Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


25. relief

I lay across the couch thinking. the boys were at the arena already rehearsing, i wasn't really on talking terms with them, why should i put effort in to talk to them when they were the ones treating me like shit yesterday?.I looked in the long mirror at my reflection, i was wearing some burgundy jack wills short gym shorts with a grey rebel crop top and some black vans with gold studs on them. My hair was in a high loosened pony tail and i didn't make any effort to put makeup on. My phone was then vibrating, i picked it up to see it was my dad. "hello dad?" "hey darling" "so, erm what is it dad?" "I just needed to tell you something very important" "what dad? you're worrying me!" "Well, you know your brothers back and the thing is he's i'll..and i took him to the doctors and.." i began to worry at this point. "dad, please, what's happening?" "the doctors said they need to do some tests, he might have cancer" he explained. I stood in shock. Tears then fell from my eyes, he might have cancer, my brother, he was like another bestfriend to me and he might have cancer. "darling?" "im sorry dad, i need to come home then" "no darling, no need, we won't know until tomorrow, don't worry too much, it might be a false accusation, i'l call you tomorrow and tell you okay? don't ruin your chances, we just hope he hasn't" "thanks dad, and tell him i love him so much and to stay strong, and tell him to text me when ever he needs me, im only a phone call away" i said between sobs, this feels terrible. "dad, i need to go, phone me as soon as you find out tomorrow , i love you dad" i cried. "i love you too and i will, dont cry babe" "bye dad" "bye darling" and with that i put the phone down. I wiped the tears away as the dropped on my cheeks. I can't believe this is happening. why to my brother? he's the kindest person alive and this is happening to him, but why?. I grabbed my phone and walked straight out of the bus.

Today's going to be a mess, how the hell am i going to rehearse when i'm too busy worrying about my brother? and the boys are going to be on my case all day.. I walked into the arena to see all the boys stare at me. I looked away from them and walked over to the choreographer. They explained everything to me, i had to run through the song a few times then go to my dressing room and sort the outfit out for tonight. "Sarah can w-" i heard zayn say. "zayn, please leave me alone, i'm not in the mood" "all because of that stupid thing yesterday, please, sarah, it was pathetic, you can't just not talk to any of us because of it, thats pathetic" zayn started to shout and then the other boys joined in trying to defend zayn. "stop moaning at me, im seriously not in the mood, just all leave me alone" "you can't just shift us away before of last night, this is pathetic" they all shouted. They just don't understand. "You know what's pathetic, you all are, you think the whole world revolves around you, but it doesn't, can't you see i'm in a bad mood" i shouted back. "seriously? you're in a bad mood, so are we because you won't talk to us and you're in a bad mood because of us still.." they complained, tears escaped my eyes. "Urgh, I'm not in a fucking mood because of you, why don't you just leave me alone when i say? i can't deal with you guys right now, you don't know anything, i've just found out my brother might have cancer and you are all shouting at me about yesterday" i screamed whilst running backstage to my dressing room.

Once i arrived at my dressing room i locked the door so noone could enter. I cried my eyes out, until no tears were left inside of me, i love those boys i really do but they think everything's about them, i need them right now, i don't need them shouting at me like that. I then heard knocking on the door. "please, leave for 5 minutes, i promise i'll rehearse then" i sobbed. "Sarah open this door please" the guys spoke. I can't argue with them anymore so i opened up the door. "What do you want? you all came to shout at me again, is that it?" "no, we're so sorry okay, we didn't realize, we're so stupid,please forgive us, please" they literally begged. "I-im sorry" i spoke whilst dropping to the floor sobbing. they all ran to me and hugged me. I grabbed them all and hugged them tightly. "please don't leave me, please" i begged. "we're not leaving you Sarah" liam spoke. i smiled. "where's zayn?" "i'm right here babe" "please come here" i spoke, he then sat infront of me. "i love you so much, im sorry" i cried. " i should be saying sorry not you, im sorry for being a jerk, i love you too" i hugged him really tight, not wanting to let go until my phone buzzed. "Hello?" i stood up at this point and walked to the other side of my dressing room.

"Dad?" "darling, sorry to worry you but the results came back earlier than expected" i then cried more "darling stop worrying and crying, the results came back that he doesn't have cancer, he's just i'll but it's not cancer" "dad, are you being serious, please please please say you are?" "i am, he's going to be fine" I wiped all of the tears away and smiled. "oh god dad, i love you so much, tell me i love him so much, i'm sorry" "why are you sorry" "for not being there all the time, today when you told me, it made me realize some things" i smiled again. "well darling i love you and i need to go okay, bye" "love you too dad, bye" i then chucked my phone onto the dressing table and started smiling. "what's up?" the buys asked. "my brother got his results, he hasn't got cancer" i smiled, the boys ran up to me and squeezed me. I felt so much happier with them in my arms. I kissed zayn passionately. "Lets go rehearse before we get told off" we all laughed. I felt so much happier now, honestly, i'm glad these boys are fine with me now, and i'm fine with them, i'm so glad my brother's going to be fine.


The show finished finally, it felt amazing, the crowd loved the boys and even me, a few people even asked me for autographs which i loved. We all sat on the couches in the bus talking about the future. "When i'm really old i'm going to dye my hair orange" louis spoke. "why?" "because they i'll be an old carrot" we all burst out laughing, how i love his weird jokes. "well when i'm old i'm still going to act like a child" i laughed out. "good, because i want to grow old with you" zayn whispered into my ear making me smile. "and that you will mr malik" i smiled. "Who's up for a game of..i dont know, strip poker?" Louis suggested, oh god, awks how i'm the only girl. "whatever" we all agreed and started to play the game.

The first round i had no trousers on and neither did harry or zayn. I got abit bored of the game but carried on anyyay.

At the end of the game i was left in just my pants and bra and zayn was left in his boxers and harry was left in boxers and shirt, niall in just trousers and the rest were fully clothed. "Anyone want a hot chocolate?" i asked. "YES" they all shouted which made me laugh. i got up forgetting i was just in pants and bra and started making the hot chocolates until i felt zayn behind me holding my hips. "you have such a nice arse" he whispered. i just laughed and carried on with the drinks. He was such a tease at times but i loved him so much. Once i was done with the drinks we all decided to drink them whilst watching toy story, liam's favorite film, i felt so comfortable being with these boys. Today has been abit eventful but in the end it's all good, luckily.


Hi guys, this chapter is a little boring but i had a little writers block, so hope you don't mind, i'll add more chapters tomorrow, hope you enjoy this movella, thanks x

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