Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


42. Who did this?!

Zayn's POV

I sat on the chair beside sarah's bed at the hospital, I looked at sarah's pale white face and her pale lips, tears rushed from my eyes, i let them fall onto my shirt. "Zayn..zayn" i heard a voice call through the door's, i looked up and saw the boys, El and laney walk through the doors,but no harry, which was strange.."Zayn, any news?" Liam asked. "no, I haven't heard anything from the doctor's.." "Do you think she's going to be alright?" Laney asked wiping the tear's from her eyes, every time we looked at her it made us cry.."I honestly don't know but i hope so" i sobbed. El and lou came up to me and tapped my shoulder. I half smiled at them and squeezed onto sarah's hand.

Harry's POV

I stood outside Ed's apartment debating whether i should knock or not, i looked around in case pap's were around, luckily non were in sight, until i heard the door open in front of me, i turned to see ed, he looked..angry. "What do you want harry?" he spat, I've never seen him so angry in my life. "We need to talk" He opened the door wider letting me through and i saw the one person sitting on the couch that i didn't want to see tonight.."What are you doing here Taylor?" i said angrily, she smirked.."I'm talking to her about what happened between you two.." Ed spoke from behind me. "And that's exactly what i wan't to talk to you about ed..everything she said is absolute bullshit" "and how is that bullshit harry?" Taylor laughed, she was finding this all funny but honestly, she isn't the one that's lost her best friend..i have. "Harry, how am i mean't to believe you.." ed half shouted. "I'm your best friend know i wouldn't lie to you" "well you broke your promise, so nothing's stopping you from lying to me" how could he think i would lie to him, we have been best friend's for a while now.."so you are believing that manipulating bitch"  "I never said that harry, but you two's story's are both so different, so sit down and tell me each your story on this then.." he spat. And we did, i sat on the couch opposite Taylor, noway was i going to sit next to that bitch. "Right, what happened was, harry messaged me asking me back out, he obviously missed me too much, i loved you though ed, you know i didn't wan't to break up with you those few month's ago..and well harry threatened me..he said if i don't go out with him then he will spread rumor's about us both to the press" she pretended to sob. what the hell is she playing at. "what the fuck Taylor we both know that's a load of bullshit" i said angrily, i felt so tense.." harry, you tell me" And took a deep breathe before i started. "she text me..threatening me, she said if i don't go out with her she will make rumor's up about me, and that everyone will believe her as she's america's biggest sweetheart" Ed looked at me and looked confused. "So one of you are lying then.." he said angrily whilst clenching his jaw.."Ed, you can't really believe her can you" "Well i don't know harry, i wen't out with her, i know what she's like" "yeah, a bitch" i smirked. "harry, don't bother saying anything like that about her, and anyway have you got any proof that you're right and she is wrong?" i smiled at his answer, of course i do, i still have the text messages.."No he probably doesn't" Taylor laughed making me dart my deadly eye's at her. "Actually, yes i do, i still have the text's" Her smiled dropped. I handed my phone to Ed with the the messages from Taylor opened.  Taylor looked at me like she was going to kill me. "I'm sorry harry" ed spoke. "It's fine ed" i said whilst patting him on the back. "Taylor, i can't believe i actually nearly believed you..why would you lie about this?" ed shouted toward's Taylor. "Maybe because i hate the both of you, you don't deserve to be friend's" she shouted. "GET THE HELL OUT TAYLOR" ed shouted making me jump, he was so angry, Taylor was laughing so much which made me mad. "and you wonder why every one of your boyfriend's dump you Taylor" i smirked then she left slamming the door behind her."I'm so sorry harry, i'm such a dick" "don't man, it's not your fault, she's a good actress" we smiled then hugged.

Sarah's POV

All i saw was white, white everywhere, what was happening to me, or what has happened to me?I heard voices, but the strongest voice i could hear was zayn's, i tried to move but i couldn't, my eye's wouldn't open, with all the power i heard they just wouldn't open, i began to get scared.."What's going to happen to her, i'm so scared, what if she doesn't wake up" i heard zayn sob, i just needed to let him know i'm alright, i tried to move my body but i felt to weak..i flicked my eyes and luckily they twitched a bit and slightly opened. i looked around to find i was in the hospital, zayn, laney, El and the other boy's were here, well accept harry.."DOCTOR, SHE'S AWAKE" louis called getting excited. I half smiled at them all and squeezed zayn's hand with all the power i had. "I was so scared babe" zayn whispered. "i would never leave you zayn, i love you" he lean't down and kissed me. "i love you too"

"Hello sarah" a doctor came in, he smiled at me, i just smiled and nodded letting him know i was listening. "Right, we have found out what happened to you" I was confused, i didn't even know what happened. "Wait, how did i even get here?" i asked. "well you were i'll in bed, i thought it was just a hangover from the teen award's but you passed out and only just woke up" zayn muttered. I sighed and let the doctor carry on. "It seem's as you were ill, and your body was going too weak for you too even move, we have been giving you med's to help you which has been enough to wake you up, the thing is, it seem's as someone put something in your drink at the award's, they tried to drug you, but they put a lot of the drug substance inside the drink" he explained. I just nodded along in disbelief. "We will be releasing you from the hospital in 2-3 day's, we will keep you on the med's and make sure you'll be fit enough to leave the hospital" the doctor said before walking out. "Who the hell would poision me?" i asked annoyed. "I dont know, i don't know anyone their who would hate me so much" i half shouted making me choke. "Don't work yourself up" El whispered. "I think i might know who did this" Zayn said angrily before storming out..Everyone looked confused, Why didn't he tell me instead of walking out?

Zayn's POV

I waiting for Perrie to answer her phone, she was the one who did this, i just know it, she's the only one who would do this, i mean no one else hate's her there.."Hello zayn?".."Perrie, what the fuck is wrong with you?".."what are you on about zayn?".."how could you poison sarah, i know it was you, you hate her..".."she's a bitch who deserved it, how is she then?" she laughed down the phone making me tense. "you're a bitch, you have no heart, she could of died perrie..and she's alright now, she's awake".." that's a shame" she laughed again. "This isn't over perrie, you need to stay away from sarah, i love her so move on" i shouted. "She doesn't deserve you, and we all know that" "She loves me and i love her, and that's all that matter's, so get out of my life and stay away from her" i shouted then put the phone down. Why the hell would she do that..

I walked back into sarah's hospital bed and everyone looked at me strange, sarah looked like she was about to cry. "Zayn, who was it?" she asked annoyed, could i really tell her?. "it doesn't matter" i spoke. "Zayn, she nearly killed me, of course it matter's, now tell me!" she half shouted. "alright, it was perrie, she was the only one their that hate's you, i just phoned her and she admitted it, she admitted to all of it" i said annoyed, everyone's faces dropped. "That fucking bitch is going to pay" sarah El and laney spoke in unison, i rolled my eyes at them whilst sitting down, i wish perrie would just get out my life and especially sarah's, i don't want her getting hurt.


Laney's POV

Me and liam lay in bed cuddled up, i couldn't stop thinking about sarah. "what are you thinking about babe?" liam whispered. "Everything, sarah, mostly, i just can't believe perrie would do that, i mean she seem's nice in the magazines" "babe, she's nothing like she is in magazine's, when she hates someone she will ruin their life" "well she will not ruin sarah's life" i spoke. Liam started to kiss my neck making me laugh so i decided to roll on top of him. "I wan't you" he whispered into my ear sending chill's down my body. "And you will get me" i smirked. He rolled over so he was now on top of me, I took my thing's off and so did liam leaving us both naked. He left wet kisses along my chest and started to suck on my nipple making me moan. I played around with his hair and gave his neck a little massage. He entered straight inside of me making me moan, i screamed out in pleasure as he got faster. I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ear lobe making him moan. "l-liam" i stuttered making him realize i was so close to climaxing, he smiled against my skin and began to get even faster. I gripped my nail's into his back leaving him scratches. 

A few minutes later i hit my climax and so did he. "Liam, i love you so much" i whispered. "I love you too laney" he smiled. I lean't my head on his chest and rubbed circles into his chest too whilst closing my eye's. I can't wait until sarah get's back, perrie really need's to be taught a lesson, and that we shall teach her..



Sorry it's quite short guy's, i'll add more chapter's tomorrow! x












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