Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


37. threat's

"Baby, wake up" I flashed my eyes open to see zayn hovering over me, i smiled before getting up. "We're spending the day together remember?" he had the biggest grin ever. "Oh yeah, well good because i could really do with a day with my gorgeous boyfriend" i smirked. He grabbed my hand firmly and helped me off the bunk. "I'll just go take a shower then i'll get ready,okay?" "okay babe" he kissed my head, then i walked into the shower.

Zayn's POV

"Where is everyone?" I asked liam and laney, they were cuddled up on the couch looking all lovey dovey, they were a really cute couple, don't get me wrong, it pretty much reminds me of how me and sarah were back in high school. "Well niall has gone to the arena, i think he's writing a song, either that or he's gone to find rebecca" liam smirked. "so he likes the new stylist huh?" "well it seem's that way, he won't take his eyes off her" "bless the little irishman" i joked. "Where's sarah?" laney asked. "she's in the shower, we're going to spend the day together" i grinned proudly. "how about you two love birds, what you guys doing today?" "well, we were thinking of hitting the beach later, it's not far from here so, we'll just spend the day together i suppose" he smiled whilst kissing laney's cheek. "you two should meet me and sarah a little later, were have some dinner, a double date or something" i suggested, it would be nice to catch up with them two. "sound's great, i'll text you later" liam smiled. "alright li" i spoke whilst sitting down next to them.

Sarah's POV

Once i dried my hair I applied some foundation and powder, i carefully placed some eyeliner on my eyes and some mascara. Maybe I should wear lipstick?hm. I got out my red lipstick and put some on my lips, trying not to smudge it, i curled my lips up making the lipstick spread over my lips then done a little pout in the mirror. I straightened my hair for a change and puffed it up slightly adding a bit of volume. "Babe, you nearly ready?" zayn called from the other side of the bus. "yeah nearly babe, just getting changed" That was a lie, i don't even know what to wear..I looked through my clothes and grabbed a black jet short jumpsuit, some black studded van's and a black wide brim fedora hat. Once i was changed I grabbed my black hang bag and slung it over my shoulder. I looked at my appearance and felt a smile appear on my lips. Im ready. I walked to the other end of the bus, where liam laney and zayn were sat and smiled. "you look nice" laney smiled. "thanks laney, so are you guys just having a lazy day?" i chuckled. "well nope, we're going to the beach in a bit then zayn suggested we meet you two later and go on a double date kind of thing, you know" i smiled at the thought of zayn coming up with that idea. "that will be great, you ready zayn?" "i am, come on beautiful" he chirped and took my hand in his. "see you later guys, have a good day" liam and laney shouted. "and you two" i smiled then we walked out the bus. screams coming from everywhere. "omg" i breathed "we'll take a few photo's then go okay?" zayn smiled. "sure, okay" they were shouting our names and screaming. "hello girls, how can we help?" zayn asked in his soft deep toned voice. "can we have photo's with you both please?you're such an amazing couple" they smiled making my lips stretch into a huge grin. "of course you can" we smiled and took a few pictures with the fans. "we'll be back later girl's, see ya" we both smiled, waved then got into a cab. "they were nice" i spoke. "they sure were".

Niall's POV

I sat In my dressing room looking through some outfit's with rebecca, it's our day off today then we have one or two more shows left tomorrow. Normally i would be out with the guys shopping or just having a laugh but i wanted to see rebecca and the only way of seeing her was to come into the arena. She's in my dressing room with me writing note's about our styles for the show's coming up in a few months. "so when do you get off work?" i asked in the sweetest voice i could possible talk in. "in about an hour" she grinned and carried on writing notes. "got any plans?" i asked. "well no, but i might just take a look around the city, you know" i shook my head, not that she would notice because she wasn't looking at me. "you wan't to look around the city with me? i don't have too but-" i got cut off by her finger against my lips. "i would love to niall" i smiled at her response and carried on looking through some outfits.

Zayn's POV

"Babe, look at this, isn't it beautiful" I watched as sarah was looking through some bracelet's, they were hand made,a bit like you would get from Thailand. "we should get one each zayn, matching ones" i smiled at the idea and picked the two bracelet's up. "sound's good to me" i smiled whilst kissing her cheek. "can we have these two please?" i asked the women who was grinning widely at us both. "yeah, anything for you two love birds" i smirked at her response whilst i paid for the two bracelet's. I put my bracelet on whilst sarah put her's on. "wait" sarah spoke whilst she took a picture of our bracelet's, im guessing to put on instagram or twitter..I laughed at her as she jokingly hit my arm. "come on zaynie let's carry on looking around" i loved her laugh, the way her lips stretch when she grins and her perfectly shaped face.. 

Sarah's POV

I pulled zayn's arm and started running toward's a little stall, it had candy floss, all different colour's. "omg zayn, we need to get some" i giggled, he had a huge grin on his face, i dont know why put i just smiled at his reaction. "can we have a bag of candy floss please?" i asked the man at the counter. "what colour who you like sweetheart?" he was talking like i was about 5.."a mix of all please" i laughed whilst hanging him some money. But zayn stopped me and gave the man some money instead. i just rolled my eyes and took the candy floss from the man. "zayn, i was going to pay" i moaned. " i know but i wanted too" i just sighed whilst we started eating the candy floss. I didn't like the fact that he paid for everything. 

Laney's POV

"liam, no, please stop it..LIAM" i shouted, he had me over his shoulders whilst we were in the sea.."don't worry babe, i'm not going to drop you" he laughed whilst pretending to almost drop me. "ah, liam let go of me now!" i ordered, he finally put me down. I leaned in toward's him and so did he, but before are lips touched i splashed him in the face with water. "ha" i laughed whilst running back onto the beach. Luckily no one was around us to see how silly we were being, management hired a small beach for each city we wen't to no pap's could see us or fan's which was good.."quit teasing" liam smirked and got close to me. "no liam" i pretended to cry like a baby, he cupped my face in his hands and held my chin up so i was looking at him, i looked into his shiny eye's and got lost in them, like the first time i met him. i snaked my arm's around his neck and he kissed my neck. He started to nibble on my neck making me moan. "liam" i moaned into his ear, he smiled against my skin and carried on. We ended up lying on top of each other in the sand, i was in my bikini and he was in just his trunks. "I wan't you laney" he whispered making me get chill's down my body. "i want you too liam" i started to play around with his hair, pulling on strands making him moan. He was now by my thighs kissing each part of my inner thigh's and he dug his teeth into my pant's and slipped them down my legs with his teeth making me giggle. "i love you liam" i whispered making him smiled. "i love you too laney" He started to kiss my clit making me go crazy then he slipped a finger inside of me, followed by another one. "Don't tease me mr payne" i joked. "hm,i like that name" i laughed and he finally entered me. I screamed in pleasure, he had to put his hand over my mouth so no one could here us "shh baby" i giggled and gasped in his ear whilst he thrust'ed fasted. I gripped my nails into his back making me moan.

Once we finished we both lay down next to each other smiling. "wow, we just had sex on the beach" he laughed, i nudged him and laughed with him. "We better head back to the bus and get ready for dinner with sarah and zayn" i suggested. "good idea" he replied whilst helping me up and we put our swimming thing's back on and started making our way back to the tour bus.

Sarah's POV

We were sat in a restaurant waiting for laney and liam to arrived, we told them which restaurant we're in and they know where is it luckily. "Well we're waiting for them two to arrive i want to give you something sarah"  zayn smiled and placed a small box on the table in front of me, it was a ring box for sure. My eyes got wider and my breathing began to get heavier. "In this box is a small gift, to show you how much you mean to me, i'm not proposing to you, well not anytime soon anyway." i suddenly began to breath normally again. "i'm confused" i spoke "well here take it" he passed me the boy and i opened it to see a gorgeous silver ring, the inside of it had 'i love you sarah, zayn x' engraved. It was beautiful. "zayn, this is..beautiful" a little tear escaped my eye but it was soon replaced with zayn's thumb over it wiping it away. "now, it's a promise ring, i've got the exact same" i looked on his finger to see the same ring. "promise what?" i asked. "promise that you will always love me and through everything, you will never leave me" i smiled and kissed his lips. "i promise to always love you zayn and never would i leave you" he smiled and hugged me. 

"Are we interrupting something?" Liam's voice appeared from behind us, i got up and hugged them both, zayn did the same. "so, why are you guy's so happy and smiley?" laney asked us. "look" i showed my ring to them both and they smiled. "it's a promise ring" i said proudly. "aw, thats so cute" laney smiled whilst hugging me once more. "so what have you guys been doing today?" zayn asked. "we just..erm..chilled on the beach, had a few new experiences" laney nudged liam whilst he said that and they both laughed. "you didnt.." i laughed, i knew exactly what they were on about on the beach because me and zayn did the exact same.."we..erm..did" they both laughed, me and zayn just laughed looking at each other. "and i must say, it was worth it, you two should try it sometime" liam laughed making laney blush a bit. "we already have li" zayn smirked, laney and liam just looked at us wide eyed then we all laughed. 

Harry's POV

"What do you want taylor?" i shouted through the phone, she was really starting to get on my nerve's. "you know what i want harry" "yeah and you're not getting me.. i don't love you taylor" i spat, and i didn't i've already been through all of that and i'm not going to ever again.."that's fine harry, i'll just let a few rumor's slip out about you" Urgh. "okay okay, what do you wan't?" i asked annoyed, as much as i didn't want to go out with her i had no choice really.. i mean she's amerca's big sweetheart, no one will believe me over her.."I wan't us to date again, when you come off tour in a few days time, meet up with me" even the idea of being with her makes me sick. "what about ed?" i asked, ed was my bestfriend and him and taylor have only just split up "it's fine, he won't mind" she laughed, god she makes me sick, ed's going to hate me for this..but i have no choice.."fine" i said angrily whilst putting the phone down. I punched the door of the tour bus in anger and jumped onto the couch, i need sleep, that's what i need right now.

Niall's POV

"Niall, can i ask you something?" rebecca asked whilst we sat together on the beach. "sure" "what would you do if i kissed you right now?" my smiled turned into a grin. "well kiss me and your find out" and so she did, she kissed me right on the lips, i asked for entry and i slipped my tongue in and she accepted. Our tongues were searching round each others mouth's. "that was..great" she blushed, did i really have that affect on her?. "yes you do" she spoke,shit i must of said that out loud.."well..good because you have a big effect on me too" i smiled whilst kissing her again. Maybe this is the start of something beautiful..we'll soon see.

Sarah's POV

Once we finished with dinner we all arrived back at the tour bus to see harry with puffy red eyes asleep on the couch. "I'll talk to him" i spoke whilst the rest of the boys and laney sat down on the other couch's. "harry, harry wake up" i shook his slightly until his eyes fluttered open. "come with me harry" i ordered whilst pulling him to the other end of the bus so no one could hear us. "what's wrong harry?" he just looked at me confused. "Harry, you have been crying, look your knuckles are swollen, tell me whats wrong, this isn't like you harry" i spoke whilst rubbing his arm for comfort. "alright, well you know i use to date taylor swift, right?" "right" "well she threatened me, telling me i have to date her again or she will make a load of rumors up about me, and people are going to believe her over me, i mean, she is america's big sweetheart" he began to tense up. "and well, she and my bestfriend have just broke up, if i go out with her he won't talk to me and if i don't i get a load of rumors being spread about me, i can't win sarah" i felt sorry for him, i really did. "well, then we improvise" "what do you mean sar?" "i mean, you tell ed everything, about the threatening and he is obviously going to believe his best friend over some crazy ex girlfriend" i explained, he smiled slightly. "you're so right sar, but i will still have to go out with her?" "leave it to me harry, i'll come up with a plan" he just half smiled and hugged me tightly. "im glad i have a friend like you, zayn's a lucky guy, you know" i smiled then we both walked over to everyone else. 

"IM HUNGRY" niall shouted making me jump. "fucking hell niall, don't do that, one day im going to have a heart attack because of you" i joked making him laugh. "How about we watch a movie and i'll make us some snack's" i suggested. "what would we do without you?"  louis smiled. "actually come to think of it, im not sure what you would do without me" i joked making everyone laugh. I began to make some pancakes for everyone and i also got out some crisps and cakes from the small cupboard of the bus. I got some can's of beer's out the mini fridge and gave one to everyone. 

Once i was done cooking the pancakes i put the on a huge plate so we can all help ourselves. I put the pancakes and cakes and crisp's on the small table. "there you go, help yourselves" i smirked. Niall's every's lit up and he ran to me and hugged me. "erm niall, i cant breath" he quickly let go. "im sorry" he laughed then began to eat the food. I sat on the couch in between zayn and laney then it went liam, then the other couch sat, niall, louis and harry. "so what are we watching, oh let me guess, toy story?" i chuckled. "actually no, we're watching paranormal activity" liam smirked. "oh good, i like horror film's" i said sarcastically. I put my head on zayn's chest and we began to watch the film, it felt like having a huge family, i guess that's what we were, one big family.







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