Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


17. Tour

I packed the rest of my things and placed them into my suitcase, today was the day we begin the tour, im so excited and i cant wait to perform as their opening act, it's like a dream. "Babe, are you ready?" I heard zayn shout from the lounge, he was talking to Hannah about the tour. "Yeah" I shouted back, i grabbed my suitcase from the bed and dragged it into the lounge. "so i guess this is is" I walked over to hannah and gave her a huge hug, i didn't want to let go. Im going to miss her so much. "So i guess i'll see you in a few months Han, im going to miss you so much, i'll text you and call every day, promise" "i'll miss you too Sar, and good, Have an amazing time and tell us about everything when you get back, love you" "love you too" i spoke, zayn held my hand firmly and we walked towards the door to leave. "And zayn, look after her" Hannah shouted, i smiled back at her whilst zayn nodded his head. "of course i will hannah, see you soon" "yeah bye guys" i blew her a kiss and we then walked out of the apartment, im going to miss hannah more than anything. We walked outside to the black car and jumped in as the driver placed my suitcases in the boot.

He drove us to the airport and as soon as we got there we saw the boys waiting for us. "Hurry up guys, the fans are coming" He shouted and i looked behind to see alot of fans running towards us. Zayn's grip tightened on my hand and we ran into the airport. "Plane 301, to australia, is now boarding" The flight attendant spoke, that was us, we ran to the cashier place and gave in our tickets and passports then quickly ran towards where the plane was, luckily we made it just in time, unluckily we wern't in vip. I sat by zayn, niall sat by louis and liam and zayn sat together. Australia here we come. I put my earphones in and skyscraper came on, i loved this song and demi lovato's voice is so perfect.


"Babe,babe" i heard zayn's voice call me, i opened my eyes to see zayn smiling. "yes zayn?" "we're here babe,we're finally in australia" he muttered. "thank god" He grabbed my hand and we got our suitcases from the top of the plane shelves and met the boys in the airport. "That was the slowest journey of my life" niall complained "IM HUNGRY" he also shouted. "And me" i spoke. There were now paps and fans everywhere. The bodyguards had to help us get outside. We waved at the fans and the boys blew them kisses. When we got outside i was amazing at what i saw, it was the tour bus, what we will be travelling in around aussie And sleeping in, i cant wait now. We all ran into the tour bus and then it started to move away from all the fans."It feels so good to be back in here" The boys spoke. "Its amazing in here" "you like it Sarah?" harry asked "i love it" We all went straight to the little kitchen part and got something to eat, i was so hungry.

Zayn's POV

We all sat down on the couches in the chill out bit of the tour bus where the boys were playing call of duty with Sarah, she was really good at it to be honest, she was beating the boys anyway. I looked at her and smiled, i couldn't help but smile, they way her cheekbones become visible when she smiles, those lusty eyes of heres that twinkle when she laughs and her hair, her beautiful long wavy hair, the way it shifts around when she moves. everything about her is perfect she makes me melt just by looking at me. "erm, zayn, are you okay?" Sarah asked, i didn't even realise she stopped playing the game until she walked up to me. "hey, yeah im fine" "oh okay, well i'm gonna go to bed im tired" she yawned, it was only 9pm but the flight was a while. "alright babe" i said whilst kissing her soft lips. I watched her walk up to our bunk whilst shutting the curtains to the bunk shut. "Zayn come on, play cod with us dude" liam spoke "yeah alright, but you know i'll thrash all of you" they laughed "i'd like to see you try" louis shouted "bring it on"

Sarah's POV

I heard shouting and screaming coming from other side of the bus, i tossed and turned to try to get back to sleep but the noise kept getting louder, i put the pillow over my head but the noise was to loud. "Guys, be quiet, Sarah's sleeping remember" I heard zayn say. Well atleast he was caring about my sleep. "Sorry zayn" they all spoke in unison. then the screaming started to start again, i can't take this anymore, i was too tired to hear them all shouting and screaming whilst im trying to sleep, they're so immature sometimes. I jumped from the bunk with an angry face on and saw them all having a pillow fight, it looked really fun but it doesn't make it fine when they wake me up,i HATE being woke up. "GUYS, SHUT UP" i shouted, they all stopped and stared at me. i put my hand on my hip trying to look angry. They all looked guilty until someone put whipped cream on my hair, i turned around to see louis. I looked at him with fierce eyes and grabbed a pillow from the mini couch and threw it at him, the boys wouldn't stop laughing, louis curled up into a ball laughing and begging for the boys help but this was no revenge for what he did to my hair as it now has cream in it. I got the cream and put it in his hair and messed his hair up with my hands. "There you go" i shouted. "omg my hair, its ruined" "and so is mine" He then grabbed me and picked me up and placed me over his shoulders and started spinning me around. "LOUIS NO, LET GO, PUT ME DOWN" i ordered i felt so dizzy, he then gave in and put me down, i punched his arm jokingly and we all just laughed. "i need to go wash my hair" i spoke "and me" louis replied As their were two showers in the bus i went to the one and louis went to the other.

Niall's POV

I sat on the couch with everyone, i couldn't stop watching zayn and Sarah, they were so cute together, they belonged together and the love they have for each other is adorable but im so jealous, not because i fancy Sarah because i dont, she's like a sister to me, it's just, i wish i had a relationship like that, i'm fed up of little relationships, i want to find the right person, i don't want anymore short relationships, i want to find the one, the one girl who i know loves me and i love her, maybe that will be soon, hopefully i will find the one for me.

Sarah's POV

"Were going to bed now, see you guys in the morning" The guys all spoke in unison leaving me and zayn in the lounge part of the bus. "night guys" we both spoke. "so, what shall we do?" i asked zayn "well, theres alot of things we could do" he said whilst winking. "zayn, im too tired for sex tonight" i laughed "well, we should do a twitcam? us boys haven't done one in a while and it will give the fans a chance to get to know you" he suggested, it was a perfect idea. "that's a great idea" He got his apple laptop and turned it on. Once it turned on he went to livestream and posted the link on twitter '@zaynmalik: hi guys, i'm doing a livestream with Sarah, come join us' was the tweet with a link attached. As soon as it posted and we started the live stream their were thousands of people viewing it, the numbers kept going up. "wow" i spoke "i know right" "So guys, we wanted to talk to you all, as the rest of the boys are sleeping, you can ask us questions and hopefully you guys will get to know Sarah abit more" zayn spoke to the webcam on the laptop. Then alot of comments were being added i scanned through them and smiled. 'Sarah's gorgeous, i would kill to look like her' one girl wrote, then there were a few similar ones and mostly alot of questions. "When did you guys first meet and how?" was the first question, zayn answered it. "well tasha923, we met back in high school, she was a new student in school and i was going to be her tutor to help her on some work, then we just got to know eachother and had feelings for eachother and went out, sarah's the person that persuaded me to go on the xfactor, she was their with me at the audition and helped me through it all, without her i wouldn't be here today, and then she had to move away with her dad and i guess we just departed then" he smiled to the camera, i realised how much has actually happened between me and zayn but i wouldn't change a thing. 'when did you see Sarah again then?' was another question "well Anna367, i helped her in town a few months back as she fell over and yeah" he spoke. and then there were more comments saying i was beautiful i thanked them all and then we got off twitcam. "im so tired" zayn spoke "and me, come on lets go to bed babe" i grabbed zayn's hand and we both walked to our bunk and snuggled down together, it felt perfect being with zayn.













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