Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


40. Teen awards

"Baby,baby wake up" i heard a low voice calling, i rolled over and ignored it. "Babe, you have hair appointment's and stuff with the girl's for the award's tonight" as soon as i heard that i shot up. I witnessed zayn smirking at me, i nudged his arm and sent him a cheeky smile. "shh malik" i wen't straight into the bathroom and got in the shower. The hot water hitting against my body making me feel more relaxed and awake. I massaged my hair with the coconut shampoo and smiled as the scent lingered around me. 

Once i got out of the shower i brushed my teeth quickly then wen't straight to mine and zayn's closet. "Babe, you don't need to dress up to just go get your hair and nail's done" i head zayn speak behind. "i suppose your right" i smiled whilst kissing his lips. I slipped on some fresh pants and a bra, then put on a plain white crop top, some dark tartan leggings and my black doc marten boot's, i put my leather grey handbag over my shoulder. I brushed through my dark wavy hair and put it up into a messy bun. "I'll see you later babe, i can't wait until tonight" i muttered whilst kissing zayn's sweet lips. "have a good day, and i can't wait either" I walked out the door and into the corridor.

I knocked on both liam's and louis door's signalling the girl's that i was outside. They both came out with huge grins on their faces. "LETS GO" we all shouted a little too excited. We hugged each other tightly before heading to our appointment.

Niall's POV

"Rebecca, what's up with you? you've been acting strange ever since the tour ended, i thought we were friends,  i know i told you i liked you but we agreed we would still be friends" i half shouted down the phone..ever since rebecca became our new stylist i knew i liked her straight away, ever since we finished the tour she's been avoiding me.."niall, nothing wrong,okay?".."so why are you avoiding me?".."i just wan't some time alone right now, i'm not looking for a relationship niall".."i've told you we could be friend's..not a couple" i spat down the phone "niall, i just need a rest okay?i'll talk to you later, i know you wan't to be friends and i want to as well but it's hard knowing you have feeling's for me" i rolled my eyes at her response.."well, let's forget about my feelings, okay? let's just stay as the friends we were on the tour" i sighed before she answered. "okay niall, i'll text you later, bye" And after that i put the phone down..god what's up with her lately..i got my laptop out and decided to do a twitcam to pass time.

Harry's POV

"Harry, don't tease me" she whispered into my ear. "who was that you were on the phone to before i arrived?" i asked curious, i don't know why i asked but i did.."oh, just some friend" she smiled. i kissed her neck and began to leave suction mark's, she moaned into my ear making me smile against her skin. "So what are your plans for today?" she asked. "you know, preparing for the awards, nothing different really" i played it cool. "cool" she said bluntly. i looked at her weirdly. "are you okay?" "i'm fine harry, just tired" "well let's go to bed" i winked making her blush. "You really know how to make a girl feel special huh?" she teased. "yes i do, and you really know how to see through a boy rebecca" i smiled. Yes, rebecca is the girl i have been hooking up with,our stylist, it's not a couple thing..just a fling..i think.

Sarah's POV

We walked into the beauty parlor and to be quite honest, it's not what i expected, it was better, it was huge and very bright, i liked it. "Hello girl's have you got an apointment?" the youngish women asked, giving the most widest grin ever. "yes, it's Eleanor, Sarah and Laney" El smiled back. "Okay, well hello girl's and welcome, please take a seat, a women will be along shortly" she instructed, we each took a seat next to each other. There were small tables in front of each of us with many nail accessories. Shortly after our wait, three women came over and took a seat in front of us, they must be the people doing our nail's, i looked over to El and laney who were each talking to the person opposite them until i got interrupted. "Hello, my names Natasha and i will be doing your nails today" she smiled, i smiled back at her and got a bit excited but didn't show it. She out a book out in front of me, i gave a confused look. "pick a design you would like from the book" she instructed. I looked through the book, until i reached a design that caught my eye, it was a design with silver diamonds covered over the nail with white tint at the top, it would defiantly go with out outfit for the awards. "have you chosen?" the women asked sweetly. "yes, could i have this one please?" i asked whilst pointing to the one i wanted. "sure" she spoke then started on my nail's. I smiled at El and laney whilst relaxing.

After waiting at least 30 minutes for our nail's to be done they were finished. I smiled widely at the women in front of me. "they are beautiful, thank you so much" "you're welcome darling" she grinned back. We all stood up and looked at each other's niall's. El's were black diamond's with silver bit's around which was really nice and Laney's was purple glitter bit's with white diamond's at the top. We all smiled and complimented each other's nail's. "Right, we have to get to our hair appointment's now" El spoke making me and laney grin. 

When we arrived at the hair salon and the women smiled and took us all in for a huge hug like she has been expecting us. "Hello girl's you must be the three beautiful ladies we're preparing for the awards tonight" she said with a huge smile plastered on her face. "That's us" we all smiled in unison. She directed us to our chair's before a stylist came to each of us. "Hello i'm Nikki, i'll be styling your hair today, so, do you have any idea on what you would like?" she asked sweetly. "I would like to have it in loose curl's but making it still look long if you know what i mean? it always looks short if i curl it with curlers" i smirked. "i see what you mean, your hair is quite long" she smiled, and it was it came half way down my back.. "well, i know exactly how to do that" she spoke making me smile.

Zayn's POV

"Im hungry" niall and louis moaned from the back on the car. "God guys, we're nearly here, stop complaining" liam demanded, i smirked at the boys, we came to pick up our suit's from the shop then going to nando's. "Anyway, where's harry?" i asked, he was the only one who wasn't with us which was strange.."maybe he went to meet a friend, anyway he said he'll meet us at the shop" louis muttered. "oh" 

we arrived at the shop to see a man looking directly at us smiling.."hi guys, I've been expecting you, follow me" he grinned, we did as he said and followed him to a small room. "here you go, all nice for you guys, just as you wanted" he smiled handing us our suit's. "thank you very much" we smiled then got back in the car. "he better of done my suit exactly how i wan't it because it's going to be cool" louis shouting making me jump. "chill Lou" i laughed. "OI" we heard a shout, we looked at the shop to see harry coming out of it, he shortly jumped in the car. "yo hazz, where have you been?" niall asked. "just with a mate" he said smirking, probably with a girl. "now let's go nando's" niall half shouted.

Sarah's POV

I looked in the mirror and grinned, my hair was perfect, it was in loose curl's and still made my hair look long, it had a bit of volume to it as well, how i liked it. I looked at the other girl's and smiled their hair's looked beautiful, laney's was also curly with some bit's back and El's was curly to the side. We smiled at each other and complimented each other again..We thanked the women then got a cab back to the apartment's. I checked the time to see it was 4 pm, 2 hour's to get ready, perfect.

Laney's POV 

Today has been brilliant with the girl's, i love my hair and my nail's and i certainly can't wait to show them off at the award's. I walked into mine and liam's apartment and ran straight to the bedroom to grab my dress, me and the girl's were getting ready together and so were the boy's, were decided to get ready at lou's apartment and the boy's were probably going to go to niall's apartment. I knocked on lou's door to see El answer with a wide smile, i walked in to see Sarah already here too. "let's get ready then" Sarah spoke, we all squealed and got ready.

El's POV

I can't wait until the award's, im a bit nervous as it's my first time but it's also sarah and laney's first time too which makes me feel more relaxed. "i'm kinda scared" sarah muttered whilst applying her foundation. "yeah and me" me and laney spoke in unison. Making us all giggle. "it will be fine, but i can't wait for the after party, that's always the best part apparently" I muttered. I looked at my self in the mirror and smiled, i looked..great,not being vain or anything but i actually looked decent..

Sarah's POV

, we all took a picture together to upload to instagram and twitter later. We were all grinning at our appearances, i liked the way i looked tonight and i'm glad i like it..We walked outside the corridor and knocked straight onto niall's door to see all 5 boy's looking handsome and smiling but only one caught my eye.."Hey handsome" i smiled. "hey gorgeous" zayn replied. "you look so perfect" he whispered whilst kissing my neck. "and you look gorgeous" i spoke whilst nibbling his ear lobe making him moan quietly. "ew, get a room" niall joked making us laugh. "come on" liam ordered and we all got into the limo and took off.

My nerve's were starting to get to me now, zayn rubbed circles into my hand making me feel better. "they already love you babe, stop worrying" zayn whispered making me shiver. "i'm just nervous" i half smiled. "i'll be next to you the whole time" i smiled at his response. "okay, we're here, are you guy's ready for this?" harry muttered. I took breath's in and out before nodding my head. "let's do this" niall shouted making us laugh. First to get out the car was louis and El, scream's were getting louder, then liam and laney then harry and niall, then lastly me and zayn, he got out before me and i grabbed his hand as he helped me out the limo, everyone was screaming and shouting our names, light's were flashing toward's us. "just keep smiling and you'll be fine" zayn reassured me. And so i did, a huge grin appeared on my face. His hand was snaked around my waist the whole time making me feel more relaxed. "ZAYN, SARAH" a man shouted making us face him. We wen't over to him and he started to interview us.


We cheered at each act getting an award until it came to the end, i felt tired but not tired enough to go to sleep. The boy's won their award and i was so proud of them, they deserved it.

We were at the after party now, me and the girl's drank some shot's making us drunk straight away, the boy's came along with beer's in their hand's. "you drunk already?" zayn asked making me laugh, i laughed at everything when i felt drunk.."what if i am" i winked at him, he just smirked at me whilst i hugged him tightly, not wanting to let go. 

Harry's POV

We all sat around a table drinking beer's whilst the girl's laughed at almost everything, they were defiantly drunk.. i looked around to see Ed heading this way. "hey isn't that Ed Sheeran" i heard laney say behind me. I looked at him and smiled but he didn't return the smile..shit. "hey dude" I spoke whilst standing up. "Don't 'hey dude' me styles, i know what went on between you and Taylor" he spat, oh shit.."I was going to tell you Ed, i swear.. hang on, what did she tell you?" i asked curious, knowing her she would tell him a load of bullshit. "that you and her were going back out, and you still loved her" my mouth opened slightly. "what the fuck, i don't still love her, she never even told you the full story" i half shouted. "I don't need to hear the story harry, we made a promise and you broke it" "Ed, you don't understand" "no harry, you don't understand that you are a fucking idiot, you have just lost your best friend over some girl who you claimed your enemy then you go and do this" he shouted whilst walking off. "ED" i shouted before zayn grabbed my arm. "mate, leave it, give him time to cool off" i nodded my head, how could this bitch cause all of this, i need ed to understand..fuck sake.








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