Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


11. Talking

"Sarah, what's up? you haven't been yourself since yesterday, did something happen in town when you went shopping or?" Hannah asked me confused. "oh, no nothing happened, im just tired thats all" i lied. All i could think about was zayn, i wonder if he was thinking about me..probably not, he's probably forgot our little meet yesterday. "Anyway, how's mickey?" "he's fine i guess" She half smiled, i couldn't tell her that me and zayn met again, she would literally get hyped about it all and i dont need that right now. Just before she could speak my phone vibrated, I looked at the screen to find a new text. maybe its zayn, he said he would text me..I looked to see it was just my dad. 'hi darling, just checking up on you x' I decided to log onto twitter, i typed zayn's name in to fine alot of articles about him crying in town yesterday, there were pictures of both of us staring at eachother crying, omg. 'One direction fan makes zayn cry' The article read, no way was i a fan, i liked them yes but i was not a fan of zayn, he was the love of my life, they know nothing about me so why make articles like that?. I walked towards the kitchen just as my phone started to ring. I walked over to it withouth any thought on who it might be and picked it up. "hello,who's this?" "hey,its zayn, this is sarah right?" My heart stopped,he actually remembered to phone me.."yeah,hey" "hey,i was just wondering if you would like to meet me for a coffee?we need a catch up,i could really do with it" i laughed through the phone, "yes,i'd like that" oh how i loved hearing his voice again. "well meet me by starbucks in 5 minutes" "okay, see ya" And after that i put the phone down. A catch up with zayn?great, can't wait to hear about his life now, accept from the fact that he has a girlfriend but that's fine. 

i looked into the mirror at my reflection and appeared a smile. I wasn't really in a dressing up mood so i was just wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, grey oversized sweater,black vans and slipped some sunglasses over my tired eyes. I grabbed my black handbag and forced it over my shoulder. My hair was left into it's natural lock of waves, how i liked it, i wore a fair amount of makeup,including foundation,mascara and blusher. "Where are you going?" Hannah asked suspicious "oh,just to meet an old friend,i'll be back soon" "okay,have fun" i smirked then walked out the apartment, why do i feel so nervous?.


I was sat in starbucks reading a magazine when i got interrupted. "SARAH" I turned to see zayn, his gorgeous face and his smile. I stood up and hugged him tight then pulled off once i remembered about perrie, i couldn't help but fall for him all over again. "I can't believe im here with you right now, it just feels unreal, when i saw you yesterday my heart stopped..literally" He muttered "yeah,and mine,i just wasn't expecting to see you again, you know?" "well you did promise you would see me again in the future" "yes but once i found out about you and perrie i thought there was no point, i mean look at you, you;re so happy right now" "You think?well im happier now im with you, i have missed you so much" "i miss you too zayn, honestly i do" He gave me a worried look for some reason. "so,whats been happening in your life sar? i mean withouth me?" he winked. "well i have 2 children and im happily married" i joked "w-what?" "im joking zayn" he laughed. "god,you scared me, honestly" i just giggled. we ended up staring at eachother half the time.Those dark bits of hair placed into a quiff, those dark lusty eyes i get lost in everytime i see him. "Sarah, can i ask you something?" "yeah sure zayn?" "why did we loose contact?i mean it's been 2 years and look at us? sitting here like strangers, we were in love now we hardly know eachother" "well, things changed, people change i suppose, i mean, i dont know zayn, honestly,but look at you now, the big star, i told you, you could do it" "and you were right, i wouldn't be here if it weren't for you sar" I blushed, remembering all of those memories we had together. "sar,im sorry" "for what zayn?" "loosing contact, how could i of lost contact with someone who meant so much to me?" "zayn, stop worrying,ok?its not your fault, we're here now aren't we,i've missed you so much zayn" "i've missed you too sarah" he reached over to me leaning over the table and hugged me tightly, even the feel of his body pressed against mine again felt perfect. "zayn, you know, we can't do this.." "do what?" "meet like this" "why not?we're practically bestfriends" "you have a girlfriend now zayn,it's different" "yes but we can still be friends" "zayn, i-i cant, i cant risk falling for you again, i just cant" "s-sar just listen to me, i lost you,i'm not loosing you again, got that?" i looked confused "yes,i got it b-" "no buts" he demanded, i loved it when he was in charge. Just looking at his complexed face brought back a billion memories. I need zayn back, i just need him back, how can we just 'be friends' when we have been though to much love together?










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