Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


32. trouble

I lay on the couch in the hotel watching some t'v, the news came straight on.."One direction spotted in paris, is this a romantic get away for the loved up couple zayn malik and Sarah cook?" It then showed a picture of me and zayn holding hands in Paris, i turned the t'v off and went into the bedroom. I love how all the pap's and magazines think they know everything that's happening but they haven't got a clue..I grabbed my laptop and turned it on. I went straight onto twitter..something i haven't been on in a while. I looked at my notifications and they were literally blown up, so many people tweeting me, I've gained thousands of followers..The boys and zayn have gone out to get breakfast, i'm already up and ready so i have nothing better to do. '@SarahCook: Hi guys, i'm doing a follow spree!! So WHO WANT'S A FOLLOW?' I tweeted. Maybe it would be good to socialize with some of the fans. I looked through my notifications after a few seconds and got hundreds of people begging for a follow, Some people even changed their names to 'FollowMeSarah' which was quite sweet. I went down the list and followed as many people as i could until i got a banner come up on the screen 'you are temporary blocked from following' what the hell? According to twitter i followed a little too many people. Damn you twitter! I quickly made a tweet informing everyone. '@SarahCook: so sorry guys, im blocked from following now:( I'll do my best to get unblocked but im afraid i can't follow anyone else for a while:(' and with that i looked back through my notifications to people writing tweets such as 'OMG SARAH COOK JUST FOLLOWED ME' they made me giggle a bit, i turned the laptop off before sighing and slumped down on the bed. "What's wrong babe?" I turned to find zayn holding up a McDonalds bag making me smile. "nothing, just twitter blocked me from following anyone, damn it, i was in the middle of a follow spree aswell" "don't worry babe, it happen's to be quite alot" "Is that for me?" I asked grinning whilst looking at the McDonalds bag. "Of course, we were surprised when we found a macdonalds actually" he laughed, i jumped up and grabbed the bag then walked to the kitchen bar table and started eating the macdonalds. "Someone's hungry" zayn smirked. "You haven't got a clue" i smirked back. "So we are all spending the day together today, we decided to go to the Beach, we've hired a boat a couple of hours" I got a little too excited."OMG OMG OMG, LETS GO NOW?" i shouted whilst finishing my maccies. "Someone's excited huh?" "of course i am zaynie boo" i smirked then stood up. "So is Laney coming?"I asked. "yeah" "great, it's so cute that her and liam's going out" i smiled. "Yeah,she's coming on the tour with us too, for the rest of it anyway" omg how come i didn't know? "omg really?i can't wait now" i muttered whilst walking down to the lobby where everyone was. "LETS DO THIS" i shouted making everyone stare at me like i was some freak. Louis just joined in going hyper with me whilst everyone laughed. Me and louis were very similar which is why we get on so much. We hopped into the Cab and went straight to the beach. "so how're you and liam" i whispered into Laney's ear making her laugh a little. "great, we erm, had sex last night" she blushed, omg they had sex already?.."omg really?, how was it?" "it was amazing" she smiled, they were really adorable together. "how are you and zayn anyway?" she whispered back. "really good thanks" i smiled then placed my hand on zayn's thigh rubbing on it slightly. 

We eventually reached out destination and could see the boat, it was beautiful, loads of light's on it and very white. We ran towards it and jumped straight onto it. "It's huge" i grinned. "this is beautiful" laney spoke, we all agreed and walked around the boat, it then started to move slowly. We all looked around and saw a room, it was full of food on a table it was beautiful and music was playing. "OMG FOOD, LET'S DIG IN" niall spoke, reading my thoughts to be exact. We all sat down and started to eat the food on the table, it was all delicious and so perfect. Zayn rubbed my leg under the table making me blush a little.I nudged him to make him stop but he wouldn't. He then placed his hand through my shorts and inserted a finger inside of my making me gasp, he inserted another on in making me moan slightly. "are you okay Sarah?" Liam asked. "Yeah im fine, just got a pain in my stomach that's all,must be from all the food" i lied. Zayn picked up the pace making me moan a little more. "Ow my stomach" i faked. They all carried on with their conversation but harry smirked at me, he new exactly what was going on. "Zayn, stop it" i whispered, he eventually stopped then licked his fingers..gross. "Come on guys let's go check the view out" louis suggested and so we did, the view was beautiful, so many beautiful buildings and so many people on shore, they were not little dots.


We arrived back to the hotel after a nice day on the boat. "Right we got a surprise" liam spoke to us all, The only people that seemed to know about it was liam and louis, the rest of us didn't have a clue. "What is it?" zayn asked suspiciously. "well we got tickets to a concert tonight" i got excited. "omg who?what concert?" everyone laughed at my reaction, Laney started to get excited. "Rihanna, she's here in Paris doing a concert" Me and laney sprung up and down squealing i love Rihanna so much. "So everyone go get ready it starts in an hour" we all walked away and started to run to our hotel rooms. I ran to the bedroom, zayn following slowly behind. he was excited too. i picked out a pair of purple ish colour laced shorts with a white crop top and some purple ish wedge trainers to match perfectly. I slipped in a pair of hooped earrings and left my hair wavy. I applied some foundation,mascara and some eyeliner and also some dark red lipstick. "Babe, you ready?" zayn asked sweetly. "yeah babe" i smiled widely then took his hand as we went out to the lobby. "you look gorgeous" "you don't look bad yourself zaynie boo" i teased. We met the rest of the guys in the lobby,they were all dressed in jeans and shirts, Laney looked gorgeous, she was wearing a black skater dress with wedges. "lets go" liam muttered. We got into the cab and left for the concert.

When we arrived it was packed, loads of people excited. "So where are we standing?" i asked liam. "front row" "WHAT?" "yes, front row" we all got excited then went to our places, we were right by the stage, a few people spotted us but we ignored them. 

She started her first song and two girls were laughing behind us i turned to find them pointing at me and laney. "What the fuck is your problem?" i shouted over the music, the boys turned t me so did laney. "What's up?" laney asked. "these two girls, were just pointing and laughing at us both" i informed her, she looked annoyed too. "so what is your problem? whats funny?" laney asked them. "We're just laughing at how ugly you both are and why one direction would ever want to go out with both of you" At this point both me and laney went mad. "you fucking bitch" we both spat, i pulled on the one girl's hair and laney pulled on the other's, they were squealing in pain, the boys then split us up. "they're not worth it girls, break it up" we let go of the two pathetic girls standing in front of us and carried on raving to Rihanna, the two girl's didn't sat anything after that..

After a few more song's we went back to the hotel, me and laney were pissed off from those girl's and we went to bed first, "Night laney" i smiled and hugged her. "night Sar" we both departed and went to our hotel room's. I got undressed and got straight into bed, i was not in the mood for anything right now, it was an amazing night, i love Rihanna but those two girl's thinking that they could ruin our night by giving us abuse..i think not.

I felt zayn get into bed next to me,"babe, don't let those girl's get to you" he whispered. "Im trying not to, it just annoyed me why they think it's right to send abuse to two other girl's who they know nothing about" "all that matter's is we love you okay?" "okay, i love you zayn." "i love you too sar" we kissed then i closed my eyes, soon to be drifted to sleep.








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