Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


24. Nice to meet you..

When we got back from swimming we were all tired but really hungry. "Can we please go to nando's?" niall asked desperate. "Yes, please, i'm hungry" i begged. The boys agreed. Liam went on the nando's website for Australia and booked a table for in an hour. "Okay, all go get changed, we're eating at nando's tonight" liam ordered. niall jumped up and down in excitement making me laugh, we all walked to our bunks to get changed. 

Zayn wore some black skinny jeans and a white shirt, he looked as hot as ever. I decided to wear a white silked shirt with black on the collar part, some black skinny jeans and some Black boot heels. and also a black clutch, which i placed my phone inside. I left my hair wavy and applied a little makeup.

"You looked gorgeous" zayn whispered making me blush. "you don't look bad yourself" i smiled. we connected out hands and walked to see the rest of the boys all ready in shirts and jeans. "Let's go, my stomach's going to die" niall shouted. "yeah, lets go then" zayn laughed. We all walked out of the bus and waved straight at the fans then jumped into our ride to nando's.

When we arrived we walked in smiling that we will be shortly eating delicious food. "Have you got a table booked?" the women asked. "under the name of one direction" harry spoke, obviously flirting. The women showed us to our table and smiled, she knew exactly who we were followed by everyone else here. We all sat down me in between liam and zayn and relaxed until the waitress came up to us. She was beautiful, with long blonde hair which was curly and a lot of makeup caked on her face, she was very fake..She gave me a death look for some reason.."can i take your drink orders?" "coke for us all please" liam asked. "okay sweetheart" she smiled then walked off. "She is..HOT" harry spoke, oh god. She brought our drinks over and we all said thank you but as you gave me mine she hit it so it spilt all over me. "OMG" i half shouted annoyed. "sorry, my mistake" she faked. It was obviously on purpose. "have you got a problem? because that was not a fucking mistake" i moaned. "babe, calm down, it was a mistake, calm down" zayn began. i gave him a death look and walked away from the table to go straight to the toilets.

"Fucking bitch, she did that on purpose" I complained to myself in the toilets before someone interupted me. "are you alright?" I turned to see a women, about my age with brown hair, she looked cute. "oh sorry, im just annoyed, but i bet you don't want me to be annoying you by complaing" i laughed. "oh it's fine i dont mind really" i smiled but told her anyway. "well this waitress spilt my drink all over me, it was totally on purpose" she laughed before speaking. "did she have blonde,long hair by any chance?" she asked. "yes, that's her" "yes, that's my sister" fuck..what was happening.."im sorry" "it's fine, i hate her guts, she came onto my boyfriend, i literally hate her, and if you have a boyfriend i'd watch out" she warned me.."wow, thank you" i hugged her and thanked her before walking back out to the boys, she was nice. "what took you so long babe?" zayn asked. "oh, nothing, just talking to some girl" i said bluntly before sitting down. I felt so uncomfortable because my legs were wet. I rolled my eyes at the waitress came over again. "so can i take you handsome guys orders then?" She said in a flirtatious voice. "oh, please" i muttered under my breathe making the guys stare at me weirdly. "did you say something?" she asked. "wow, im suprised you could here, i thought your fake hair was in your ears, but no i didn't say anything.." i laughed making the boys roll their eyes at me, even zayn. god what's wrong with them all. "Everything about me is real darling" she death glared me. I just started to laugh. Before the boys gave her their orders. "and what do you want?" she asked me. "well, i would like.." i took my time looking through the list.."i'll have the chicken breast with a Mediterranean salad thanks" i said bluntly. She death glared me then left. I sipped on my drink and got my phone out. i felt so pissed off. "What's up with you all of a sudden?" liam asked with the boys agreeing. "what's wrong with me? its that bitch" i spat. "she's nice" they spoke, even zayn on their side. "it doesn't matter" i said coldly.

The girl finally came with our food and passed them around until she got to me. She came next to me and placed my food next to me but the plate fell on me leaving the food all over me. "urgh, what the hell is your problem, you stupid bitch" i growled, the boys rolled their eyes before saying anything. "no, don't start Sarah, this girl's just being nice, it was obviously an accident." they boys looked annoyed. "you know what, you can't see what she's been doing because you're all too busy drooling over her, get over yourself's and you can shove your food up your arse" i pointed at the blonde bitch before getting up and going back to the bathroom.

I was soon joined by the girl i met in the toilets before. "we keep meeting" i laughed at her. "well i saw everything that happened, i told you, she's a bitch, but i can't believe non of those boys saw what she was doing" i rolled my eyes then replied. "i know, not even my boyfriend stuck up for me." i felt so angry and hungry. "wan't to come and sit with me and my friend? we're just ordering, you can eat some food with us, and luckily we have a different waiter" i smiled and then thought about it. "you know what, i'd love too, thank you very much" i smiled before walking out with her. "i'll just go get my purse" i smiled before walking over to the boys who looked confused. I grabbed my purse before they asked. "where are you going?" "well, since you're all being jerks and think im being pathetic when im not, im going to sit and eat next to some people who actually believe me and saw exactly what happened" zayn grabbed my wrist but i shook him off and walked over to the girls table. "Hello again" i sat down whilst smiling, they were both really pretty. "sorry, but what's your names?" i asked confused. "oh yeah, Im Amy, and this is my friend georgia" she spoke. "Hello, It's nice to meet you both, honestly, and my names Sarah" i smiled. We all ordered and shortly after ate our food. Whilst eating the boys came over to me. "we're leaving now, you coming" they asked like nothing happened. "i'd rather not thanks, im spending some time with people that care, see you later" i said coldly, they all sighed and left. "So do you guys live here in australia then?" i asked. "actually no, we live in manchester, but we're here for a month for a work trip thing" Georgia spoke. "sounds cool, i live in london" "that's great, we need to meet up again when we all get back to the uk" they spoke. "that will be great, im here for atleast 2 or 3 months on tour with the guys" i spoke. "that's cool" after we ate we exchanged numbers and then decided to go around the town together.


I walked Into the tour bus and saw the boys all staring at me. It was 10pm and iv'e been out for atleast 5 hours. "where the hell have you been?" they asked. "i was out with some friends" i said bluntly. "what is wrong with you tonight? giving that waitress a hard time and all?" "well she done it all on purpose, you didn't believe me, non of you did, you were to hooked up in her looks and her body, and i know exactly what she's like" i spat. "how do you?" zayn asked. "the girl i was with was her sister." Im going for a shower" "wait aren't you even going to ask us how we are or anything?we were worried" "you know what, you're old enough to take care of yourself's i dont really care okay? im annoyed with you ALL so just don't talk to me" I was quite tipsy too but i didn't care. "why are you so annoyed with us?" they asked. "i just hate when you guys are acting like jerks, i was so embarrassed and you lot didn't care" "we're sorry okay" "no, dont" i spoke before walking into the shower room, i wasn't in the mood for them not tonight anyway, they can't just act like that and expect me to be fine with them, they treated me like shit and i hate them for it.









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