Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


57. What has happened to you?!

I sat on a park bench away from everyone, I've been sat here for at least an hour now thinking about my brother and perrie, my brother told me him and perrie will be having a baby together an hour ago and i still can't get my head around it, there's no way she's pregnant, she can't be..I checked my phone to see i had 3 missed calls from zayn, i phoned him to see whats up. "Zayn, whats up?".."where have you gone, and why did you go in a mood, everyone's worried".."well i need some time and i'm going to sort something out" i said angrily.."don't do anything stupid".."zayn, don't worry i won't, i'm not that stupid, i'll be back later babe".."okay babe" i put the phone back into my pocket and started to walk to the nearest shop. "What can i help you with?" the women asked. "Can i have a bottle of vodka and a packet of cigarette's please?" "Yeah sure" I don't smoke but i needed one right now, when i was a teenager i use to smoke when i was angry, it would calm me down, and sometime's i would drink vodka to help me get over thing's, it's not a good thing but it does the trick. I paid her and left the store. I hopped into a cab and gave them directions to where i wanted to go.

Once the cab stopped the driver looked at me strangely and i gave him some money. "Thanks" he smiled and drove off. I walked over to the cliff and smiled, i use to always come up here when i was a teenager, I sat down by the edge and looked at the beautiful view, it was still light but it would soon be dark enough to see all of the beautiful light's in front of me. I got the vodka from the bag and took a huge gulp of it, the stinging sensation traveled through my throat quickly. I took a cigarette from the packet and lit one up, i placed the cigarette in my mouth and took a big puff, it felt good, so good i took several more puffs and took another gulp of the vodka. i felt like a teenager again. i lay down on my back waiting for the sky to turn dark.

Laney's POV

Liam sat on the couch whilst i sat on the other one away from him, this is so ridiculous. "Liam, this is pathetic" i said whilst storming out of the lounge and going into our bedroom. I jumped under the cover's and closed my eye's, Me and liam never argue but it's all just been so complicated lately. "Laney, i'm sorry okay? i just wasn't in the mood earlier, i'm sorry i flipped out, i don't know what got into me, i was just stressed out" he half shouted, i ignored him and heard him get into the bed next to me, he wrapped his arms around me making me smile. "You know i would never hurt you right?, you need to believe me when i say that i would never hurt your feeling's or hurt you physically, i flipped out yeah, i shouted and i know you have never seen me angry but i have just been so tired and busy lately it get's on top of me, i will never blame you again, i love you laney" he whispered into my ear, i turned around so i was facing him and cupped his face with my hands. "I love you too, and i know you would never hurt me and i would never hurt you, i just don't like seeing you angry or upset" i kissed his lips making him smile. "I know babe, i know im sorry" "it's okay li, and im sorry for being a bitch, now come on, you need to get sleep, you look so tired" he smiled and kissed me once again before he shut his eye's. Me and liam had our first argument earlier, well our first proper argument, he got frustrated because he was tired and had a lot of work coming up and because i was there at the time and tried to calm him he blamed me, but i'm glad he's okay now, it scared me seeing him so angry..

Zayn's POV

I looked at the time to see it was now 10 pm, it was pitch black outside and sarah still hasn't came home, i started to worry. "Harry, what if she's done something stupid" "She won't zayn, she's sensible." i nodded, i hope he's right. I looked at niall to see he was watching tom and Jerry, he was laughing so much, i swear he's still a little kid. I got my phone out and text sarah. 'Babe, where are you, i'm getting worried, love you x' I waited for about 2 minutes until she replied back. 'dont worry zayn, i'm staying somewhere for tonight, i'll be okay, i'm just thinking about thing's, love you too x' i frowned at the text..what could she be thinking about?..maybe her brother and perrie, she has been having a hard time with them both lately..i'm glad she's okay though.

Sarah's POV

I watched the stars in the sky and laughed. "i w-wish i was a star" i slurred. the alcohol has really got to me now..I put the 10th cigarette in my mouth and took a huge puff, i looked in the box to see i only have 2 left, i'll save them for tomorrow. Once i finished the cigarette i closed my eye's and drifted into a deep sleep. 


I woke up to the sun shining in my face, the sin was out but i was froze, i looked around and remembered i was still on the cliff, i chucked the empty vodka bottle down the cliff so it hit the bottom of the ground and grabbed the last two cigarettes. I smoked the last two cigarettes as quickly as i could and then saw a cab. I hopped into the cab and told the driver where to take me.

I put my hood over my head which i took out with me yesterday and got out the cab hoping no pap's were around, i looked a mess, i did not want to be photographed like this. I walked into the building and went straight into the left, it was just me and some teenaged boys.."God your hot" they spoke. "Are you talking to me darling?" i put on a fake smile. "Yeah baby, you're gorgeous" "Well you're like fucking 13, now get a life" i spat, they laughed. "Woah, what you gonna do?get your boyfriend on me, if you have one.." i looked at him and laughed. "Oh guys, you really don't know me do you?ha, im zayn malik's finace you fucking idiots" i spat, they looked at me carefully and smirked. "Oh yeah, always wanted to see you in person, wow zayn really is one lucky guys" the one boy licked his lips. "Woah, grow up" i laughed as the lift stopped i got out, the boys stayed in. "Call me later baby" the one called. "In your dreams, kids these days ay" i shouted back. I walked into the apartment to find everyone here, great just what i need, a lecture. "Your back, wow, what happened to you?" louis asked. "Nothing why?" i moaned, i grabbed two tablets out the kitchen and a glass of water and went back to the lounge. "You look like shit, did you drink?" "thanks..and yeah just a little" they looked at me worried, zayn came up to me and hugged me. "where did you stay?" "Oh, on a cliff" i half smiled, they all looked at me like i was mad. "No really where did you stay?" "honestly, on a cliff, i went to the cliff i always use to go to when i wanted to think and relax and i ended up sleeping there it relaxed me" they looked worried. "So how much did you drink?" zayn asked. "a bottle on vodka" he gasped. "Why babe?" "because i needed to relax", he sighed and came closer where he was about to kiss me. i kissed him and he looked at me curious. "Have you smoked?" He asked. "Only a few.." "Tell the truth, you don't smell of smoke that bad from a few cigarettes" and he should know because he smokes so i cant exactly lie.."Okay, a whole packet" they all gasped. "What? i was angry and cigarettes calm me down" Zayn looked at me disappointed and walked over to the rest of the guys, laney and El weren't here, they must be out. "Don't you dare all look at me disappointed, i found out some news yesterday that made me angry okay? so don't you guys dare judge me for smoking or drinking" i spat, they tried to apolgize but i ignored them, i went straight into the shower and washed every inch making sure i didn't smell of alcohol, i weren't bothered about smelling of smoke, i was still in a bad mood from my brother who i'm gonna take a little visit to later. Once i showered i dried and changed into A black crop top, some denim short shorts rips in and some black combat boot's, i left my hair wavy and slung my black handbag over my shoulder. I walked out the bedroom and the boys looked at me curious. "Where are you going?" Harry asked. "Im going to sort something out with someone" i spoke. "Babe, are you going to be okay? we're sorry for being twat's about the whole smoking and alcohol thing"zayn spoke obviously worried. "Oh, it doesn't matter because zayn, i expected better from you, you're my fiance and you judge me like that?i thought you loved how i was.." i spat. "I do, i just don't like you putting your health at risk like that, i hate seeing yuo upset like that" he looked worried, i felt sorry for shouting but he deserved it. "Sorry, i won't so it again DAD" i spoke before walking out of the apartment. 

I got into my car and drove straight to my brother's house, perrie is honestly going to get it. When i arrived i locked my car door and banged on my brother's door. "HANG ON" he shouted, he then answered the door but his smile turned into a frown when he saw me.."Expecting someone else bro?" i asked cockily. "No actually, i got what i want here" he smirked. "Aw lewis, you didn't have to be so sweet to me" i joked. "Im on about perrie actually..what do you want sarah, i dont want any trouble today" "I want to speak to perrie actually, i thought i'd come to say sorry and have a word in private. he smiled at me, i fake smiled back. "She's up stairs in the bedroom on the left" he smiled. I smiled whilst wlaking up stairs, i got to the room and saw perrie. "Oi" i spat, she turned around and smirked. "What do you want sarah?" she spat. "So i heard your preggers" "Haha, you actually believed that, of course im not fucking pregnant, i'm pretending i am, it's all part of my plan you see" she winked, i grabbed her by the collar in anger. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT WITH MY BROTHER PERRIE" "Simple, i'm using him, i want zayn, it's always been zayn, ever since you got in the fucking picture he hasn't loved me, he went running back to you..i don't love your brother, god, he's fucking annoying." "YOU FUCKING BITCH" i screamed and punched her in her face making her fall to the floor. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING SARAH, SHE'S PREGNANT, GET THE FUCK OUT" lewis shouted from behind me. "She's faking it all lewis, she doesn't love you! she loves zayn, she's not really pregnant" "i would never lie to you lewis, i love you, why would i fake being pregnant?" she fake cried, fucking bitch. "I believe you perrie, now you can get out of my house" lewis half shouted, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me downstairs, i looked at perrie to see her smirk. She will regret all of this. Lewis pushed me out of the house and gave me a devilish look. "Now i don't want you near perrie or me" he spat. "Whats happened to you lewis? why don't you believe me, im your sister?" "because i love perrie, now just go away and leave her alone" he spoke whilst slamming the door, i got into my car and burst out with tiers, i will confront perrie, not only she ruining my life but now she's turned my brother against me,she will fucking regret this.








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