Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


8. leaving

So today's my last day being in bradford, this day is going to be such a sad day, leaving everyone is going to be the hardest this to do, i wish i could just stay. "Im going to miss you so much, you have always been there when noone else was, make sure you skype me every day!" Jess sobbed. "Yes i promise i will, im going to miss you too jess" I hugged her tightly not wanting to let go, she was the best friend and im not ready to let go yet, i cant but i have to. "hurry up Sarah, we need to go" "yes dad, just give me a minute, please, atleast give me time so say goodbye, you're already taking me away from everyone i love..again" "okay,sorry, take your time" god i hated my dad at times, he's making me leave and he rushes me whilst im saying goodbye to the people i love.."Im going to miss you so much zayn, next time i see you, you will be so big,singing around the world, just promise me, you will try your hardest at xfactor, everyone believes in you, and i do believe in you with all my heart, i love you so much zayn" I promised not to cry, but i couldn't hold it in, the tears came streaming out. "I'll do it all for you,promise me i will see you sometime in the future, i dont care how long i have to wait for you, i will be waiting, i love you so much" my heart was slowly breaking, the hole in my heart reapeared. "Bye guys" I hugged them both and gave zayn one last kiss Before jumping into the car." I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH" i shouted through the tears. They both cried as We drove away.

Zayn's POV

So, she's gone, she's actually gone, i dont know what im going to do without her, but she's right, i need to do this competition, im going to do it for her, all for her. I love her so much, my heart feels so broken and i feel so weak. "zayn, come on, lets go get a coffee, we really do need it" I heard Jess suggest through her tears. I totally forgot she was there. "yeah, okay, good idea" I rubbed my eyes stopping the tears from falling but they wouldn't. I was in love with her like i've never loved anyone before and she made me feel so whole, i guess i'll never feel like that again.

Jessica's POV

I can't believe she has gone, she was my bestfriend and she had to leave, i was heartbroken but zayn, he was torn apart, she was my first proper best friend, she stopped me getting bullied, she protected me, i guess the bullying will start again now, without her, im the same old victim i was before she arrived. I guess i'll never have a bestfriend like her again.

Sarah's POV

We finally arrived at what looked like our new home, it was gorgeous, it would of been perfect if zayn and sarah were here, i guess i just need to face the fact that i won't see them again. "darling,how do you like the house?" "it's nice dad" i was so upset, i just needed to sleep and forget about it all. "darling, i know you didn't want to move but please understand" "its fine dad" I rolled my eyes then walked up to my new room and jumped straight into the bed. So this is my new life, new home and now i need new friends, what else could possible go..wrong.






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