Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


3. Tears

So today's the second day of hell, I really think this could be a fresh start for me but then i think about all the popular people at the school who love to humiliate people,its not going to be long until i'm their victim,their piece of meat,but no,i'm not going to let that happen,not this time. I walked over to where my locker was to find Jess leaning against it. "hey Sarah,so you have your lessons with me today,i was just thinking maybe we can hang out at lunch too?" "yeah i'd like that" i muttered, Jess wasn't the type of girl to have alot of friends,well actually she doesn't really have any friends at all, which is why i feel quite sad for her. We walked through the corridors together to a few boys shouting, i tried to ignore them but all i could here was "the hot new girl's hanging around with that skank" then laughing,why would they call Jess a skank,she's a nice girl deep down. We carried on to our first class which was art,i loved art, mainly because i love to draw. We walked through the class to be greeted by stairs, everyone was in a seating plan so there was no way i would be able to sit by Jess..great,just great. "You must be our new girl Sarah" "yes,thats me" "you can sit by zac for today" She pointed to where zac was sat,he had brown curly hair,he was really attractive but seeing the amount of people look shocked when i sat by him made me think maybe he's a trouble maker. He looked at me and smirked,oh how i'd love to know what he was thinking right now. "So, Sarah,wanna hang out some time?you seem like the type of girl to have fun" I heard zac ask. "what's that supposed to mean?" "well, lets just say you look like the type of girl know,party alot,get drunk,have alot of sex" "are you saying i look like a slut?" "well,kind of" Who the hell does he think he is. "sorry zac,but you dont know anything about me" "oh but you're just like the rest of the girls here" he smirked "but im not,im not a slut zac" "i was just joking" "well dont" "wow,someone has an attitude" "just leave me alone zac" Before he could say anything another boy came up to us and spoke to zac. "so who's your friend zac?" "oh,that's sarah" "im sarah,and im not his friend" i spoke. "she has quite the attitude" he laughed. "she went mad because i called her a slut as a joke" zac smirked,i just ignored them until the other boy said something that made me trigger, "well maybe she is a slut,she takes after her mum probably" they burst out laughing, tears ran down my face, how could they say that,my mums dead,they have no clue. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the class.

I ran down the corridor in tears,they just swept down my face causing my vision to blur. I bumped into a few walls and lockers but kept running until i bumped into someone. "Sarah, whats the matter?" i looked up to see the boy from yesterday,the boy who was meant to be tutoring me tonight after school,it was zayn. "please,leave me alone" "tell me whats happened,i can help" "zayn,i've heard about you,you sleep with girls, break their hearts,get into fights,you're the school bad boy and you think you can help me?no you cant" He looked at me angrily but with concern written all over his face, i pushed him away from me and walked straight to the girls toilets and locked the cubicle toilet door after me. Letting the tears flow down my face leaving stains down my cheeks. It was harsh to say that to zayn but can you blame me,iv'e heard all about him, Jessica told me yesterday when i told her about the tuition.


After most of the day crying and crying in the toilets i realised the bell went for home time. I could finally get out of hear,from everyone,and luckily it was the weekend tomorrow. I walked towards the opened school gates but felt someone grab my wrist. I looked behind to see zayn. "come on,we have tuition. oh damn. "zayn, please" "come on,i can cheer you up,you never know,plus you need some help with maths,come on" he was being really nice,i dont know why because i was harsh to him earlier but i just gave into him. He lead me to a big black range rover, he opened the door for me and a jumped inside. I didn't question how he could possibly afford a car like this,I just let my head fall onto the car window and tears soon fell down my cheeks again,i didn't hesitate to wipe them away,i just looked out of the car window at the people walking down the side walks. 

When we arrived at what zayn called his house, we stepped inside and my mouth opened wide, the house was huge. "zayn,do you live with your parents?" was the first thing that i could ask. "not really,i moved away from them about a year ago" "how come?" "alot of arguments happened and i decided to take a break,i visit alot still but i thought it would be easier for me to just leave" "oh" Maybe i over reacted when i shouted at zayn earlier,there's alot about him that i dont know so why do i jump to conclusions, just because one person told me about him doesn't mean its true right?. "come on" he spoke whilst me sat on the couch in his lounge. He told me everything about what he has been learning about in maths so far and i didn't really listen,i was too busy staring into his eyes,he was truly gorgeous,his eyes were so dark and lusty. "Sarah?" "oh sorry" "I see you like my eyes" he smirked, how awkward. "erm,i was dreaming" He then started to laugh so i hit his arm jokingly. "so Zayn,tell me more about you?" "what do you want to know?" "well it depends,do you trust me?" "well, for some reason yes" "then tell me anything" i smirked. He looked at me deadly serious now. "well, Firstly, yes you were right, I sleep with alot of girls then break their hearts, i dont like breaking their hearts but i do,i do it because i', scared to love,Im scared because i've fell in love with a girl before about 2 years ago,she broke my heart,ever since then i've just been sleeping with alot of girls,I cant help that now,it's a habit, Im known for the bad boy in school because i've had alot of drama at school,i've been in fights alot of times,only because alot of people like to wind me up, they wind me up because of a few years back, I loved to sing, i still do, it's just they use to call me a girl and shit,so i decided to hide my talent,and i think thats about it really" I looked at him, deep into his eyes, "zayn, sing to me" "So you can call me a girl?i'd rather not" "zayn,you said you can trust me,you have just told be basically everything and you can trust me,i won't tell anyone,i have no one zayn,please understand that" "okay,okay" He sang neyo, let me love you,it was beautiful, his voice is beautiful. "zayn, that was perfect" He shyly smiled then changed the subject, i really could believe he has to hide his talent. "Sarah,now tell me about you" "well,i think i can trust you so,here it goes, well when i was younger,my mum passed away,ever since i've been living with my dad and older brother,my brothers gone travelling,i dont think he will be coming back anytime soon so its just me and my dad,but my dads always at work so he's hardly around,so i just feel alone,i guess" He placed his hand on my thigh signally that he's here for me. "Sarah,tell me why you were crying today" He begged me. "zac and some other kid called me a slut,zac said he was joking but he obviously wasn't then his friend called my mum a slut" 

Zayn's POV

She sat infront of me crying, she explained how zac and his friend called her and her mum a slut, they don't know her mums dead, sick bastards. When i see them they are going to regret saying anything to Sarah. I dont know why but I felt like me around her,like how i use to be,but last time i felt like this was when i was in cant, i cant be falling for her, i cant,i cant get hurt..not again. I placed a hand on her face and wiped away her tears,i felt a spark as i did it, instantly butterflies were going round in my stomach. "Sarah,what are you doing tomorrow?" i asked not thinking straight. "Erm, nothing why?" "wan't to come to lunch with me?" "i to zayn, i need to go now,my dad will be back from work soon" she spoke wiping the rest of the tears from her cheeks. "i'll give you a lift" 

Sarah's POV

We were in zayn's car in silence, not a awkward silence but a nice silence,peaceful silence. Then we came to a stop, i realized we were at my house. "nice place" zayn muttered. "thanks" "Give me your phone" he asked, i got confused,but gave it him anyway. Once he gave it me back i looked to see that he saved his number in my contacts as 'Zayn<3' I laughed then text him so he had my number. "i'll text you in the morning love" I smiled then got out of his car,so maybe he's not so bad after all.








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