Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


53. Lewlew

I woke up in zayn's arm's, i smiled and stretched  my arm's out to see the most gorgeous ring on my finger, it's amazing to think i'll soon be marrying the most perfect man alive, well perfect to me anyway. I turned around to face zayn to see he was staring at me. "Morning gorgeous" He whispered "Morning handsome, now, mind telling me why you were gazing at me?" i smirked "Do i need permission to stare at my gorgeous fiance?" He winked. I smiled at him before kissing his lips. "Now come on you are going out with El and laney today for dinner and a bit of shopping" He reminded me. "Can't i just have a few minutes in bed with my gorgeous man?" i winked. He smiled and i licked my lips. "You don't know how bad you make me want you when you lick your lips" zayn whispered in my ear making me get chill's. I licked my lips again to tease him. "Quit teasing cook" He rolled his eye's. "What are you going to do about it malik?" i smirked. "This" he half shouted whilst getting up, i ran out of the bedroom and into the lounge. "Aw, is malik too slow?" He gave me a death stare making me laugh. "Zaynie boo can't have me because he can't catch me" i laughed. I heard a bang so i turned around but as i did zayn snaked his arm's around my waist and spun me around. "No zayn, put me down,zayn" he ran to the room still carrying me and threw me on the bed. He lay on top of me but that soon changed when i rolled on top of him. "You have me malik" i whispered seductively in his ear making him lick his lips. I bent down to kiss his lips but i bit down on his bottom lip instead making him gasp. I was in fit's of laughter. 

Just as i was about to leave the bedroom he grabbed my wrist turning me around and moved closer to me making me hit against the wall. I snaked my arm's around his neck whilst he began to kiss my neck. He picked me up so my leg's were now wrapped around his waist. I slipped my bra off whilst he kissed my neck and he took off his boxers. He stopped kissing my neck whilst he let go of me dropping me to the floor, i slipped my pants off before he picked me back up and pushed me against the wall. We were now both naked, bodies touching and against the bedroom wall. Before i knew it he entered me, i screamed out in pleasure whilst pulling on his hair making him gasp, he moaned as i dug my nails into his back. "z-zayn, faster" i whispered making him smirk. He dropped me onto the bed and re-entered himself inside of me, he started off slow then got faster and fast making me moan louder than i expected. "Zayn, i'm so close" i stuttered at he nearly hit my climax. "So am i baby" he whispered. And before i knew it i screamed out in pleasure as he hit my climax. I lay down across the bed whilst we caught our breath's. He kneel'd down in front of me whilst i was still lying down and started to rub my clit making me shiver. He began to lick all of the liquid from my clit making me go crazy. I couldn't help it, i sat up and grabbed his neck pulling him back on top of me. I pushed him onto the bed as i got on top of him. "Stay here, i'll be back in a minute"i spoke. He gave me a confused look before shrugging his shoulders. I ran into the kitchen and looked through all of the cupboards until i came across some chocolate sauce, i grabbed it whilst laughing to myself. I walked back into the bedroom and once he laugh the sauce he looked at me strangley, he was about to talk but i placed my index finger over his lips. I squirted the chocolate sauce around his stomach and onto his dick making him smile. I began to lick the sauce from his stomach going down until i reached his dick. I started to lick his dick in circles making sure to get all of the sauce and once i did i began to suck his dick, picking up the speed as i did. Zayn shouted my name as he climaxed. He looked at me and smiled, i licked all the liquid up and swallowed, i knew it drove him crazy.

"That was a-amazing" he spoke. "Tell me about it" "I'm going to take a shower baby" he smiled. "Think i might join you" i smirked.

Laney's POV

I curled the last strand of my hair before liam started to kiss my neck. "Liam, you're going to get burnt with my curler's, watch it" i warned him, but he ignored me, as i took the curlers from my hair it his his ear making him gasp in pain. "Shit sorry babe" i felt a bit guilty.."It's fine babe, only a sting that's all" "well i warned you" i smirked. He gave me a deathly look before smirking, he was up to something. He picked me up and threw me on the bed. "LIAM STOP" i shouted, but he didn't stop. He got on top of me, i kissed his lips whilst he slid his tongue in. Before he was about to undress me the door opened. "SHIT, sorry guys" we separated and as we did we saw harry there in fit's of laughter. "Man, you will be hazza" liam laughed, they manly hugged each other whilst i was sat there speechless. "Baby, have a nice day with the girl's i need to get going down to the studio" he smiled before kissing me, i waved then carried on with my hair. I slid my fingers through the strand's of hair making them form loose curl's. I slipped my van's on and grabbed my bag and wen't outside the apartment and straight away found El and sarah laughing whilst waiting for me. "Let's go" we all said in unison whilst walking out the block of apartment's. 

Sarah's POV

We sat in the starbuck's window whilst drinking our coffee's. "How does it feel to be engaged?" El asked. I looked down at my gorgeous ring and smiled. "You know what, it feel's perfect" they both embraced me with a hug. "So are you going to wear the ring to the premier?" laney asked curious. "Yeah, i'm not taking it off until the wedding" I smiled. "So everyone's bound to find out tomorrow at the premier then" El smirked. "Yeah, probably" i shrugged. "Anyway, how are you and zayn, me and louis heard A LOT of screams earlier and laughing" El laughed, i turned bright red. "We're fine, and omg that must of been the t'v" i said sarcastically making them both giggle. We were in laughing fit's until a load of scream's came from outside, we looked to see one direction fan's pointing at us. SHIT. We ran out of starbucks and said hi to a few of them before running to the nearest cab we could find, i hated being bombarded by fan's but at the end of the day, they deserve a photo or a 'hello' if it weren't for them the boy's wouldn't be where they are now. 


We all sat in front of the t'v in niall's apartment and watched a love story, it reminded me of my mum and dad a lot, i rested my head on zayn's shoulder whilst staring at the screen, it got near the end and the daughter's mum died, it made me cry a lot. I sniffled making everyone look at me. They gave me 'im sorry' eye's but i just nodded at them letting them know i'll be okay. I got up before my phone started to ring, i looked at the called I.D to see it was my brother, i wiped the tear's away and smiled, i haven't spoken to him in a while and when i do i feel really happy. "Hello lewlew" i said through the phone trying to tease him, he hated me teasing him. "How i've missed your voice sarbear" he spoke whilst using my nickname, everyone was staring at me making me feel uncomfortable but i just shook it off. "So what made you call me on this beautiful day then?" i laughed.."I just missed you that's all, i hate the fact i don't see you a lot".."I miss you too lew, and i'm sorry i guess our lives are just as busy as each others, what are you going at the moment anyway?" i asked curious. "Well, i got a girlfriend, i forgot to tell you, dad probably told you, but anyway i'm working full time at the moment in an office, it's great" i could imagine him smiling at himself proudly. "So who's this amazing girlfriend of yours then? and that's amazing, god why couldn't i be the clever one" i said sarcastically. "She's doing good, you won't believe who it is, she's perfect you know, she's popular too" he laughed. hmm, who could she be?.."Wanna tell me who she is?".."Well it's a suprise, come over this weekend and meet her you sausage" he joked, i missed our jokes. "good idea, she better not be a bitch" i laughed. "She's hardly a bitch, well less of one than you" he joked. "Oi, go before i get arrested by assaulting you" i joked. "see ya sis, i love you" "i love you two lewlew" and i put the phone down. I grinned widely before jumping on zayn. "Someone's happy" niall laughed. "well i just had a conversation with my brother who i haven't spoken to in a while and i haven't seen him in like  a year" i smirked. "You two close huh?" liam asked. "Very, we're like bestfriend's" i laughed. "you're so cute" zayn whispered into my ear making me laugh. We watched t'v' and saw a picture of perrie edward's appear i shook in anger and so did zayn, ' Perrie Edward's's loved up with her new man, here's a few pictures' The women spoke a picture was shown of her holding hand's and kissing a tallish man, i couldn't really see his face as her hair was covering it but i recognised him some how. Another picture popped up and it made me want to choke. "THAT FUCKING BITCH IS GOING TO GET IT" i screamed making everyone jump, they looked at me confused. the man was my brother, my fucking brother, that fucking stupid cow. I grabbed my phone and rand my brother straight away, i was in no mood for his jokes right now. "Hey sarbear, missed my voice?" he joked down the phone. "HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU LEW?" i shouted, the boy's looked confused and kinda worried. "What are you on about sarah, and stop shouting, my girlfriend's trying to sleep" that made me tense even more. "Oh is she now, well wake her the fuck up now and tell her to speak to me" i half shouted. "What's got into you sar?".."YOU WANNA KNOW, WELL HERE IT IS, PERRIE'S THE BITCH THAT NEARLY KILLED ME BY POISONING ME, SHE'S THE BITCH THAT TRIED SPLITTING ME AND ZAYN UP, SHE'S TROUBLE LEWIS, YOU CAN'T BE WITH HER" I shouted but once i finished explaining the line went dead, he hung up, why the fuck would he hang up. I threw my phone against the wall in anger. Zayn embraced me with a hug and kissed my head making me feel less tense. I sighed whilst thinking about the trouble my brother could me in.










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