Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


36. new stylist

A few day's have passed by, the boys have done a few more concert's, We only have a couple more day's of the tour to do then we go back home, it's going to be weird going back home but it's going to feel so much more relaxing.

"So shall we go shopping today?" Laney asked, she really loved Aussie so far, her and liam are not just in a relationship but generally are best friend's, it's cute. "Yeah, let's go shopping, have some lunch, it will be great"i smiled. "Let's shop" 

We walked out of the tour bus to hear scream's from ton's of girl's around. "omg" we both muttered. "OMG SARAH, LANEY" they screamed making a headache soon appear. "Let's go say hi" i spoke. "alright" We both grinned whilst walking toward's the fan's. "can we help you beautiful girl's?" i muttered. "can we have some pictures with you both?" they asked. "sure" we both smiled and took some photo's with the girl's. I'd glad these girl's are nice unlike that bitch i met last week who threatened me then tell's a magazine i threatened her, which luckily me and zayn cleared it all up and no one believe's the fan. We waved goodbye to the fan's and jumped straight into the cab. "can you take us to the main shopping center around here please" laney spoke. "yes, sure" 

Once we Arrived at the town we were amazing, so many people were around smiling and laughing, it actually made me happy to see everyone else smile. the town was huge and filled with gigantic shops, actually that was an understatement, the shop's were huge.."let's shop" we both smiled. 

Niall's POV

"So guy's this is your new stylist, her name is rebecca" We all smiled at our new stylist and But something about her really drew my attention to her, she was beautiful, her faint freckles on her cheeks and that dark blonde curled hair around her shoulder's. "Niall..mate" i got pulled from my daydream and back to reality to find i was staring at rebecca for longer than i was mean't to. "i-im sorry" i blushed. "niall, can i have a word with you?" liam asked. "sure" i followed him out in the hallway of the arena. "you like her, don't you?" he asked. "what are you on about?" "don't play dumb, i know you like rebecca" Damn it.."yes okay, i do, but you might just say it's stupid as we haven't even spoken a word to each other yet.." "no i don't think it's stupid, me and laney like each other when we first met" i looked at him and smiled, he was right, him and laney are in love and maybe me and rebecca could be?. "thanks mate" i spoke. "no problem mate, you never know, you might work" he smiled and we both walked into the changing room together. I sat on my chair next to the rest of the boy's and rebecca came along and done our hair and makeup. When she got to me, once she felt my hair i felt a spark, it was weird but i felt it there, am i just being silly?..maybe i shouldn't let it get to me..

Sarah's POV

"Reservation for two please" i smiled at the women standing by the door of the restaurant. "okay, follow me" and we did as she said, we followed her to a small table next to the window. "thank's" we both sat down and placed our bag's on the floor, we ended up doing a little more shopping than expected, i didn't realize they had so many nice stuff here in Aussie. "it feel's so great to be around a girl for a change" i smiled at laney. "i bet it does, with 5 boys for ages" she smirked. "it's great but you always need girly times" Shortly after our small talk we got interrupted by a waiter. "what may i get you two ladies today?" he asked politely and smiling, which was obviously fake.."can i have a steak and salad with a coke please" i smiled, luckily it was an English restaurant which was a bit odd but i wasn't complaining. "can i have the same please" laney ordered then we both got back to our small talk.

"Here you go ladies" the waiter soon came by with our food and drinks. "thank you" we both muttered. 

Harry's POV

"So rebecca, where are you from?" i asked whilst she was sorting my costume out, it was only me and her in the room as the boy's went to get food so i thought, i may as well get to know the girl.."i'm from London" she smiled. "how old are you?" was my second question. "I'm 20" "hm, one year older than me i see" i smiled. She was a beautiful girl, sexy even, everything about her was beautiful, but she seemed the type of girl i wouldn't really date, maybe just a one night stand, i don't know.."So harry, what would you like to wear?" She asked. "well to by quite honest, i would prefer to just wear my boxers, what do you think?" i started to flirt a little.."i think..maybe you would look better in just your boxers, or even without them" she smirked, wow, she was a flirt too, i liked it. "i could work with that" she giggled and came toward's me. "so i was thinking, i'll give you a little more gel for your hair to make it stay up more" she smiled playing with my hair, it felt nice. This is my chance..I grabbed her waist and pulled her close to me. "and maybe i could fill the space between us" i winked. She licked her lips making me wan't her even more. I leaned in without any thought and kissed her lips, they felt different, more kissable, like was just about to lift up my top until the door opened..shit. we both stepped back from each other and looked towards the was niall..

Niall's POV

What the hell was harry playing at, if only he knew how i felt.."what's going on?" i asked. "we..erm..come on niall, let's go do your outfit" rebecca spoke, trying to change the conversation, harry just smirked and walked to the couch of his dressing room. Rebecca walked with me into my changing room, harry is not getting her, he will only break her heart. We both looked at each other, she blushed a little, making me smile. "Do you like him?" i asked. "who?" "don't play dumb, do you like harry?" "No, not like that, i just got a bit caught in the moment" she looked flushed.."good, because he will break your heart, he always does to girl's i love haz with all my heart but he has broke a lot of girl's hearts and your different, i don't want him to break you" i don't know where this sudden confidence came from but one thing i know is that i liked it.." you like me?" shit..she knows..but how?.."erm..yes, yes i do, okay" "well, i don't know what to say, you're a sweet lad and gorgeous, im flattered" she blushed making me smile once again. I smiled at her before she started to pick out my outfit again, harry wasn't going to have her, i was..

Laney's POV

We got back to the tour bus and jumped straight onto the couches, i felt so tired, I've never felt this tired in a while. "Shall we watch a movie?" i suggested. "sure" i slipped in mean girl's. "omg i love this film" sarah grinned. "and me" i smiled whilst we lay on the couches. My eyes began to slowly close and then it all went black.


"babe, babe, wake up" i heard liam's voice call, i opened my eyes to see his gorgeous face leaning over me. "how long have i been asleep?" "i'm not sure about an hour" "omg" I got up from the couch. "Im so tired.." i moaned. "and me" liam moaned too. "come on" i grabbed his hand and pulled him up to our bunk without any thought. "what are you doing?" "we're have a nap" i smiled, he smirked and i lay my head on his chest whilst circling my finger's over the tattoo on his arm. "i love you liam" "i love you too laney" i kissed his cheek before dozing off to sleep..again.

Sarah's POV

"Who want's a hot chocolate?" i asked. "me" they all shouted. "where's liam and laney?" i asked curious.."oh they wen't to sleep, they were both so tired bless them" louis smirked. I got some cups out for us all and started to make the drink's until i felt and pair of arm's wrap around my waist and a kisses being panted on my neck. I smiled and turned around to see zayn. "I wan't to spend the day with you tomorrow" he whispered in my ear. "don't you have rehearsal's then the show?" "nope, we have one more show left and that's the day after tomorrow" he smirked. a huge grin appeared on my face and i planted a gentle kiss on his lips. "Then tomorrow we shall spend the day together" We kissed again before i finished making the hot chocolates.



HI GUYS! im sorry if this chapter is a little boring, i have writer's block, this is just a filler, i'll add a little more drama soon, thanks for reading x










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