Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


58. plans

I sat In bed on my phone looking through twitter whilst zayn cooked breakfast, i haven't even told him about my brother and perrie and all of that stuff about the babies, it's not even true anyway, she needs to fucking get a life and stop ruining mine. I looked through my notifications and regretted it after. 'Sarah is such a bitch, she steals zayn off perrie and now forces him to marry her, i wonder why zayn never looks happy'..'sarah makes zayn unhappy, why cant zerrie come back:('..' why is it that zayn never looks happy when he's with sarah now? he use to be so happy with perrie. ZERRIEFORVER'..'sarah's so ugly..ew'..'sarah's so fat lol' I chucked my phone onto the bed and locked myself in the bathroom, i've had enough of this, it's just too much to handle. I looked in the cabinets and saw a razor, i took the blade out of it and lifted my top up. "Sarah, breakfas-..sarah?" i heard zayn call. "Sarah, are you okay in there?" i ignored him, my sight was going blurry from the tiers and i felt weak from crying. "SARAH" he started to bang on the door. "What zayn?" i sobbed. "What's wrong, please im worried" "z-zayn" i moaned before dropping to the floor in tiers, i couldn't harm myself, not like this, it's not who i am, i'm stronger than this. The door flew open and zayn looked at me worried, he saw the blade in my hand and took it away from me. "Sarah, did you cut?" he asked with a tier in his eye. "n-no, i couldn't do it zayn" "What made you cry babe?please tell me whats going on?" he begged. i had to tell him, i can't lie to him, i love him.."Perrie's ruined my relationship with my brother, we use to be so close but now he doesn't want me near him all because perrie's faking she's pregnant and my brother believes her, she told me she doesn't even like my brother, she's doing all of this to get back at me, she still loves you zayn" i sobbed into his chest. "Well i'm sorry babe, i'll help you i promise, were set perrie up, we'll confront her, i don't love her, i never have, it's always been you and i'm going to help you get your brother back" he demanded making me half smile. "But babe, what made you lock yourself in here?" he asked curious. "Your fan's have been giving me loads of abuse, saying i forced you to marry me and you never look happy around me and that you and perrie should get back together, i just can't take all of this zayn, it's too much" "Look at me sarah" and i did as he demanded. "I will never love anyone like i love you, and im going to write a tweet explaining that, i don't care what anyone think's i love you and that's that" i kissed him and embraced him in a hug. "Sarah, we need to sort this out okay?and it has to be today, i'm not letting you be this sad all the time you don't deserve it" "But zayn, what are we going to do?" "Well, she still loves me right?" he smirked,ah ha!

Zayn's POV

"Zayn whatever your plan is it better work" she rolled her eye's. i knew exactly what i would do and i know it's going to work. "Oh believe me, it will" I smiled.

Once i told her all about my plan she got excited, we both knew it would work, i know how weak perrie is about me. 

I got my phone out and wrote a tweet remembering what perrie told me about the fans. '@zaynmalik: if you were a true directioner you wouldn't send hate to my fiance, she's everything to me and i love you all but please don't send horrible comments to her X' I got off twitter and snuggled up in bed with sarah, hopefully the plan does work, i hate seeing her so upset. 


I sat on a bar stool in the night club waiting for my company to arrive. "Can i get you anything sir?" the bar tender asked. "A shot of vodka please mate" i half smiled. A few people recognized me and girls tried to hit on me but i pushed them away. "Hello zayn" i heard the familiar voice, i turned around to see the person I've been waiting for. "Hey perrie, take a seat" i smiled. "So zayn, i'm not here to have an argument with you, so what do you want?" she asked curiously. she had a mini skirt on and a crop top. "Me and sarah broke up" i spoke sadly.."What?why?" "Well we had an argument and i'm so fed up with her shouting all the time, i don't want to be in a relationship like that" I looked at her and fake sobbed. I was pretty good at acting after all.."Zayn, i'm sorry" "Perrie, i've always love you, you know that don't you? yeah i went out with sarah but i made a mistake, i always had a hole inside of me but when i'm with you that hole feel's complete.." She grinned widely. "Perrie i miss you so much" i spoke. "Zayn i love you so much and miss you too, can we try again?" She asked. "I'd like that" i grinned. "But the thing is, you'll be having a baby soon and i don't want to be raising a baby that isn't mine" i looked into her eye's which i knew made her weak. Just before she spoke i got my phone out sneakily and pressed 'record' "Zayn, i'm not really pregnant, i can't get pregnant i'm on the pill anyway, i only told lewis i'm on the pill to make our relationship stronger, i don't even love him, i only used him to get back at sarah for stealing you away from me" she laughed, she made me sick, if she was a man i would punch her right now. "Meet me in the hotel room, i'll be in there in 5 minutes" i whispered into her ear whilst handing her a hotel key for the hotel over the road, i winked at her whilst she walked away. Once she was out of sight i walked outside and round the corner by the alley and saw sarah. "So?" "Got all the information we need" i grinned, she jumped on me and smiled widely. "Wait, where is she now?" "Oh i got a hotel room for the night and told her to meet me in there in 5 minutes, what she doesn't know is that i won't be meeting her in there" I laughed. She kissed me passionately. "Come on, let's get this over with" i smiled. We jumped into my car and started to drive to her brother's house. "Zayn how did she fall for it all?" "i told her i always loved her and she asked me if we could start again, i said i didn't want to raise a child that's not mine and she told me it wasn't true blah blah and i got it on my phone" i smiled proudly. "And thats why i love you" she smiled. "What? you don't love me because im beautiful" i winked. "well yeah and that" she laughed. 

Once we arrived at her brothers house we ran up to the door and knocked. After 3 knocks her brother finally answered. "Sarah, i told you to stay away" he spat, it made me want to punch him the way he spoke to her. "You said you don't believe me that she's faking her pregnancy, well listen to this then" 

Sarah's POV

I handed him zayn's phone and he listened to the recording. 'Zayn, i'm not really pregnant, i can't get pregnant i'm on the pill anyway, i only told lewis i'm on the pill to make our relationship stronger, i don't even love him, i only used him to get back at sarah for stealing you away from me' He looked shocked. "IS SHE FUCKING SICK OR SOMETHING?!" he shouted in anger. "Lewis, calm down. "HOW CAN I, I BELIEVED THAT SLUT OVER MY OWN FUCKING SISTER, WHY WOULD SHE FAKE BEING PREGNANT JUST TO GET BACK AT YOU" he shouted in anger. "Lewis, i told you she wasn't she told me the other day when i was here and thats why i flipped out. "Im so sorry sis, i will never choose anyone over you again" He hugged me tightly, i thought i was going to stop breathing, He kissed me on the head making me smile. "How did you even get her to reveal all of this to you anyway zayn?" he asked zayn. "Simple, she still loves me, i just told her i still loved her and she confessed" zayn said proudly making me smile. "Well what can i say, you've done alright for yourself sarah engaged to this one" he winked whilst pointing to zayn. Me and zayn laughed. Until a car pulled up, i looked carefully to see perrie. "Shit perrie's here, i got an idea, i'll hide in the bush and pretend we are not dating still" i told the boys, they laughed and i got into the big bush outside Lewis's house. this should be entertaining. "Oh hey, zayn where did you go?" she asked suspicious. "Oh i just came to ask lewis for a condom because i forgot one and erm then i remembered you were on the pill and not really pregnant" zayn tried not to laugh. "Silly zayn, thats right, i'm not really pregnant so lewis i didn't even love you in the first place, it's called acting, that's my hidden talent you see" she winked. "Oh yeah, i know all about that pez" lewis said angrily. "And so do i" i half shouted whilst coming out of the bush. "Erm what are you doing here?" perrie spat. "Me and zayn came here to show my brother something" "But you and zayn split up?" she spoke angrily. "No we didn't, it was all an act to get you to confess you weren't pregnant, zayn recorded it all and we showed my brother, you see perrie, we're good at acting its our hidden talent" i winked making her angry. "URGH, so you lied about loving me zayn?" she asked him. "Yeah, the only one i love is sarah, that's why i proposed to her" she spoke like she was stupid or something. "You see perrie, no one can split me and my brother up, we're family and no one can steal zayn from me" i said angrily. "URGHHH" she screamed whilst running into her car and driving off. We all burst out laughing and high fived each other. "Im going to have to take those baby clothes back that i brought today then.." lewis sighed. "Sorry lew" i spoke whilst hugging him. "It doesn't least i have my sister back" he spoke whilst smiling. god it feels good to be speaking to him like this again.















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