Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


14. The boys

I woke up to find someone's hands wrapped around me, i opened my eyes slightly to witness zayn laying next to me staring right at me, then i remembered everything from last night and couldn't help but smile. "morning love" he spoke in his croaky morning voice, which was really attractive. "morning" i smiled. I jumped out of zayn's grip and went into the bathroom, i brushed my teeth then went back to the bedroom to witness zayn getting changed, i couldn't help but stare at his gorgeous body. "like what you see ay?" he laughed "as a matter of fact, yes i do" i laughed too. I grabbed some clothes out of my wardrobe and started to get changed. "So, plans for today?" zayn asked. "well maybe we could go into town?shopping or something" i suggested, we acted like a proper couple, even though we weren't even going out..yet. "sounds good to me" he replied. He wore his black skinny jeans and shirt from yesterday. "we need to pop to my place so i can change into fresh clothes" "yeah sure" i laughed "i wore some black skinny jeans, a blue crop top blouse, some white vans and a bowler hat. I left my hair form to its natural waves and applied a little foundation blusher and mascara and some darkish red lipstick. "why do you wear makeup? still look as beautiful without" "zayn, you boys will never understand, it's very important for a girl to look good" i laughed "but you look good with or without" "it just makes me feel better when i have makeup on i guess" I grabbed my black handbag before slipping it over my shoulder and grabbing my phone before we left to go to zayn's place.


We walked through the town of london hand in hand like a couple, which i guess i dont really know if we are or not but we went with the flow i guess. Unluckily there were paps everywhere taking photo's of us, we ignored the paps and carried on walking around the town until a few fans noticed zayn and i. "ZAYN, ZAYN" the shouted, zayn rolled his eyes, not being rude because he did love the fans but i guess he just wants some privacy. "hello girls, how can i help you?" he said as politly as possible. "can we have a photo please?" "yes of course anything for you girls" i laughed. They took some photo's together until a girl came up to me. "can i have a picture with you?are you zayn's girlfriend?" i hesitated abit, am i his girlfriend? i dont have a clue. "yes, she is my girlfriend" zayn butted in. I smiled at him then took a quick photo with the youngish girl. "so, i guess your my boyfriend now then" i smiled at zayn. "well yes, yes you are" he leaned down and kissed my lips but the kiss lasted a little longer than a few seconds, i knew paps were taking photo's because there were bright flashing lights towards us. We departed from the kiss and smiled at eachother. It feels so good to be with zayn again. We walked hand in hand again to a few shops, i ended up buying a few clothes and shoes, zayn insisted on buying them for me, i refused but he just payed for them when i wasn't looking, i hated people paying for me, it still hasn't sunk in that zayn's a celebrity, i dont think it ever will, im too use to the zayn malik before the fame i guess. "wanna get a drink from starbucks?" zayn suggested. "i would love too" i smiled. we walked into the small starbucks and order two drinks. Whilst waitng for the drinks i sat down on the small round table near the window of starbucks waiting for zayn and the drinks. "here you go my lady" zayn joked whilst handing me my drink. "why thank you kind sir" we both burst out laughing then sipped on our drinks. "erm, zayn what are you doing?" "taking a picture of our starbucks to instagram" he laughed. I just laughed with him. "Erm, sarah, you have a little know what it doesnt matter its gone" he smirked, i got a little confused, then he got his phone out. "smile love" he spoke, i smiled for a picture and he laughed. "zayn, seriously why are you laughing?" "oh no reason" i then got a vibration from my phone. I looked at it to see i got a mention on twitter, it was zayn.. '@zaynmalik: i think my girlfriend has grown a mustache' Was the tweet then there was a link, i clicked on it to find a picture of me that he took just a second ago but i have cream on my upper lip, how embarrassing. i quickly licked off the cream with my tongue. "zayn, why didn't you tell me? how embarrassing" i laughed. "well, you looked too cute, and i had to get a picture" he smirked. Revenge it is malik.


Zayn's POV

we decided to go back to my place where i invited the boys over too. they got on so well with Sarah which was a relief, imagine how terrible it would be if they all hated her? luckily they met her before at the magazine place where she works for our interview with their new magazine. "Zayn,babe, come on were going to watch a movie" Sarah called out from the lounge. I went and sat down, we all sat on the floor with blankets and pillows everywhere. I sat next to sarah then it went niall next to sarah, then louis, harry and liam. "so, what are we watching?" i asked, hopefully not toy story, i know liam loves it but it gets boring after watching it several times on tour. "well, liam suggested toy story but we then all suggested paranormal activity" louis spoke "sounds good" When the film started sarah dug her head into my chest, im guessing she hates horror films, but im not complaining i love the feel of her in my arms again, oh how i've missed that.

Sarah's POV

I had my head dug into zayn's chest mostly the whole time of the film, it was so scary, i doubt i'll be sleeping tonight. "babe, the films finished, wan't me to give you a ride home or do you wan't to stay here?" As much as i wanted to stay with zayn i needed to see Hannah, she'll worry about me, and she doesn't know about zayn, and plus i got work tomorrow. "I would love to zayn but i have work early tomorrow and i haven't seen hannah in days, she'll only worry" "it's fine love, well i'll give you a ride home, guys are you staying the night?" "we mays well dude" liam spoke "alright, i wont be long" I said bye to the guys and gave them each a hug then we left. We arrived at mine and hannah's apartment, "i'll see you tomorrow or something love" zayn poke before placing a soft kiss onto my lips, it felt so passionate, which lasted for atleast 5 seconds before we were interrupted by hannah. "erm, hate to interupt on this kissy moment but sarah, when were you going to tell me you had a boyfriend" she looked at zayn and just stopped, oh great. "OMG ITS-ITS ZAYN FUCKING MALIK, WHY ARE YOU KISSING ZAYN MALIK, FROM ONE DIRECTION" she outbursted. "Hello, you must be hannah?" Zayn muttered "y-yeah that's me erm, i need answers now!" she spoke again. "right, i'll explain to you inside hannah, zayn need's to go, she's a big fan by the way zayn" i laughed "oh, i figured that, im glad she's a fan of us guys" he smirked whilst smiling at hannah, i think she just melted. "well anyway i must head home to the boys, i'll see you again soon hannah, and see you tomorrow sar, i love you" "okay babe, i love you too" He kissed me again quickly then drove off. "when were you going to tell em about this? its flippin zayn malik" "well if you looked on twitter recently you would of knew about it" i laughed. "well i've been working alot" she smirked "anyway, tell me everything" i walked inside with her, and began to tell her everything about me and zayn, from high school till now.

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