Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


10. memories

I flinched my eyes open with all the muscles in my body, i felt so weak today,luckily it was my day off. I jumped from the bed and went straight to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. As i was washing in the shower i heard a scream. I stepped out of the shower wrapping a towl around me and walked to where the noise was, i walked out of the bedroom door to see hannah standing on the sofa scared. "what the hell is wrong hannah? you scared me" "A spider crawled on my foot" I burst out laughing, how can someone possibly scream so much from a little spider. "oh dont worry, it's probably dead now from smelling your smelly feet" i laughed "oi, my feel dont smell" I smirked then walked back into my bedroom where i grabbed some clothes from the wardrobe. I ended up wearing some denim high wasted shorts, white crop top, some brown boots, and a bowler hat. I slipped on a chained necklace and some crossed earrings too. I left my hair wavy just as i liked it and applied some foundation, blusher,eyeliner,mascara and fainted lipstick. Once i was fine by my appearance i grabbed my phone and black handbag and walked into the lounge. "where are you going?" hannah asked confused. "oh,just popping into town,maybe a little shopping" "oh sounds cool,see you later then?well if im not out with micky" "okay, see ya" i grabbed a bottle of fresh water from the fridge then walked outside. Micky was Hannah's boyfriend, she was mostly always with him, he was so nice to her but when he's drunk he's abusive towards her, that's the main reason why hannah doesn't like going clubbing with him. I jumped into my car and drove straight to town, i needed a day to myself to be completely honest, i just needed some peace from everyone. Once i parked the car i jumped out to see a crowd of people. Great, there's a celebrity in town today..there's always crowds around the town when there's celebs around,its always hard to get past them, thats the annoying thing. I walked through the crowd, i was so close to seeing who the celebs were today, i weren't interested but i did need to get through the crowd to get to the main shops which was extremely annoying. "oi,move, i cant see" was all i could here, i was so close to getting through them until i got shoved onto the ground, i hit the pavement hard leaving grazes on my knee's. "ouch" i gasped in pain. Everyone stopped shoving and stared at me,i gave everyone death looks,it was their fault im on the ground. I placed my hand on my knee and scraped over the graze, it weren't that bad. I saw a hand reach out to me, it waas a bigish hand, tanned skin, i didn't think about it before i grabbed onto the hand which helped me up, everyone froze, i dont know why but they all looked at me. "thank you s-" i said whilst looking up to see who helped me but i paused, i saw- i saw the one person i wasn't expecting to see again,zayn malik. "OMG SARAH" he shouted then went to hug me but i stepped back, he looked at me confused, as much as i wanted to hug him i can't i can't let all the memories flood back to me,not now, i've already fell for him just by looking into his eyes, tears then formed into my eyes, He looked at me worried, then a little tear dropped from his eye, perrie looked at us both strangely. I forgot she was their. "zayn, we need to go" "hang on perrie" He ordered, he just wouldn't stop staring into my eyes and i couldn't stop staring into his, i couldn't believe it, my first true love was stood right in front of me. "Sarah, i can't-i cant believe it, i really dont know what to say" He slurred out, his eyes were now covered in tears, perrie looked annoyed. "zayn,come on,this can wait, we really need to go before more fans follow us" she ordered. As much as i wanted to stay and look at him all day, which would be perfect, i had to let him go. "hang on perrie" He grabbed his phone and gave it to me, i know exactly what he number. I typed my number in his phone and then smiled at him,as he smiled at me more tears released from my eyes. The paps came along and took photo's of me and zayn staring at eachother crying, how embarrassing. "i'll text you" he mouthed to me before walking away, that was the most..magical moment of my life, i never knew i would meet him again.. i never knew he would remember me..ever. I walked on wiping the tears away whilst looking behind to see him holding hands with perrie, he looked behind too and smiled at me, that dazzling gorgeous smile, he still had tears in his eyes. I think i just fell for zayn malik all over again.

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