Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


56. Mobbed

"Niall, what are you doing today?" i asked him, the rest of the boys went out and niall overslept so he didn't go with them, El's met up with some of her friend's and Laney's at work, yeah she starts her new job today. So it's just me and niall. "Nothing, i'm quite bored actually" "Wanna spend the day with me?" i asked him, me and niall use to be pretty close and i'd love to be closer to him again. "I'd love to sar, give me 5 minutes to change" he spoke before walking into his bedroom, i sat on the couch of his apartment and logged onto twitter. '@SarahCook: a day with @Niallofficial might see you beautiful people around:) x' I got loads of replies after i sent the tweet. '@lucycarey: OMGOMGOMG HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS' i retweeted her tweet and giggled a bit. I looked through some more and retweeted a few other tweet's. I looked through some more notifications and saw one from niall '@Niallofficial: Yay, spending the day with the best buddy @SarahCook HappyDays, and hopefully a nando's' I laughed and retweeted it, he always knows how to make me laugh. "I'm ready" he half shouted whilst walking toward's me. "Good now let's go!" I linked my arm in his and we walked out of the apartment.

We got into the car, niall drove pretty fast. "Niall, do you always drive this fast?" i laughed. "I like to feel the excitement by driving fast, and plus i feel like a bad ass" he smirked, i laughed at him and opened the window to his car. I poked my head out letting the window hit my face. "Sar, you know i have a sunroof, you can poke your head out of it" i smiled widely at the idea. "Omg yay" i got from my seat and opened up the sunroof i poked my head through getting a few stares, i loved looking through the sunroof. "WOOOOOOO" i screamed, niall burst out laughing whilst people on the side walk gave me death glares. I sat back down in my seat and the car came to a halt. 

We got out the car and there were a lot of people around, especially teenagers. "Sarah" niall called, he passed me a long blonde wig and some sunglasses, i looked at him strangely "Erm, what's this for?" "We need disguises, town is packed today and they know we're in town" he smirked. He put on a short black scruffy wig with some sunglasses. I laughed at him and we started to walk around. We saw pap's staring at us suspiciously, they took pictures of us, they obviously knew it was someone famous because the disguises were terrible. Niall started to run toward's a shop and his wig fell off. i ran toward's him to help cover him so fan's don't see him and mine came off too. Pap's took pictures of us. "OMG THERE'S NIALL HORAN" "OMG NIALL HORAN AND SARAH COOK" we heard scream's, we looked behind us to see tons of fan's. "SHIT,RUN" niall shouted, he grabbed onto my wrist and ran as fast as we could, the fans were pretty fast too which made us run even faster. Just as we were nearly close to loosing them i twisted my ankle and fell over. "OWWW" i screamed. "SARAH" niall shouted, the fan's were getting closer and closer. "Niall, run, leave me i'll be fine" i spoke. But he obviously didn't like my idea. "No way am i leaving you here with crazy fan's you'll get mobbed" He picked me up bridal style and started to run, we got to his car and the fan's were so close, he helped me in the car and once we got in he drove off, that was a close one. "Well that ruined our day together" he spoke. "niall, we can always watch a movie together and eat loads of food" i suggested he grinned at the idea. "Sounds perfect to me".

We arrived at his apartment and put netflix on. "Which film shall we watch?" He asked, i looked through his kitchen for as much food as i could. "Anything, i don't mind, actually, can we watch mean girl's, i love that film" "I love that film too" he half shouted back, i laughed to myself, me and niall have a lot in common. I got some popcorn, crisps, chocolate, Ben&Jerry's and some biscuit's. i grabbed them all from the kitchen and went into the lounge and put them on the couch. "Niall, let's dig in" i spoke, he grinned and hugged me. "You know i love you" he laughed. "And i love you too, now let's do this thing" We dug into the food whilst watching mean girl's. "Selfie time" i joked, i got my phone out and took a picture of my and niall with our mouths full of crisps, it was so funny. "That's deffo going on instagram and twitter. '@SarahCook: what we get up to in our spare time @Niallofficial :)x' i sent the tweet and also linked the picture to it, niall retweeted it and we both laughed. 

Zayn's POV

I got back to the apartment to find it was empty. "SARAH" i shouted, but no answer, i looked around the apartment and she wasn't here, she must be out somewhere..i turned the t'v on and sat down. 'Niall Horan and Sarah Cook seen running around the town of London this morning, preferably running from some fan's, they first had disguises on until they fell off, here are some pictures' the reporter spoke, and some pictures came on the screen, some of sarah handing out of a sunroof, some of niall and sarah running away from fan's and them in their she must be with niall then. I walked out of the apartment and knocked on niall's door..No answer, i held my ear to the door and could ear loud music, what the hell is going on..

Sarah's POV

I turned the music on the stereo Even louder, we got bored of the film so we decided to party instead, we done a few shot's making us feel a little drunk and i grabbed a bottle of vodka from niall's kitchen. "I think somone's knocking on the door" niall slurred. "I'll get it niall" i half shouted over the loud music, i opened the door and saw zayn. "Oh hey darling" i smirked, he could tell i was drunk. "I see you guys are having a party?" "Well yes, wanna join?" i asked him, he smirked. "Well yeah, i've missed you all day, of course i want to join" he laughed and hugged me. Just as i closed the door someone else knocked on the door, i opened it to see laney,liam louis and El. "GUYS COME IN, JOIN THE PARTY" i shouted making them laugh, they all got some drinks and we all danced to the music.


I woke up to someone poking me. "Go away" i moaned, but they obviously didn't pay attention as they repeatedly poked me in the face. I slapped their hand away and ignored them. They stopped poking me and i sighed in relief. Until i felt water all over my face and body, i opened my eye's to see harry had poured water all over me, everyone laughed at me. "Can't you take the fucking hint, i'm tired harry, that doesn't give you the right to fucking pour water over me" i hissed. "Woah, someone's got their nickers in a twist" he joked, everyone laughed at him including zayn, i gave them all death stares. "Just all fuck off, i don't find it funny" i spat and walked out of niall's apartment, once i walked into mine and zayn's apartment i stripped down and got into the shower, i have a really bad hangover and i'm not in the mood for anyone today. Once i was done in the shower i got dry and tied my hair into a messy bun, i didn't bother putting makeup on so i just changed into some skinny jean's a grey teenage runaway sweater and some white converse, i grabbed my black handbag and phone.

I walked out the apartment and out the building and looked through my handbag to find my sunglasses, i placed them on and went for a walk around the town, i needed some fresh air. I got my phone out and saw that my brother was ringing me. "What do you want?" i asked.."Oh, hello to you too sis".."no seriously, what do you fucking want lewis, i'm not in the best mood today"..well,how do i say this,'re going to be an auntie" I stopped in anger. "No she's fucking not..lewis please don't tell me perrie's pregnant" i half shouted. "Yes, she is, i can't believe it".."that fucking bitch, i swear to god".."whats your problem with her?".."i swear you haven't listened to anything i've told you".."she told me non of it was true..".."and you believe her?".."kinda yeah" "you bastard" i shouted and put the phone down. How could my own fucking brother not believe me? we have been through so much and he believes that bitch over me. Well she's going to regret even going out with my brother, she doesn't even know what's coming to her..









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