Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


15. Studio

I watched the boys record their new single in the studio booth, their voices are literally beautiful. I watched each of them as they did each one of their solo's, zayn couldn't stop staring at me as he did his solo which gave me goosebumps. Once they finished the song they all came out of the booth and walked over to me. "how did we do Sarah?" Liam asked, "you were amazing" i replied. "that was for you love" zayn whispered into my ear sending me chills. "it was beautiful zayn, really" he smiled at me sending me chills. "Why don't you have a little sing song in the booth Sarah? it's really fun i promise you that" Harry suggested, the rest of the boys agreed. "I cant sing though" i laughed "i bet you can, go on" I went into the booth and heard the door shut behind me, I didn't feel scared or anything as im not afraid to sing infront of people. The tapped the microphone to check it was working and the boys laughed at me. "shutup guys" I laughed with them. I started to sing Rihanna unfaithful.

Once i finished I walked out of the booth and everyone clapped. I blushed a bit. "you have an amazing voice Sarah" they all said in unison. "you think?" "honestly how are you not a singer?" Liam asked "well does singing in the shower count?" we all laughed. "you know sarah, you should consider being our opening act on tour" harry suggested. "what? but im not even that good" "yes you are, babe you're amazing" zayn added. They all agreed and wouldn't stop talking about it, i dont even think im that good at singing, honestly i sound terrible but they think otherwise. "Maybe we should sign you up for it Sarah, would you consider it?" "well yes, if i don't sound terrible i suppose, its a great opportunity so who am i to turn it down?" They all hugged me and we then left the studio. 

"Wanna get a nando's?" I suggested "YES YES YES" niall shouted, we all burst out laughing, aw little nialler, he is just the cutest when he's hungry. "Okay lets go before niall explodes" Louis shouted Leaving the rest of us in fits of laughter, i honestly love these guys. We walked into nando's whilst being stared at by a few fans, they nearly started screaming but We all shushed them, The boys took a few pictures with them and then we went and got a table and ordered out food. "GROUP PICTURE" Louis shouted. We all got close to eachother whilst louis got his phone out, he took a picture of all of us whilst pulling funny faces, he atleast 3 or 4. Whilst i took a picture of our food, instagram here we come. I logged into instagram and uploaded the picture of our nando's the caption read 'nando's with my boys' Zayn looked at it and laughed whilst kissing my neck. "ew get a room" Niall joked. "shh nialler" Once we ate our food i got a notification from twitter, i looked at it to see it was a tweet from louis and the group picture we took linked to it. the caption read 'NANDO'SSSSS' i laughed then switched my phone off.


We all sat on the couches at Louis's place and watched a film, which was pretty boring because everyone was falling asleep, including zayn. I was wide awake so i decided to draw a mustache on each one of the boys faces trying not to wake them up, I laughed a little but then took a picture of the boys faces. I Logged onto twitter and started to write a tweet. '@SarahCook: What happens when the boys fall asleep around me,HAHA!' With a link of the picture. I got a little bored watching this film on my own whilst the boys were asleep so i needed to think of a plan to wake them up. I decided to put some tomato ketchup on My head to make it look like blood, This should wake the boys up.. I screamed really loudly at the top of my voice and then quickly dropped on the floor pretending i hurt myself. "SARAH, SARAH" i heard the boys shout as they all crowded around me. i opened my eyes and burst out laughing. "I knew that would wake you up" I laughed, they all looked annoyed but burst out laughing. "what are you playing at?i thought you were dead or something" The moaned. "well i needed to wake you up and i wanted to have a laugh" i smirked, they all lightly hit my arm as a joke and helped me up. "ANYONE WANT HOT CHOCOLATE WITH CREAM AND MARSHMALLOWS?" Louis shouted. "YES" we all said in unison.

louis ended up giving up on making everyone's hot chocolates so i ended up making them, i gave each person their hot chocolate and the we all sat down and sipped the boiling hot yet relaxing drinks.

We all ended up sleeping at louis's house all cuddled up on the floor with blankets and pillows, it felt so nice and cosy. 









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