived each other. "Wait here, i'll get dressed, in the cupboard down there are some face masks left over from the other day and some fake nail's" she spoke whilst pointing to a small cabinet. I smiled and she walked into the bedroom to get changed.

I got out 2 chocolate peal off face mask's and some fake nail's. Moment's later laney came out the bedroom and grinned at me. "I knew you would choose the chocolate face masks" she grinned, i just laughed, i loved chocolate face masks. We put the stereo on full blast and the song 'Rihanna ft Eminem, monster' came on and we began to sing along to it. We both put on the face mask's and lay down and relaxed for a bit, this was exactly what i needed to relax, everything with perrie has drove me crazy these past weeks. 

Zayn's POV

We sat on the chair's in a line facing near the door's of HMV, load's of girl's were here screaming out names and crying as usual, i felt sorry for the one's who were crying, security were always twat's to them and said we can't hug them but i don't care, if they wan't a hug from me i'll give them a hug, i mean, they deserve it, without them we wouldn't be where we are today..I signed a lot of book's and c.d's, my hand's were beginning to ache. "Excuse me zayn?" I heard a fan's voice, i looked up and saw a girl, about my age, she was pretty but nothing compared to Sarah, i looked at her and smiled, it's like I've seen her some where before..but where? maybe at a concert, must be.."How can i help you?" i asked politely. "Can you sign my hand please?" i looked at her and grinned, i signed her hand with my signature and she smiled at me and left.."What was that all about dude?" liam asked from next to me.."i honestly don't know, but i think I've met her before.." He laughed at me and we carried on signing, Whoever that girl was, i need to know why i recognize her so much..This is going to be a long day.

Sarah's POV

We finished doing our nail's and masks and decided to go see the boy's. We sat in the cab and hummed to the radio, i looked outside to see a huge crowd of girl's screaming and crying, we must be here..We got out of the cab and walked through the crowd. Once the girl's spotted me and laney they tried to touch and hug us, we had to run inside, Paul laughed at us and we grinned and walked over near the boy's. I saw a girl looking at zayn weirdly, i knew her from somewhere..but where, she was waving her hand around, it had zayn's signature on it, she looked at me and put her middle finger up whilst scrunching her hair up, FUCK!. It came back to me, i knew exactly who she is.."I'll be right back laney" i spoke whilst hugging laney, i walked over to the girl and she smirked at me. "What the fuck are you doing here?" I half whispered making sure no one could hear me. "Look who is is, sarah cook, oh and you're still with zayn, obviously my plan's from high school didn't work" she winked, she always made me feel so worthless, like i was nothing. "What do you wan't Nicole? Can't you see me and zayn are happy?" "who said i was here for you and zayn?" "well you're at a one direction signing, you have zayn's signature on your hand and you have always wanted to split us up since high school" she just laughed at me like i was nothing, just like she done in high school.."Haha, that was funny, it was funny how you had no one just because of me, you were a new girl and once you found zayn you were scared he would break up with you because of me, because you knew all the boy's wanted me, even zayn did before you came along.." I tensed up before she carried on. "Does zayn even know?" "Know what Nicole?" "Does he know that you never really moved away from him because your dad got offered a new job, you really moved away because you were scared of me, because you were too scared to loose him that you had to run away.." i got a lump in my throat, she was right..that was the real reason and zayn still doesn't know.."No zayn doesn't know actually" i spat. "I don't know what?" i heard a voice creep up from behind me, i turned to see zayn looking annoyed, shit..I looked back to see Nicole smirking. "Well, i'll leave you two love bird's to it, see you around Sarah" I swallowed hard as she left with that devious smirk on her face. "What's going on Sarah, what are you hiding from me?" "Zayn, it doesn't matter okay? it's in the past" "Tell me!" he ordered, his eye's turned darker which scared me a bit. "Okay, but come outside, i'm not saying it here.." 

Luckily the signing has ended so i took zayn outside the back of HMV where no one would interrupt us.."So, zayn, remember in high school when i said my dad got offered a job and that we had to move away?" He just nodded which made me tense up.."Well, i lied, i didn't move away because of that, i moved away because i was scared of one person, and that was Nicole, remember the girl i just spoke to, Nicole berry?" He looked at me with deadly eye's. "Yes,i remember her, i knew i recognized her" He nodded for me to carry on. "Well she made people turn against me sometime's, when i first moved to your school she would kiss boy's that i spoke to or the ones she thought i liked..she absolutely hated me because i was the 'new girl' well i was afraid, afraid she would take you away from me, i love you so much zayn i couldn't see her do that, she would threaten me every day saying you would soon be her's and i couldn't stand it, everyone love's her, even you liked her before i came along" a tear left my eye, followed by a few more. "Sarah, i can't believe you lied to me about that, you could of just told the truth, i liked her before you came along yeah, but i didn't love her, not like i love you, you're worth way more than her, and i didn't realize you had a hard time back then" he brought me into a hug but i pushed him away. "Zayn, you dont understand!!" "yes i do, i do understand, and i'm not going to be mad at you over something you did in the past" i looked at him with watery eye's. "zayn, i love you, but i am so scared sometimes, scared that we will break up, first perrie comes along and now Nicole" he hushed me and rubbed circles into my cheek. "No one will ever break us up, we're in love with each other and no one can break that love" i smiled and hugged him so tight. 

Zayn's POV

"Anyway, our fan's love you, and so do the boy's, you're like a sister to them, they will never let anyone come between us" she smiled at my reply and kissed my lips, yeah i was a bit annoyed she lied back in high school but it's in the past and i just wan't to work on our future, and i hope what i plan to do soon is going to make her so much happier, she deserve's to be happy, she's been through too much these past few week's.



HI GUYS!, sorry if this is a little boring, but i have writers block again:( and I've been a little busy and i knew you guy's wanted me to update, thanks for reading though:)) x










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