Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


43. This is too much

Sarah's POV

I'm finally home, I got released a little earlier than expected but i'm glad i'm away from that boring hospital. I jumped on the bed and shouted. "What's wrong, whats wrong?" zayn asked worried, i giggled and jumped on his back. "Nothing's wrong, i'm just glad to be home, with you" i smiled whilst kissing him, he deepened the kiss by sliding his tongue in, i gripped onto his hair and started to play with strand's making me moan against my lip's, it tickled and i started to giggle. He pulled away from me and gave me a smirk, "you are ticklish huh?" my face turned straight. "You are" he laughed and before he could tickle me i ran out of the bedroom away from him, i jumped over the couch and saw him chasing after me. "Haha, you can't get me" i laughed but as i ran toward's the kitchen i slipped and landed on my ass. "i've got you, ha" zayn smirked and started to tickle me. "ZAYN, NO, STOP IT, ZAYN,ZAYN!" i shouted only to hear someone cough behind us, i quickly stood up and hit zayn's arm. I looked behind me and saw niall. "Oh hey nialler" i smiled. "Hey, good to be back huh?" "yeah, feel's so much better than the stupid hospital" we all laughed. "For a minute when i heard you screaming zayn's name to stop i thought you know..having sex" he laughed, i blushed but laughed after. "So niall, how can we help you?" zayn asked in a posh voice making me giggle. "Well, Lou and i have planned for us all to go out for dinner tonight, celebrate the return of sarah" he laughed, i liked the idea of this. "And because us lot haven't had dinner together in a while" Me and zayn smiled at the idea. "That would be great niall" zayn and i spoke in unison. "Okay, meet us outside at 6 tonight, wear something not too uncomfortable if you get what i mean because we are going to a club afterward's" he smirked before walking out the door. "can't wait" i smirked and pinched zayn's cheek. "Hey, what was that for?" He moaned. "I just like seeing you moan" i smirked and he chased me..yet again.

Liam's POV

"Laney,i wan't you to meet my family" Laney looked at me confused but then smiled. "I'd like that" i smiled at her answer and embraced her with a hug. "I hope they like me" "They'll love you laney, trust me" she smiled and i could see the small dimples appear on her face, those dimples that i adore. I kissed  her head and smiled. "So about clubbing tonight, you owe me a dance" laney whispered making me giggle like a complete girl. "And i should let you know, i can't dance but i'll try my best to not embarrass you" we both laughed and carried on watching t'v. "Liam, if i'm going to meet your family, i want you to meet mine, i know they will adore you" I smiled at her decision. "I'd love to, and good because i know i'll love them" she giggled and kissed my cheek. I have really fallen for this girl, I've fallen so hard.

Niall's POV

I knocked onto Rebecca's door twice, still no answer..She might of gone out, or maybe she just didn't hear me knock. I knocked two more time's but louder making sure she would hear. The door opened slightly but the girl wasn't rebecca, it was another girl..someone who I've never seen before. "Hello, erm, is rebecca here?" she looked at me with sad eyes, what the hell's happening. "I'm sorry, she doesn't live here anymore i moved in yesterday..erm she left a note for someone called niall, are you niall?" I looked at her confused.."Yeah, that's me" She handed me and envelope and smiled. "I'm sorry niall" I just smiled and walked away, what the hell just happened..

I walked out side to the nearest park i could find, i saw a small bench out of the way of everyone and walked over and sat on it. I took a look at the envelope and slowly opened it..


I'm sorry, But i had to move back to my home town, which is not around here, i'm sorry i didn't tell you,i knew you would try and stop me, I like you niall, you're such a nice boy and any girl is lucky to have you, it's just a lot has been going on back home and without me, my family is tearing apart, I hope you understand, and one day we will see each other again, i promise you, don't get upset because i'll be fine and i wan't you to be fine as well, i know you said you have feeling's for me and maybe i would of grew feeling's for you too but my family needs me, see you again in the future niall, don't forget me, I send my love to you and the band for the future, love you niall

Rebecca x

A tear escaped my eye, I really did like her, but i guess she just had to go back to her real home, i'm going to miss her so much but i'm glad that she is going to be fine, and hopefully we will see each other again in the future..

Sarah's POV

i have 1 hour to get ready until dinner, it's going to be great. "Babe guess what?" Zayn spoke whilst walking into the bedroom. "What zayn?" "no, you have to guess" "zayn, you know im rubbish at that kinda stuff, just tell me" i started to get impatient. "Well, we have been invited to go on a t'v show tomorrow night" my mouth formed an 'o' shape. "What, me and you?" "yeah" I jumped on him in excitement. "YAY, what show is it?" "It's the Jonathon Ross show" I got excited, i loved that show. I started squealing and zayn laughed at me. "But come on, we need to get ready" i moaned then jumped off his back. 

I slipped on a leather crop top, some leather trousers, some high heel boot's, and some black and gold earring's to go with it. I brushed through my waves of hair to make it look nicer and more wavy how i liked it. Once i was satisfied with my outfit i applied my face with some dark red lipstick, some dark eye shadow and mascara. and grabbed my black clutch. I looked in the mirror and smiled, i looked a bit slutty to go to a restaurant but it was perfect for clubbing..I walked into the lounge and saw zayn was ready, he was wearing a white shirt and black skinny jean's, he looked gorgeous as always. "How do i look?" he turned around and smiled. "Fucking hell sarah, you look..SEXY" he shouted and ran towards me to pick me up. "Leather turn's you on, huh?" i smirked. "Yes it does, and right now i just wan't to rip these clothes off you" I laughed at him and pushed him off me. "Well you can do that later but right now we need to meet everyone else outside by the car. "Okay, let's go" he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the lift. Once the door's closed he pulled me toward's him and kissed me, i got carried away and placed my hand underneath his top and started to rub his bare chest. We heard a ping and the door's opened, we both let go of each other and burst out laughing. We walked outside and got into the car to see everyone was already inside. "Finally, you guy's took your time" El spoke, we just laughed and then the car moved. "You look hot sarah" laney spoke "so do you laney, and you El" "aw thanks babe" they both spoke in unison. "We were thinking of going to a beach for the day tomorrow or something" Harry spoke. "That would be great but me and Sarah have to go on the Jonathon Ross show tomorrow" zayn said proudly, everyone smiled at us and got excited. 

Once we arrived at the restaurant we all got out of the car and piled into the restaurant. "Do you have a reservation?" the young women asked. "Yes under one direction" harry spoke in his flirty voice, why does he always flirt with every women. "Come this way" she blushed at harry before showing us to our table, it was a large table, perfect for us all. I sat in between zayn and niall, then next to zayn was liam, laney,louis,Eleanor, then harry. We smiled at each other then ordered our food, i didn't wan't much so i didn't order a lot, but niall ordered loads. "Niall, how can you eat so much?" i asked. "Easily" he smiled proudly. I felt a tap on my shoulder, i looked at the boy's and their faces turned white, the girl's looked angry, i turned around and my face turned bright red in anger. "What the fuck do you want?" I asked in anger. "Hi to you too sarah, so i see you're still alive?" she spat. "Perrie, just do us all a favor and get lost" zayn half shouted. I rested my hand on his knee to calm him down. "You heard him perrie, just get lost, no one want's you here, especially not me" i spat. "Feisty one you are" she laughed. I stood up and looked down at her. "Do you think you are cool trying to fucking poison someone, i really don't know what zayn saw in you.." She just laughed at me making me tense. I wanted to fucking hit her to much but i'm better than that.."You really want to know why zayn liked me?because i'm so much better than you and everyone here know's it, me and zayn had more fun together than you will ever have with him" i looked back to see no one saying anything, not even zayn backed me up and denied what she said.."That's not true, if he liked you so much he wouldn't of dumped you for me" i shouted. "Oh please, i'm the one that dumped him" A lump in my throat formed, this doesn't make any sense. I grabbed my purse and walked away from our table. "Sarah, wait" zayn called. "save it zayn, i need some time alone, this is too much" he gave me sad eye's and i heard him shout at perrie, i stopped and listened to what he had to say. "Why did you say all that? perrie, i dumped you for her, sarah's the one i love not you so just fuck off out of my life, why would you bother making bullshit up, we didn't have fun together, i'm happy with sarah and i she's the one i wan't to spend my life with so fucking get out of my life and stay away from her" he shouted in her face. "You really think  all of that is true?even if it is your so called 'girlfriend' has ran away, i mean, she never believes you, she always seem's to believe anyone else but you, show's how good your relationship is, may you two have a good life together" she spoke whilst walking away, i turned around and tapped her on the shoulder. "I believe everything he just said actually perrie" i said whilst slapping her around the face. She winced in pain and ran off. I felt a pair of arm's wrap around me, i turned around and saw zayn. "I love you, don't ever believe a word she say's" he whispered. "i love you too, and no i won't zayn, i believed every word you said to her" i said whilst we kissed each other. "Shall we just go straight to this club and get drunk?" Lou shouted out, we all laughed and walked out the restaurant. Zayn snaked his arm around my waist, i smiled at him and we walked to the club, pap's took a few pictures of us but we ignored them. 

once we entered the club we wen't straight to the bar, we each downed a few shot's then hit the dance floor, me and zayn were grinding against each other, we didn't really care about anyone around us, we were having a good time and that's all that matter's. I saw laney and liam snogging each other's face's off, i giggled at them and carried on dancing. El came up to me and gave me a hug, she was defiantly drunk. "I j-just w-want to sayyyy how proud i am of you today with perrie, s-she deserved that slap" she laughed then walked away back to dance with Lou, me and zayn laughed then carried on dancing together. Perrie deserved it.

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