Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


16. Quitting

so im sat in starbucks with hannah discussing what i just did. "So you just quit your job?like that? but why? i thought you loved that job" "i did hannah, but it wasn't working out and im going on tour with the boys in a few days, its been confirmed that im going to be their opening act, this is a huge opportunity for me, im not turning it down" "oh, well i hope it's worth it" "it will be" i smiled, yes i may have just quit my job but my new job was going to be much more better. We grabbed our coffee's and walked out of starbucks together to find alot of paps surrounding us. "Omg" hannah spoke obviously shocked. "so Sarah hows things with zayn?!" "sarah, are you pregnant?" "sarah aren't you and zayn getting married" they asked, where the hell did those rumours come from, "No im not pregnant, or getting married" i confirmed, we then ignored the paps and got in to a taxi to take us back to our apartment.


I Lay in bed feeling i'll, my whole body felt weak and my face was dripping with sweat, i dont know what came over me, i was fine earlier, i started to cry and cry in fear, it honestly felt like i was dying, my eyes felt puffy and my body felt numb, then my phone started to ring. "Hey babe" "hey zayn" i said in between sobs. "babe, whats wrong?" "zayn, please come over,please" i begged "okay, babe wait there, i'll be 5 minutes" And then he hung up. Hannah went out with mickey as soon as we got home earlier. After about 5 minutes of waiting for zayn the door knocked, i slowly got up from the bed and walked towards the front door, i felt like i was going to collapse, i opened the door and saw zayn's very worried face. "Babe, what's happened?" He asked, i felt like i was going to fall but as soon as i was about to drop zayn caught me and carried me back to my bed bridal style. "What's happened to you Sarah?" "zayn, i dont know, i came home from a busy day at work after i quit because of the new job on your tour and i got home and felt dizzy, i came to bed and then i kept sweating and i just don't know what's wrong with me, zayn im scared" i cried out, it might of sounded pathetic but i was really scared, i dont have a clue whats came over me. "We need to get you to hospital Sarah" He picked me up and carried me down to his car, then we left to go straight to the hospital, When we arrived at the hospital zayn put me in one of the wheelchairs from outside and pushed me inside, we got a few stairs because zayn was famous as we always do but we ignored them. "Hello, erm my girlfriend's feeling dizzy and faint and need someone to help her" zayn explained, my eyes then got blury and everything turned black.

Zayn's POV

I was sat on the chair next to the hospital bed what Sarah was lay in, tears fell from my eyes onto my shirt but i didn't care, it hurt me to see Sarah like this, the doctors still haven't told me what's wrong with her yet. She's asleep at the moment and i dont intend on waking her up. "man, sorry we're late we just got your texts, is she okay? what happened" the rest of the boys walked into the room and all took a seat next to the bed looking worried. "well she called me and she was crying, i went over to her house and found her looking ill nearly collapsing and when we arrived she collapsed in the wheelchair, i dont know whats wrong with her guys, but im so worried" The boys looked just as worried as me, i couldn't help but cry. "Hello, Im Anna and i'll be Sarah's doctor for today" she announced, i looked at her and half smiled. "Is she going to be okay? please say she's okay" "she's going to be fine, there's no need to worry, by the look of the results she's been under stress today and it seemed she had a anxiety attack, but the thing that made it worse was the fact that she hasn't ate all day" the doctor announce, i sighed in relief as did the rest of the boys but i still felt worry for Sarah. "Thank you doctor, when will she be allowed to be released?" "She can go as soon as she wakes up, which hopefully won't be long" "thank you doctor" we all said in unison. Just as the doctor let, i saw Sarah's eyes open.

Sarah's POV

I opened my eyes to see zayn and the rest of the boys sat around my hospital bed. "Sarah" they all spoke in unison, zayn looked so happy to see me. "Erm, who are you?" i muttered. "what?please say you're joking" zayn spoke "im joking zayn" i laughed, then the rest of the boys burst out laughing. "dont ever do that again" zayn spoke. "what happened to me?" "you had an anxiety attack and what made it worse was the fact you never had anything to eat all day" zayn explained "oh" Zayn then explained how i could leave once i was awake and we decided to leave straight away and go back to zayn's place, today has been very stressful, first quitting my job now this.

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