Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


30. sex on the beach

I sat in the hotel room talking to zayn about liam for some odd reason. "Sarah, why was he acting so weird at dinner last night though?..he went away to the toilet and didn't come back for like 15 minutes" "Why's it such a big deal? maybe he was speaking to someone" "nevermind" he was worrying about liam for nothing, yes last night he acted a little weird after he came back from the toilet but he wasn't exactly upset.."Come in" zayn sang as someone knocked on the door. Talk of the devil.."Hey guys" liam muttered. "Hi liam" i chimed in whilst making pancakes for me and zayn. "So what are you guys doing today?" "we thought about going bowling tonight, all of us, but we are going to ask the rest of you, and later we are going to find the beach" zayn said a little too excited. "sounds great" liam sounded really happy, i've never seen him so..cheerful. "Liam?" "yes sarah?" "why are you so..i dont know, cheerful?" i spoke. "I dont know, maybe it's because I'm excited about meeting a little someone today" he smirked. "Liam, tell me everything" I demanded whilst jumping around next to him. "Well, i met a girl last night at dinner, and we exchanged number and im meeting her today, she's lovely and i dont know why but theres something different about her" he smiled, she sounded nice. "Is she from here?" "i dont know..She had an american accent so.." i smirked then carried on with the pancakes. "Well guys, im leaving, see you later" he smiled then walked out, leaving me and zayn fluttered.

"Woah, my bro's finally found his true love" zayn joked. "aw zayn, shutup, she sounds really nice, cant wait to meet her" i smiled. "yeah whatever, im hungry" "stop complaining"

Liam's POV

"Okay, i'll be there in 5 minutes, cant wait, bye" i spoke whilst putting the phone down, 5 minutes until i see laney's beautiful face. I walked through the down trying to find starbucks, i walked and walked getting a little annoyed until i finally saw it, there's so many questions i want to ask her, i wan't to know all about her. I walked through the doors of starbucks making the bell ring and saw her sat down looking at me, those sparkly blue eyes stabbing into me like a blade, that blonde hair locked over her shoulders. She looked gorgeous. "Hey liam" "hey laney" i smiled before sitting down. Just as i was about to speak i got rudely interrupted. "Excuse me, you have to buy something to sit in here" the man spoke.. "I'll have a latte with cream then please" i demanded, he rolled his eyes then walked away. Laney just giggled, her laugh was cute. "So as i was about to say.. it's great to see you" "and you liam, so, i really wan't to get to know you" "well here goes, i'm liam, i'm in the world's biggest boy band, i'm 20 years old and I live in London" i smirked making her smile. "Well, i'm laney as you already know" she said whilst winking, making me blush slightly. "I'm also 20 and I'm from america, and I work in a clothes store, it's not permanent though" she laughed making me smile, she was perfect, everything about her. We started to talk more about our friends and family, she told me a few personal stuff and that he brother, who she was really close to, died when she was 10, i felt sorry for her but she avoided talking about him after that.

Sarah's POV

I walked through the town with zayn hand in hand and a few people noticed us, fuck. "Zayn, zayn" some fans ran over to us and asked for zayn's autograph. He gave them what they wanted then we smiled and walked away. "Finally" zayn spoke as we finally saw the beach, it was a beautiful beach. We ran towards it and jumped straight into the sand causing zayn to jump onto someone's sand castle. "Zayn.." "Shit" he felt abit guilty, i looked around to see a boy coming our way, he looked angry, it must of been his sandcastle. "RUN" i shouted whilst we both ran away from the boy. I felt bad but i wasn't looking forward to getting a lecture from a small boy. "omg im out of breath" i gasped as did zayn. Once we were out of sight of everyone else we lay on the sand watching to birds in the sky. I closed my eyes until i felt a pair of lips on mine. I opened my eyes to find zayn on top of me making out with me.."zayn, what if the pap's see, i mean fans have already spotted us meaning they will know we are here by now" "don't worry about them" he smirked whilst planting his lips back onto mine. I snaked my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his back making sure he couldn't get off me. If people could see us now they would probably be horrified. He began pulling on my top trying to take it off but i pulled away. "Zayn, im not having sex with you in public, anyone could see us" i laughed "i dont care, all that matter's is you and me, thats all" i blushed but still refused. 

"Zayn come on" "What?were are we going" "well lets just say if you wan't to know..erm wet, come with me" He bit his lip and followed me. I ran in the sea followed slowly by zayn. "I didn't think you mean wet like wet from the sea" he frowned. "babe, come on, cheer up, we will save it for later now come on" i begged, he soon followed me from behind. I looked at the view of the beautiful sea until i felt cold water hit my bare back, i only had a bikini on and zayn only had trunks on, which he looks sexy in! we left our clothes on the sand. "ZAYN" i shouted. "yes baby?" "that fuckinggg water's c-cold" i stuttered. I then pushed him over making me land on his ass in the water. "OW" i burst out laughing. I held out my hand to help him up, i then regretted it, he pulled me down on top of him so i got soaked. We both burst out laughing but as soon as we stopped he leaned in, seconds later we were kissing, he slipped his tongue in and i let him. It was lucky we were right at the bottom of the beach as no one could see or hear us over here. I slipped my hands through his hair pulling on strands making him moan in between kisses. He slipped my bikini pants off and threw them on the sand making me laugh, i took his trunks off and did the same. He picked me up so i now had my legs wrapped around his hips and without hesitation he inserted himself inside of me making me moan with pleasure. I kissed his neck and nibbled on it making him moan. 

After at least 10 minutes of sex in the sea we both got out the water and quickly slipped on some towel's over us. We both jumped on the sand and lay down. "I love you sarah, i know i say this all the time but i really do love you" He whispered making me blush. "I love you too zayn, with all my heart" He kissed my neck then lean't over me, he was now on top of me..again. i wrapped my lags around his back and gasped into his ear making him laugh sllightly. Just as he was about to take his towel off i stopped him. "Zayn, no, having sex in the water is one thing but not here" He just smirked and lay next to me. 









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