Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


35. What the hell

We sat in the airport waiting to board the plane, i was sat on zayn's lap hugging him like a baby, laney was cuddling with liam, harry was talking to some fan about his career and niall and zayn were playing eye spy. There weren't many fan's which was lucky as we have had more privacy, But Once we arrive back on tour it's going to be crazy. "Flight to australia is now available to attend" the women on the overcome shouted, we all stood up and pulled our suitcases alot, we were now going to be carrying on with the tour which will now be in gladstone, one of the many cities in australia. We walked onto the plane in the VIP section and saw a few bed cages, luckily we had the VIP section to ourselves so it will be an easier plane journey. I was lay in one of the bed cages with zayn, laney and liam were in one and then louis harry and zayn were sharing one. I plugged in my earphones and the first song to play was Rihanna, unfaithful, it reminded me of when i was smaller, i use to listen to it all the time after school to take my mind off things. I plugged my other earphone in and then closed my eyes.

"Babe, babe" i heard a faint voice in the background, I opened my eyes to see zayn shaking me. "yeah zayn?" "we're here babe" "what, really? how long have i been asleep?" "the whole time babe" i smiled to myself then got out of the caged bed. I grabbed my suitcase as did everyone else and we got off the plane, it was a quicker ride as i was asleep which was good..

We all walked together off the plane and into the airport to see loads of fans,oh no. "Good luck on your first mob" i joked to laney, she laughed and held onto liam's hand tightly, i squeezed zayn's hand making him smile. "ONE DIRECTION" scream's were getting louder. The boys were insisted to take pictures with the fan's by management so me and laney just watched and started to talk. "What's it like?" laney asked making me slightly confused. "what?" "being mobbed all the time" "it's okay i guess, you get use to it but it's hard at times, with fan's and everything" she just nodded and we carried on watching. "SARAH, SARAH" A few fan's called, liam grabbed laney's hand, im guessing to introduce her to the fan's and i wen't over to some fan's that called my name. "Hello girls, how can i help?" i asked as politely as possible. "well can we have a picture with you?" "of course" i smiled, we had a group picture but one we did a girl pulled on my arm. "Zayn deserve's so much better than a skank like you, i swear to god i wish you were dead" i looked at her like she was a piece of dirt. "excuse me? are you threatening me?" she looked shocked but carried on anyway.. "what if i am? what are you going to do.." "you look about my age, so act like it, you shouldn't go around threatening people" She just laughed. "you really think zayn loves you? ha no, he done exactly the same to perrie, pretended to love her until the next one came along, you think you're special,hell no you're just the same as the rest of them" i didn't know what to do,it made sense, was she telling the truth, i don't know what to believe. "you really think i'm going to believe you" "well you don't have to believe me,but trust me, wait till the next person comes along" i looked into her eyes and zayn came over. he was just about to speak until he got interupted. "ZAYN, ZAYN" the same girl who just threatened me was calling zayn.."yes love?" zayn asked. "can i have a picture with you?" "sure" she posed, and kissed his cheek, once they took the photo  she felt his hair, what the fuck is she playing at, he smirked at her and she winked at me. I felt my inside's burning, like i was going to explode. I decided to go back over to her. "babe, can we go now?" he smiled and kissed my lips. "yeah babe" i winked back at the girl who looked at me with deathly eyes. "And for your information, zayn's not like that" i informed the girl whilst taking zayn's hand and walking out of the airport along with laney and the rest of the boys. I have never met such a bitch in my life. I sighed in relief that we were out of there. "babe, are you okay?" "i don't know" "what's wrong sar?" "people just thinking they know everything about our relationship when they know nothing" "they don't know about the things we do, they don't know about the i love's you" he kissed my lips, he always cheered me up when he sang bit's of his song to me. "but sar, what's wrong?" "well that girl who asked for a picture, you know the one that touched your hair?" "yeah?" "she threatened me, she said that you don't love me and that you done the same with perrie, you will be all lovey until the next girl comes along, then she dead she wishes i was dead" i explained, he looked mad..really mad. "and that's what pisses me off, i loved perrie but i wasn't in love with her, it's different with you, we have known each other since high school and we were in love with each other then and have been since, no one knows what our relationship is like, how strong it is, don't let people get to you babe, they really don't understand" I kissed him and squeezed his hand tighter, he was right, we have been in love with each other since high school, no one will never understand how we feel about each other, only us.


We sat in the  tour bus watching elf, i loved this film. "I like this bus, it's cool" laney smiled. we all agreed with her and carried on watching the film. I was lay on zayn's chest whilst he was playing with my hair, it was really relaxing and making me slowly fall asleep. I grabbed my phone and went straight onto twitter. I saw a tweet that really annoyed me. it was a magazine article. 'Sarah cook threatens fan's at airport' with a picture of me arguing with the fan that threatened me earlier. I looked through it and threw my phone against the tour bus wall. "URGH" i shouted and stormed into me and zayn's bunk, i lay with my face buried into the pillow, tears soon enough escaped my eyes. "Babe, what's wrong?" I heard zayn's voice, he forced himself onto the bunk and lay next to me. "Z-zayn, everyone's going to hate me now, everyone" i sobbed. "why babe? whatever it is im sure they won't" "You know the girl i told you that threatened me?" i asked whilst sitting up. "Yeah babe?" "well she has told some magazine that i threatened her, the magazine article was on twitter, she has twisted the whole story around" He rubbed circles onto my hand trying to calm me down. "Babe, i'll write a tweet and tell everyone the truth, they will believe me over some fan, just calm down baby, i hate seeing you upset" i rubbed my eyes and clenched onto zayn's shirt. "i guess, im sorry zayn, i just need sleep, i feel so jet-lagged" "how about we go sleep now babe?" "sounds perfect zayn" i tried to smile whilst we both got undressed. Just as i felt happy someone is always there to ruin it..well she's not getting away with this. 






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