Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?



Sarah's POV

I ran over to zayn and dropped to the floor, he had blood on his shirt, he lay on the floor of the night club in pain, the boy's who were just here had left, but before they did, they stabbed zayn, right in the stomach "AMY CALL AN AMBULANCE" i shouted, everyone was watching in shock, some even took picture's how sick are people, they knew it was zayn malik that's why. I took my coat off and placed it over zayn's bloody stomach putting pressure on his injury. 

Soon the police arrived, tear's streamed out of my eye's making my sight blur, They took him out of the night club on a stretcher. I hugged Amy and gee goodbye whilst rushing into the ambulance with zayn, my tear's dripped onto his arm whilst i rubbed his hand. his eye's were half open but he couldn't speak, he was in shock but he squeezed my hand as hard as he could but his eye's soon enough close, my tear's became moan's of pain, i was heartbroken, what if he's gone?forever. 


I sat in the waiting room of the hospital waiting for new's about zayn, the boy's were all here and laney and El, Laney has said sorry about earlier which i appreciate. The boy's all had puffy eye's from crying so did Laney and El, i looked a mess, this is all my fault, if i didn't leave my phone at home he wouldn't of known i was at the club and everything would be fine. "He'll be fine sar" harry said whilst hugging me tightly. "I hope so" i sobbed whilst resting my head on harry's shoulder. I closed my eye's soon to be in a deep sleep.

a man entered the hospital, the same man who was in my dream, i began to shake and i put my head down but when i looked up everyone was gone, laney, El and the boy's weren't here. I then felt a sharp pain on my arm, i looked up to see the same man grab my arm and pull me into a hospital room, i looked around to see zayn on the bed, but he was wide awake, laughing even but why? i looked to the side to see perrie next to him, she lean't down and kissed him, zayn looked so happy, i've never seen his look so happy before. I cried harder and started to shake until i felt the man's cold hands around my neck. "Is there any need for you to be here? he doesn't love you, come on, look he's obviously happy with perrie, what's the point of you being alive, you should be dead" he then squeezed onto my neck making me choke. "yo-you're wrong, he loves me" i shouted just before i couldn't see anything but black.

"Sarah, wake up" I opened my eye's to see my head was still on harry's shoulder, it was just a dream, another dream? maybe this does mean something.. I burst out crying and harry hugged me tightly. "He'll be alright" "it's not just that harry" "what do you mean, sarah, what's happened?" everyone looked at me worried. "I need to go, he might find me here, it might become true, it might really happen" i spat, "calm down sarah" i pushed everyone away and ran toward's the door but before i got to open it my eye's wen't blurry, i wiped them but everything was still black. i hit my head on the hospital floor and lay there, passed out.


I woke up in a hospital bed, the boy's, laney and El were sat around me looking worried. "You're awake" they smiled, i just ignored them and looked at the ceiling. "Sarah, what's going on?" El asked. I just ignored all of them and looked at the ceiling. All i need is zayn right now, to tell me everything's going to be alright, but he's in a hospital bed, fighting for his life, tear's sprung from my eye's remembering zayn close his eye's in the ambulance after squeezing my hand. I got out of the hospital bed with all my strength only to feel weak. "NO sarah, you have to stay in bed, the doctor's ordered. I ignored them and ran to zayn's hospital room. Doctor's stopped me but i pushed them away, i need zayn, i need to hold him. I found his room to see no doctor's in there, i walked in and saw his tanned face no longer tanned, just a pale white color. I cried and cried and i lay on the bed next to him cuddling him making sure to not hurt him. "Zayn, i'm here, i know you can hear me, i love you so much zayn and i need you more than ever right now" i whispered into his ear but nurses rushed in. "Sarah, come on, you need to get back to your hospital room, you have only just passed out, you're not well enough to be running around these room's, come on" she said whilst grabbing my arm's. I tried pushing her away but i was too weak. "ZAYN, DON'T LEAVE ME" i cried out, "PLEASE, DON'T LEAVE ME, I NEED YOU" i shouted whilst being dragged out the room and back into my hospital room. everyone looked at me worried with tear's in their eye's. I cried my eye's out whilst lay in bed. Niall came over to me and hugged me followed by everyone else, i hugged them all with all my power. "Sarah, is something going on?please tell us, you have been acting strange all day, like you're scared, and what was that all about a man coming to find you?" harry asked worried. "Please, just leave it" i spoke whilst covering my face with the cover's and crying myself to sleep.


Zayn's POV

Everything was black, i remembered getting stabbed by those dickhead's that were upsetting sarah, everything around me was quiet, i felt someone lie next to me, i knew it would be sarah, she cried on my chest, i just needed to wake up and tell her i'm okay. I tried moving and opening my eye's but i couldn't i didn't have enough strength too. I heard her whisper into my ear. "Zayn, i'm here, i know you can hear me, i love you so much zayn and i need you more than ever right now" I knew something has happened to her, what's wrong with her, she has been acting weird and scared all day and i just wan't to kiss her. I then heard a door slam open then closed. "Sarah, come on, you need to get back to your hospital room, you have only just passed out, you're not well enough to be running around these room's, come on" Wait, she passed out? is she i'll whats wrong with her? i need to hold her tight, tell her everything's okay. "ZAYN, DON'T LEAVE ME" i cried out, "PLEASE, DON'T LEAVE ME, I NEED YOU" I heard her shout, i'm not going to leave you sarah, never will i leave you, i thought to myself. i need to wake up, i need to try and wake up before she does something stupid.

Sarah's POV

I opened my eye's to see doctor's smiling. "What's happening?" i asked suspicious.. "Zayn's awake" they spoke, i looked to see the boys, laney and El weren't here, they must be in zayn's room. "Can i see him?" i asked them, i felt a little better than before. "Yes, but you have to go in a wheelchair, as you did really hit your head on the floor so we have to make sure you don't move much so you don't faint" they one doctor spoke. "Okay" i half smiled. I sat in the wheelchair and the women pushed my toward's zayn's room. I wheeled into his room and smiled, he was smiling at me, i got out the wheelchair only to fall back into it..I got back up again and slowly made my way to zayn, i stroked his face moving some hair from his eye. I lean't down and kissed me. "I need you zayn malik, i really do, something's happening and i can't explain what it is, but i'm scared" i whispered into his ear, he looked at me worried, a little tear escaping his eye. "Whatever it is, im here and i always will be" i smiled at his answer and lay next to him on the bed. "Zayn, you will be released from hospital in up to 3 day's, you're lucky the stabbing wasn't too major" the doctor spoke before walking out. we all smiled and i kissed zayn on the lips. "I love you zayn" i muttered "i love you two sarah" we both smiled at each other before i lay my head back on zayn's shoulder as he hummed a song to me.












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