Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


28. PARIS!!

"Babe, wake up, we're here" I ignored the voice in my head trying to get back to sleep but the voice wouldn't fade away, it was like an annoying alarm clock. "Mum, i don't want to go to school today" "Babe, erm, it's zayn" i opened my eyes in awkwardness, why on earth did i just say that, how embarrassing.."I'm sorry about that zayn", he just laughed which made me kinda feel uncomfortable. "anyway, you look cute when you sleep" i blushed a bit before standing up. We have finally landed in Paris after hours of boredom. Zayn grabbed my suitcase without hesitation. "Zayn, i can handle that you know?" "yeah, i know but i wan't to carry it" i just laughed and we walked out of the plane together. 

Once we arrived in the airport we looked to see if the boys were around, they flew in the same plane as us but on the other side.."YO GUYS" my heart jumped from my chest. "Louis, don't scare me like that" We weren't surrounded by paps for once because no one knew we were in Paris, well not yet anyway. We stood outside the airport and noticed a black car, the number plate said. 'the boys' which was the code name for one direction, luckily no fans knew that, i don't think. We all jumped into the car, it was family sized luckily, me, zayn and niall sat together, then behind was, liam, harry and louis. "THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GOES ROUND AND ROUND" louis started to sing, why has he got to be so loud? "louis, we're in a car, not a bus" harry smirked, he was the smart ass on the group, the boy who loved to be right but he was also a sweetheart. 

"I can't wait to spend this week with you" Zayn whispered to me making me smile. "I love you, you know that right?" i smirked at him. "And i love you too sar" I feel like i'm going to melt when he tell's me he loves me. "We have arrived" The driver spoke. We all thanked him then got out, i saw a huge tall building in front of me, it was apparently a 5 star hotel which mean's this week is going to be perfect staying here. We all walked inside after looking shocked at the view of the building and liam got the room keys. "I won" niall shouted whilst running into the lift, he was such a child.I rolled my eyes as we got into the lift, louis decided it would be funny to start jumping around making the lift shake, how stupid. "LOUIS, STOP STOP" i shouted making him eventually stop. "im sorry sar, didn't mean to scare you" he looked worried. "It's fine, i'm just not a big fan of lifts" i hugged him signalling that i was fine. Once the lift came to a halt we all tumbled out. "Right guys, we have booked this whole floor so no fans will be able to come through, they are going to find out we are here sooner or later" liam shrugged. he was right, they will find out, they find out everything about the boys, and i mean EVERYTHING. Liam then instructed us on which rooms were ours. "Right, 2 people in each room, 201, is louis and niall's" he pointed out. "202, is mine and Harry's then room 203 is zayn and sarah's. He gave us all the keys then carried on which his little speech. "We all need to rest for now, so tomorrow he will start the holiday, night guys" "night liam" we all agreed before going into our hotel room's.

I burst into our hotel room and ran straight to the bed. "Shotgun bed, you can take the floor" i joked to zayn. "And why can't i sleep with you?" he asked suspiciously. "you are sleeping with me zayn, i'm joking, do you really think i'll make you sleep away from me?i need your body to keep me warm" "and i need your body too" he smirked then jumped beside me.

The hotel room was nice, very 5 star..It had a huge bed, obviously king size. An on-suite in the bedroom, and a lot of champagne in the fridge along with food. "Zayn, i know it's meant to be a 5 star hotel but what makes it 5 star?" i asked kinda confused. "well there's a pool and gym and everything on the very bottom floor under the lobby" i gasped. "OMG we are totally going to the pool together tomorrow" he smirked then kissed my lips gently, i loved his lips on mine, they fit perfectly. This week is going to be amazing, i finally get to spend more time with zayn..I Took my clothes off leaving me just in bra and pants and zayn took him clothes off too leaving him in just boxers, oh how i wanted him then but i felt to jet lagged."Night love" his deep voice spoke. "night babe" i watched his eyes closed then soon after, so did mine. 


I crept out of the bedroom door leaving zayn asleep, i wore my purple bikini and a towel wrapped around me, i wanted to go to the pool so bad and now's my chance. I left the room by turning the door handle as quietly as possible and ran straight to the lift. There were a lot of buttons but one said lobby, i didn't wan't that, then another said ground floor, maybe that's it, zayn did say it was the bottom floor. I clicked on the button before the lift shot down. Once it came to a halt i jumped out to see a room, i walked in and smiled, there it was a huge pool, then there was a window to another room which is where to gym was. I dropped the towel straight to the ground and dived into the pool, I was the only one in here, it was pretty early in the morning but i needed to come here, i love to swim. I swam up and down the pool until i heard a door close, i popped my heard out of the water to see zayn standing there smirking. "How did you know i came here?" "because i know how much you wanted to check the swimming pool out" he smirked and jumped into the pool in just his boxers.."Zayn, you don't have a towel or anything" "i dont care, i have you and that's all that matters" he smiled. "you're so unbelievable" i winked then began to swim again until i felt zayn's hands wrap around my waist. "zayn?" "yes love?" "i'm swimming you know.." "i just thought maybe we could have a little fun in this pool as we are all alone" he smirked, i just laughed before swimming from his grip. "hey, don't swim away from me" I swam and swam until he picked me up. The coldness on my body was unbearable. "Zayn put me down, it's freezing" i begged, he then willingly put me pack in the warm water, i splashed him. "you're so going to regret that" "oo, malik, is that a threat?" i winked teasing him. "Don't tease me Sarah, you know how turned on i get when you tease" he half smiled making me laugh. I decided to have a little play around. I placed my hand on his chest and moved my fingers right down until i got to his soaked boxers, he looked at me and bit his lip, he looked so sexy when he bites his lip. I then pushed my hand into his boxers and rubbed his dick hard making him moan. I got under the water and kissed the end of his dick, i knew this would get him turned on. I then jumped out of the pool soaking wet and wrapped the towel around me.. "Sarah, you can't tease me like that and then leave, come here" he begged i just laughed. "If you wan't me, you will have to come and get me" i knew what i was going to do, he was going to be humiliated as he's only in his boxers, which are now soaked. Without hesitation, he ran towards me so i ran away and jumped into the lift, it closed just as he saw me, i laughed but when i got to our floor he was running towards me, damn he must of took the stairs, i ran but then felt him lift me over his shoulders. "put me down zayn, zayn, please" i whined. He opened our hotel room door and then ran to our bedroom and chucked me on the bed making me laugh. "Someone's eager" "well wouldn't you be if i just teased the fuck out of you in the pool, you just made me get turned on then left me Sarah" he laughed. I just sat there and winked at him. "I want you" i whispered making him get more turned on. "I want you more" he whispered back making me laugh. He took my bikini off and his boxers, he inserted himself inside of me without a thought. I moaned in pleasure, the moans got louder as he picked the the speed. I started to suck on his neck making him moan, but couldn't concentrate at the moan's repetitively escaped my mouth.

After 20 minutes of sex we finished, both out of breath, trying to catch our breaths back. "Wow" we both spoke, which made us both laugh. "so, plans for today?" I asked. "well i was think, we take a little look around Paris, then later we all go out for dinner" he muttered. "sounds..perfect" I got up and kissed him.

I walked to the On-suit and got straight in the shower, the hot water hit my body fast, i began to wash my body until i felt someone behind me. "Zayn, i'm trying to shower?" "well, i thought i'd join you, as i need a shower and i thought, why not join you" I just laughed and carried on. "No let me" he said before picking up the sponge and some soap, he washed all of my body making me feel turned on, oh god. "Z-zayn" "shh" he whispered. I moaned as kissed me neck. I turned so i was facing him and started to connect our lips, he slid his tongue in and i let him, He picked my up so my leg's were now wrapped around his hips and pushed my against the shower wall making a loud thump. If the boys could hear us, it would be so awkward later. I laughed to myself. I kissed his neck and started to pull on strands of his hair making him moan, i smiled in between kissing his neck then i screamed in pleasure as he entered me, for the second time today.."If i knew it would feel this good in the shower i would of tried it with you ages ago" he laughed making me giggle, After a few more minutes of sex in the shower he slipped out of me and left me go, he kissed my lips then left me alone in the shower. I stood there and smiled, thinking about what just happened, i squeezed some shampoo into my hair and washed it, once done i jumped out and turned the shower off, i wrapped a towel around my naked body and walked into the bedroom where zayn lay on the bed on his phone. "you look better without the towel" he spoke. "Oh really?" i smirked whilst letting the towel fall to the floor. He looked at me and licked his lips before coming up to me and holding my waist. He started to kiss my neck, which was my weakest spot, making me wan't him..again. "no, zayn, come on we need to get ready" but we didn't stop. "zayn, save this for later, okay?" "we won't have sex again now, but i really wan't to make you happy right now" he whispered, i felt confused. "babe, i am happy" i spoke. He gently pushed my naked body onto the bed. "I thought you said no sex right now?" i smirked. "we aren't and i never meant happy like that" he said before leaning on the floor staring near my inna thighs. I bit my lip making him smile. He kissed my inna thighs then kissed my clit making me moan, he smiled then carried on. He started to lick in circles around my clit making me go crazy, my moans got a lot louder which was exactly what he wanted. He the nibbled onto my clit making me gasp, i was so close to my climax. I slid my hands through his hair and started pulling strands of his hair making me nibble harder onto my clit. He began licking circles faster and faster until i hit my climax, he licked the liquid and looked at me and smiled. I was speechless.."You like that?" he winked, i just bit my lip and chose not to answer, making him smirk. he knew exactly how to make me turned on.

I looked through my suit case and pulled out Some blue acid wash high wasted shirts, a blouse and some black converse. I slipped them on and combed through my hair, i wore the usual makeup and put some sunglasses on, zayn wore some black skinny jeans and a grey sweater and some sunglasses. "You ready?" i asked him as he was on his phone, obviously on twitter.."yeah babe, come on" he grabbed my hand as our fingers locked together like a puzzle. We walked out the hotel to find the rest of the boys in the lobby. "Hey dude" liam spoke. "So, you guys coming to dinner tonight? about 5" i asked. "yeah, sounds gret, we will meet in lobby at 5 then for dinner, where you guys off?" liam asked ad the rest of the guys agreed. "just going to go sight seeing, how about you guys?" "same really, and niall want's to find nando's" i laughed and we said our goodbye's. I'm actually looking forward to dinner with the boys later, hopefully we haven't got a bitch waitress this time..

Me and zayn were walking around Paris looking at all the gorgeous sights. We saw the Eiffel tower, i took out my phone and took a picture. "Babe, take a pic of my, do it so it look's like i'm holding the Eiffel tower" i laughed at his suggestion, i stepped way back and took the picture. "instagram" i winked, he just laughed then looked at the picture. "That looks so cool" We then walked around again, Paris is such a beautiful place, so many light's and beautiful colour's even in the day time..Im going to love this week in Paris.

"Babe, what do you think about Paris so far?" "well zayn, it's gorgeous, and  i know i'm going to have amazing time" i kissed his cheek then we started to walk again. "Look, a coffee shop, lets get a drink" i suggested. "good idea".









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