Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


6. Threats and news

Me and zayn walked through the corridors hand in hand like we did every other day but today zayn's practising all day for his audition, which is now next week, he's been given a closer audition. "respect zayn" Jason said from behind us, bro fisting zayn, jason was such a tease around girls, i literally hated him, he was the boy who made zayn become a bad boy in the first place, well him and most of the other popular, asshole boys around here. I wasn't really in the mood today, me and my dad had a huge argument last night when i got home from zayn's, he's annoyed because im always out but he's always at work. "babe, what's up?" zayn whipsered into my ear sending chills down my spine."nothing, i just had a little argument with my dad, its not anything major" He half smiled at me and we walked straight to my locker. "babe, im going to head off to my lesson now, see you later" "okay babe" i replied whilst kissing his tender lips. "oi, Sarah,"I heard a deepish voice call from in the distance, i looked beside me to see one of zayn's old friends. "What ashley?" "what have you done to zayn, he doesn't even hang with us lads anymore?you have made him like this, and you're going to regret it, you don't even know zayn, not like we do" "am i meant to be scared? you're right i dont know zayn like you do, i know the real him,and i haven't changed him, he did that his self" Ashley then grabbed the collar of my shirt. "listen her young lady, you dont know who you're talking to" he spat whilst talking, "you are a stupid little girl who needs to find something else better to do than stealing out friends, and if you dare tell zayn about our little conversation, i will promise you, you won;t be walking on those legs of yours for much longer sweat heart" At this point i believed him, i knew i had to tell zayn but i can i really risk this?this threat ashley was saying? i mean if i did tell zayn and zayn hit him it's likely for one of his friends to still finish the job off. "let go of me" "look at you, the school's new slut, pft, i bet your parent's are very proud of you" At that point i brought my knee up to his crouch and kneed him, he soon fell to the floor. How dare he say that, he knows nothing about me and especially my parents. I ran straight to my next class wiping away the visible faint tears resting on my cheeks.

"You're late Sarah, go straight to the detention room" What the hell, so now teachers think it's more important to get punished for one little mistake than get good grades and learn. I walked straight back out of the class and walked into the detention room, which was full with all the bad boys,popular boy and actually rarely any girls. "excuse?" i head the oldish man ask. "i was late to lesson" "well sit at the back" I did as he ordered and sat straight at the back. I planted my head onto the table letting all my worries slip away.


"sweetheart, i need to speak to you" my dad shouted from the kitchen. I walked towards him and sat on a pair by the kitchen table. This has to be the first time in a while he's been home early from work..makes a change. "yes dad?" "you will probably hate me for this, or thank me, well.." i suddenly got curious, what was so important to make me upset?.."well, i've been offered a job,it's double the money i get now,and i-'ive took it..we need the money sweatheart" "thats great dad, congratulations" his smile stretched along his cheeks. "so you're not mad?" "why would i be?dad my life can't be any happier,i've got good friends, after 3 months at school, the perfect boyfriend and you have a better job coming up" i smirked. "but, darling, the job isn't around here, it's actually in london" My heart then jumped from my chest,if he's saying what i think he's going to say, he's mad. "which mean's moving..again, im so sorry sweety" i knew it. "no dad, we can't move..not again,i've just settled down" i shouted,the veins were pumping through my skin. "im sorry,i've agreed to the job" "UGH, YOU HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING, JUST AS IM HAPPY IT GETS SHREDDED UP AGAIN" i ran straight to my room letting the tears run down my cheeks, how on earth am i going to be able to leave zayn, he's the love of my life, we have been through so much together, and he has his audition next week, this is going to destroy not only my heart but his, i cant let him go,not now, not ever.  I slammed my face against my pillow letting my mascara stain the pillow from the tears.






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