Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


51. Maybe this was a bad idea

Zayn's POV

I lay on the couch with a magazine that louis told me to read, he said it was important, i don't see how, i've read articles about a few famous people's problems and the usual but i don't understand..I turned the pages until something caught my eye, a page full of thing's about sarah, the title was 'Sarah's new man' i read through the article and tear's sprung from my eyes..'sarah cook, zayn malik's ex girlfriend has found her self a new feller, sources say they are head over heel's in love with each other, she was spotted in the town center of London this afternoon with her new boyfriend hottie kissing and acting all lovey dovey with him, is this really it? is it the end for her and mr malik from one direction' pictures of her kissing a man, smiling and holding hands with him through town were at the bottom of the page. I screamed in anger, why would she do this to me? she loved me, well i thought she did anyway, she can't be in love with this man, she has only just met him..Wait..what if she was cheating on me with him? I threw the magazine in the bin and grabbed a glass from the cabinet, just as i was about to pour a drink i remembered about the recording i had to do in 20 minutes. I smashed the glass against the kitchen wall whilst wiping the tear's away. I can't stand this anymore, how is this even right, management say it's better for me but it's not, i need to prove to them that i need her.

*2 week's later*

I sat at the kitchen table of Joe's apartment reading a magazine, he's popped out for the day leaving me alone, i want to escape but i can't i'm too scared to, he's abused me so many time's these past 2 week's but only in places i can cover up easily, pap's have surrounded me more lately making me feel angrier than i am. I haven't heard anything about zayn, how can i when joe doesn't wan't me to talk to him or see him, he's even deleted zayn's number off my phone, along with the rest of one direction. I'm currently living with joe too, he made me go get my thing's from Amy's house, i had to fake to be in love with him to magazines, but really i just wish i wasn't alive right now. My phone rang and i saw it was El, but why is she ringing me.."Hello?".."Sarah, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?" she screamed down the phone making me take the phone away from my ear. "At Joe's house" i spoke whilst shaking, it made me sick talking about Joe. "Why are you with him, you love zayn, what are you doing sarah?zayn's fucking heartbroken because of you, he doesn't like going out the house, and most of all he's not even speaking to any of us, only when he's at work" She half shouted, i really have broken zayn's heart, but i can't tell El whats happening. "SARAH, MEET ME NOW" she shouted. "i-i cant" "You are, you have some explaining to do, get down to starbucks in 5 minutes, no excuses sarah" She spoke angrily before putting the phone down, i can't go out looking like this, my leg's are covered in bruises, so are my arm's and stomach. I slipped my boot's on over my skinny jean's and threw a long sleeved hoodie on over my head trying to cover the bruises, my neck was covered in love bites unfortunately, but luckily the hoodie covered it all. I slipped the hood over my head and some sunglasses over my eye's so pap's don't know it's me. I walked out of the apartment and walked to the town center where starbucks is. 

When i saw the small coffee shop i walked in to see El sat at a small table near the window, why does she always have to go near the window..I walked over to her and sat down, she gave me a weird look. "Why are you so covered's sunny outside" she smirked. "Just drop it, now what do you want?" i spoke rudely. "She looked taken back. "Take the shades off and the hood down and i'll talk to you. I took the shades off and put the hood down and rolled my eye's at her, luckily there weren't any bruises on my face. "Sarah, why are you with that man, do you even know split up with zayn 2 week's ago and you're already in a relationship acting like you're in love with him and zayn's at home tearing apart, he's heart broken sar" she spoke, tear's fell from my face, i didn't bother to wipe them away though. "You don't know anything El, please" "Sar, tell me everything, i'm worried about you" "You don't need to worry, i'm happy" i choked, i shivered at what i said and she noticed. "Happy? seriously sar, i can read you like a book, you're heart broken, you cry every day and you want to go back out with zayn, you're in love with him, so why are you with this Joe person?" that's what i liked about El, she knew me too well, and she know's something's wrong, but she can't know, she can't find out or she will be in danger too. "SARAH, TELL ME" she shouted. I wiped the tear's away from my eye's and covered my face into my hand's. "I- CAN-" but just before i was about to say something i was stopped. "SARAH, WHY AREN'T YOU AT HOME?" Joe shouted whilst coming near me. SHIT, he's going to kill me for meeting El, shit. I started to shake and cry. He grabbed my wrist tightly making me moan out in pain. "Wait till we get back now, you're so gonna get it, now act happy around me or else" Joe whispered into my ear. I faked smiled at him and giggled, El looked confused but she knew exactly what was going on. "Come on baby, let's go home, watch some movies in bed, sound good?" he said whilst gritting his teeth angrily. "Yeah baby, sound's good to me" i said fake smiling whilst kissing his cheek to make it look a bit more real. "Now tell This friend of your's El or whatever that you never want to see her again" he whispered, i was just about to refuse but he squeezed on my thigh making me jump a little. "El, please stay away from me now, i'm happy with Joe, don't talk or ever see me again" i spat trying to act angry when really all i wanted to do was hug her, a tear came from my eye but i wiped it away but El saw the tear and cried herself, i just made my  best friend cry, how could i do this..

El's POV

She walked away hand in hand with Joe smiling, but i knew that smile was fake, i can read her like a book, she's scared of him, he hurt's her, i just know it, the way she is around him, her eye's say she's scared, but it made me cry thinking about how much danger she's in, i need to do something. I followed them both to Joe's apartment, they turned around a lot but i just hid behind some parked cars. I saw them walk into a small apartment. I got my phone out and called the police straight away, i can't just let her get hurt like this, i heard scream's of pain coming from the other side of the apartment door, he was going to kill her at this rate. I told the police to hurry.

The police soon arrived and knocked on the door, no answer. "Are you sure they are in?" they asked me. "Yes, now knock that door down" i half shouted, they kicked and kicked on the door until it was knocked down. They barged in and i saw Sarah on the couch holding her stomach whilst crying. Tear's escaped my eye's as i went over to her, i saw the police arrest Joe and i gave him a death glare as he starred at me before getting into a police car. I picked Sarah up into my hand's as she whispered "thank you" into my ear. I smiled at her whilst rubbing her back. "Would you like a lift back to your apartment?" the police asked. "It's alright thanks" i smiled. I put sarah down back on the couch whilst getting my phone out. "Louis come to the rackly apartment's near the town please" i spoke whilst putting the phone down. He ran into the bedroom and packed all of sarah's thing's into a suitcase. "Even if you and zayn are not speaking, you are staying with me and Louis" i whispered into her ear whilst picking her up.

Sarah's POV

I wanted to speak, but i couldn't i couldn't say anything, i was too shocked. Joe has just got arrested and now El's here to my rescue, but i'm gonna have to face zayn, there's no way i'm gonna talk to him, i can't even say anything at the moment. I closed my eye's slowly before opening them, i saw that i was in the hand's on louis now, he put my in the back seat's of his car, i closed my eye's again before dozing off into a deep sleep.

When i opened my eye's i saw i was in a bed, i looked around and noticed it was El and louis spare bedroom. I got up and hissed in pain, my body was aching from all the pain Joe has caused. I saw i wasn't in anything but my underwear. I looked in the closet of the  spare bedroom and found nothing but a really long shirt, i slipped it on but shivered at the sight, my leg's were covered in more bruises and my arm's were too, the bruises were now on display. I slowly limped out of the bedroom and saw a ton of eye's on me, they all looked sad. El louis, Laney and the rest of the boy's were here, including zayn, he was crying, i wanted to hug him but i remembered we weren't together. I couldn't talk to him after all of this, i couldn't talk to anyone. "Sarah, are you okay?" they asked, but zayn couldn't looked at me. I moved from behind the table which i soon regretted when they all hissed at me, they could see my arm's and leg's. Tiers left my eye's but i soon wiped them away. Laney came and hugged me but i pushed her away. I walked into the kitchen and got a glass of water and found some aspirin, i took the tablet's and sipped on some of the fresh water. 

Zayn's POV

She sat on the table away from us all drinking a glass of water whilst staring at the wall, i couldn't stop crying knowing she got abused so much she couldn't tell anyone and this is all my fault, she doesn't deserve me, she deserves someone better, but i know she loves me and i love her, so much. It hurt's seeing her like this. "I'm going for a drive" i spoke. "I'll come with you" I heard a faint voice, i turned to see it was sarah, i half smiled at her whilst we walked out of the apartment together, it was silent. I noticed she only had a long shirt on so i ran in to my apartment and got her a hoodie and some of my jogger's. "Thanks" she whispered whilst slipping them on.

We got into my car and it was so silent, i didn't like it. She turned and faced me, she put her hand on my face and rubbed circles into my cheek, i closed my eyes for a split second enjoying the warmth from her body. I placed my hand on hers and saw her half smile. I stopped the car at a car park where no one was about. She looked confused..I looked at her with sorrow. "Sarah, look at me" i spoke, she looked at me with her shiny blue eye's, the one's i loved. "Sarah, i need you, i can't do this all without you" i spoke. "Z-zayn, what about management?" she asked with her faint voice. "I don't care about them, they have noticed that i need you back, and so have i, i can't loose you again, i'm in love with you and reading those articles in the magazine about you loving another man broke my heart" She looked at me with tear's falling from her eyes. i wiped them away with my thumb making her smile. "Zayn, i'm deeply in love with you, and i can't loose you again either, you mean so much to me, and do you really think i would ever love someone else?No i wouldn't zayn, i was forced to love him or he would hurt me like he did every day for those 2 weeks we were apart" she cried. I embraced her with a hug and kissed her forehead. "So does this mean we are back together?" she asked. "Yes and i am never leaving you again" i spoke, we smiled at each other whilst resting our  foreheads against each other's. "Zayn, you don't know how badly i wan't you right now" she half smiled, and i wanted her too but she need's to rest, she's been badly hurt.."And i want you too but you need to rest babe" i kissed her lips as she rested her head on my shoulder. And i am never leaving her again and i hope she doesn't leave me.





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