Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


20. Nerves

I waited for Annabelle outside the tour bus to give her the concert ticket, it's been 5 minutes and she's still not here, i turned around and looked through the crowd of people until i felt someone tap on my shoulder, it was a gentle tap, i looked behind to see Annabelle with her 2 friends, they were all dressed up looking pretty, once i gave her the ticket she hugged me, i thought i would stop breathing at one point. "I can't thank you enough for this Sarah, you're so lucky to be going out with zayn but he's also very lucky to be going out with you, you're so inspiring, i look up to you and i wish i was like you" she spoke bouncing up and down waving the ticket in the air, i felt so happy, making a young girls dream of seeing them in concert come true, im the one that caused that smile on her face and i liked it. "You're welcome Annabelle, you and your friends look beautiful tonight, but i must get going" "okay, i can't wait to see you perform as the opening act, you will be amazing, see ya" "thank you, bye girls" i walked back into the arena whilst waving to the girls. There were thousands of people waiting outside and it doesn't even start until an hour, I smiled whilst walking through the arena until i got backstage. Zayn and the boys were already in their dressing rooms getting ready. "Sarah, come with me" Paul ordered, i walked with him Down the corridor abit confused.."paul, erm where am i going?" "to your dressing room" i froze.. "wait..i have my own dressing room?" "of course you need to get ready and thats why you need your own dressing room, Sarah being the opening act is just as important you are going to be a star by the end of this tour" i smiled and walked into my new dressing room. "I'll call you when you need to go on" "okay, and paul, thank you" "you're welcome Sarah" I smiled then he shut the door. I looked around my new dressing room and i couldn't help but smile, everything i needed was in here, makeup, accessories and outfits, im in heaven. "Hello sarah, im Amelia", i looked behind to find a really pretty women standing next to me. "oh, hey amelia" "i'll be your fashion coordinator and stylist" "really? so i have one of those, how cool" "yeah" she laughed, wow, everything feels unreal. "So first what outfit would you like to wear tonight?" She pointed at a rack full of clothes, they were all gorgeous, dresses, skirts, tops,trousers, heels, everything. Well i need to make a good impression on the fans, and i need to look good. "hm.." i flicked through the rack until i came across a black leather t-shirt dress, it was perfect for tonight. "This, defiantly this, is beautiful" i smiled "ok, good choice, that dress is really nice" she smiled back. "Now, pick out what shoes you want to wear" i loved how i could pick it all for myself. She held up some shoes for me but i needed them to go with my dress..She finally held up the last pair, they were black heel boots. "Perfect" I smiled before taking my outfit for the show. "I'll be one minute, i'll just put the outfit on" "don't you want me to do your hair and makeup first?incase makeup goes on the outfit" "actually thats a smart idea" i laughed, amelia was such a nice girl. I sat on the chair what amelia pointed at and looked at my reflection in the mirror. "I am so ugly" i whispered to myself, but obviously not quiet enough. "You're not ugly, you're gorgeous" "Thankyou amelia, i could say the same for you" She smiled then carried on with my hair. "so, how does puffed up curls sound?" i thought about it then nodded my head to agree. , Once she started my hair i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. 'Hey babe, see you soon, hope you're getting on with amelia, good luck babe, i love you, Z x' I smiled at the text from zayn before replying. 'She's such a nice girl, we're getting on really well, and goodluck to you to zaynie X' Once i sent it i placed my phone on the dressing table thing.

Zayn's POV

"Urgh, my fucking hair is driving me insane" Harry complained. "hazz, your hair looks fine, stop worrying about it" liam spoke. Harry gelled his hair one more time before he approved of it and then got changed. "IM STARVINGGGG" niall shouted. "Niall, we will eat when we're ready, we don't have long so we need to hurry up" i spoke. Once my hair looked perfectly fine into it's usual quiff i slipped on a vest top and some black jeans. "Malik, you're done so come here" The back stage man called, i walked over to him whilst he placed my ear piece in, i hated wearing them, they annoy me so much. "Right im ready" i shouted. "And us" the other boys finally agreed and william put all their ear pieces in. Tonight is going to be a great night.

Sarah's POV

My makeup and hair was finally done, i actually looked..attractive, not being vein but honestly i felt more prettier, my hair was loosely curled and puffed up slightly. "Right, i'll just get changed now then" i smiled at amelia whilst she nodded. I slipped the dress on and then the heels, fortunately they were comfy and easy to walk in. i looked at myself and smiled. I loved the dress and the heels, they fit together perfectly. I walked out of the dressing room all ready to go. "Hey, you look nice" "Thanks Paul" He then lead me to the side bit of the stage, Unluckily i couldn't see zayn or the rest of the boys anywhere to wish me look. "You will do great Sarah, just breathe steady and don't think about the people there, if you get stage fright close your eyes and pretend you're alone in your room singing" Paul told me, but i don't get stage fright, i was really confident when it came to performing in front of people. "wheres zayn?" I asked the backstage crew and paul. "they are just getting warmed up for the show, but you need to go on in a minute so theres no time" paul reasurred me. I needed to see zayn, i needed luck from him, i wanted to see him before i sang. "Sarah, you can go on now" Paul spoke. "i need to go see the boys so goodluck" "thanks paul" I walked onto the stage, everyone staring at me, they all started to scream and i waved at them all. Once the music started to play i got abit nervous, am i really good enough? I let all my worry's go to the back of my head as i started to sing the song.

Zayn's POV

"Hi guys, you need to come now, you're going to start soon" Paul came and collected us. "Wait, wheres Sarah?" I asked. "She's on stage now" "Wait, i want to see her, i can't miss this" Me and the boys ran through the corridors as fast as we could, i can't miss her singing on her first time, Once we got to the side of the stage i saw her, her beautiful body, her perfect smile whilst singing, the audience were singing along with her and waving their hands around, Her voice was so gently, so peaceful and perfect. She looked gorgeous. "She's amazing" The boys said in unison.

Sarah's POV

I looked around the audience whilst singing the song, i was pretty impressed, there were thousands of people and they're all singing along, this is unreal. I looked to the side of the stage whilst walking around singing and i saw the boys watching me smiling, i saw zayn with a tear in his eye which made me smile. The song was finally over, i smiled at the audience and bowed. "Thank you guys" They all screamed and cheered my name, i felt so pleased they like it, and even liked me, I looked around the stage one more time and saw a few posters with my name on, how amazing some people are. I ran off stage straight into zayn's arms, how i've been craving to be in his arms all day. "you were..AMAZING" zayn whispered into my ear sending chills down my spine. "that was so aamzing" the boys spoke, i smiled at them all and hugged them. "Thank you guys, it really was amazing performing infront of all of those people, but now it's your turn, they want you, so go out there and do amazing like you always do, good luck" i smiled at them and kissed Zayn hard but passionately before they stepped onto the stage. " i love you" zayn spoke. "i love you too" !thank you Sarah" the boys spoke then ran on to the stage, honestly the girls were screaming like crazy, im suprised im not deaf yet. I went into the audience now and watched the boys, they were honestly amazing, zayn looked at me through all his solo's which made me get butterflies everytime. I never thought i could feel so happy in my life, I love him and the other boys so much and i never want this to end.

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