Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


23. Swimming

"I'm so hungry, i could eat a horse" Niall moaned making me laugh, how is he always so hungry and still so skinny?.."niall, there's loads of food on this bus" I laughed. "I know but i want nando's" "well we can't, we haven't arrived in mackay yet niall" liam spoke. Yes that's right, we were on our way to Mackay, our second destination of the australia tour. I was lay on the couch in the bus with my feet on zayn's lap, we were all so tired. "Zayn, can you give me a massage please babe?" "do i get anything in return?" I knew exactly what he wanted. "yeah babe" i spoke whilst winking. He smiled then started massaging my feet which were killing from the heels i wore at the restaurant last night. 

I started to hear screams coming from outside the tour bus, we must be here. "Wow, i can hear the fans" the boys laughed, i just closed my eyes enjoying zayn's massage. The bus stopped and paul walked in. "Hello guys, we are here, you will have free time today then tomorrow it's rehearsing as usual, you will be performing here twice then we move to our next destination in 4 days, got it?" "Got it" they all spoke. "So free time ay, can we go into their city town or something? do something different" I spoke up, i really did want to do something different. "I have an idea, I heard they have a water park called the bluewater lagoon, it's at the citycentre" Liam spoke, wow he knows alot about this place.. "That sounds great, can we go can we go?" niall begged making us all laugh. "YES LETS GO" i screamed. "Okay, all pack a bag with swimming things in" harry ordered getting excited, i have to admit he looks cute when he's excited. I dragged zayn to our bunk and got our bags from underneath. "Babe, you looking forward to this?" I asked zayn. "yeah, but, i can't swim" Shit i forgot about that. "Shall i teach you?" "hm, i'd like that" he winked, i just smirked and packed a small bag. I packed a purple bikini and a towel. Zayn packed some swimming trunks and a towel. "you ready babe?" zayn asked. "Yeah" We walked from our bunk out to see the other boys with huge smiles on their faces. "LETS DO THIS!" louis shouted jumping up and down making us all burst out laughing. We walked out of the tour bus with our bags and got blinded by the lights, fans and paps surrounding us. "Lets take a few pictures quickly" Liam spoke. We walked over to the fans, the boys spoke to the fans for atleast 10 minutes whilst signing things and taking photo's with them. I was holding zayn's hand until i got tapped on the shoulder. I turned around to see some paps. "can i help you?" i asked politely as possible. "Can we asked you a few questions" the one man spoke with his video recorder. I looked to see the other boys busy. "Yeah sure" I smiled. "How's the tour so far Sarah?" "It's great, really good" "How's you and zayn's relationship going?" "it's going great, it's getting stronger by the day" "is it easy touring with the boys?" "Well not really, it's amazing don't get me wrong, but thing's do get tough, i mean like when we go out and get surrounded all the time and mobbed, it's difficult to go out but we manage" i wish they would hurry up. i want to go swimming. "We heard there was an argument at the restaurant last night that you all went to, what exactly happened" How do they always know what happens. "It was just a miss understanding between people that's all, no biggy" i laughed. "and lastly, do you and zayn have sex a lot?" I was shocked by this question. "excuse me, i think that's non of your business" I spat out, at this point and don't care if i was being rude or not. "it's just a question Miss, no need to flip. "what kind of question is that?seriously you need a bit of respect for people" I shouted whilst walking away, this video's going to be everywhere but i don't care. 

I walked over to The rest of the boys who finally finished taking photo's and signing things. I smiled before we all left to go to this water park.

When we arrived me and zayn decided to share a changing room. I got undressed and so did zayn but before putting anything on zayn pulled me closer to him. "You look better without anything on" he winked. "well i think you do too but we can't so this here" i laughed. He started to kiss my neck and nibbled making me weak. "Zayn, don't tease me, not here" I begged. "hm" He didn't stop sucking on my neck so i began to tease him. I pushed him off me and pushed him against the wall of the changing room making him shocked. I kissed his neck and then started to leave suction marks making him moan, i kissed down his chest, and kept going down until i reached his dick. I looked up at him and winked making him laugh. I grabbed hold of his dick in my hand and began to move my hand up and down tightening my grip. He moaned in pleasure making me smile. I kissed the end of his dick and licked circles around it, he leaned his head back and started to moan more. I began to suck on it, then picked up the pace getting faster and faster, he moaned louder making me only go faster until he hit his climax, my mouth was now applied with cum, i licked around my lips before swallowing the substance only making him groan. "That was..amazing" He finally spoke. I walked up to him and kissed his neck. "That's for teasing me zaynie" i smirked. "you don't know how bad i want you right now" he laughed. "roar" i joked until there was a knock on our changing room door. "Guys, hurry up, you've been in there ages" we heard the guys moan. I quickly put my bikini on whilst zayn put his trunks on. 

We joined the boys and walked into the pool area, it was huge, it looked amazing. It was filled with waterfall's, pool's, Jacuzzi's and water slides. "Wow" We all spoke. "lets go" niall shouted. We all ran into the pool and i jumped onto zayn's back. "you ready to learn how to swim?" "im ready" I smiled at his response and dived into the water. The boys were swimming underwater and splashing eachother before they spoke. "we're going on the slides, are you two love birds coming?" liam spoke. "we'll see you in a bit, im going to learn zayn how to swim" "ok, great, see you soon" they said before running to the slides.

I turned my attention to zayn and smiled. "okay, lets do this" he spoke. I grabbed two floats from the wall and gave them to zayn. "do you know how to swim with floats?" i asked zayn. "yeah" he got the floats and he started to swim around me with them.  "Okay now the rule is to not think about anything, just pretend you have got the floats with you okay?" "Okay" i took the floats from him and he did it, he swam without them. "zayn, that was great, how did you pick it up so quickly?" i was shocked, i thought it was going to be harder than that. "i don't know, i think it's because i have a gorgeous instructor" he said making me blush. I swam underneath the water and so did he, every time he swam he began to get more confident which was great.

We decided to go sit in the Jacuzzi and chill out for abit after all the swimming with zayn. We hopped into the Jacuzzi only to see the rest of the boys in here. "Hey guys, didn't expect to see you lot in here" zayn smirked. "We got abit tired from all the watersides and needed a break, how's the lessons zayn?" liam asked. "well it's safe to say i know how to swim now" he had the biggest grin on his face and the rest of the boys began to clap with made me laugh.  





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