Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


31. Last first kiss?

"Zayn, where the hell is my suitcase?" "Under the bed babe" "thanks" I got some clothes from the suitcase for bowling soon with everyone, it's going to be fun, i can't imagine the boys bowl, well i can but the way they act around me god knows what they are like later..I don't having a clue what to wear, omg..I looked through some choices. I picked up some black high wasted shorts with black lace at the bottom, a denim crop top and some white converse. I couldn't really be bothered to make much effort, i felt to sleepy. I put on some sliver hooped earrings and left my hair wavy. "Babe, the boys want us to meet them now down by the lobby" i heard zayn shout. "Yes, im coming babe" i walked out the bedroom door and saw zayn wearing some black skinny jeans, white vans and a long vest top, he looked as gorgeous as ever. "you" i smirked, he gave me a 'i want you now' look and came closer to me. He then placed his hands onto my hips and kissed my lips, "And you miss cook, look's sexy as always" i blushed then placed my hand in his and walked down to the lobby.

"You guy's finally decided to join us then..we were just about to leave without you" harry joked. "shut up hazza" i smirked whilst hitting his arm, he just grinned and we then walked outside and jumped into a cab. were all squished together, no word of a lie it was terribly uncomfortable. "IM HUNGRY" niall whined. "Niall, how are you always hungry, why don't you ever eat before we go out?" i asked concerned. "Well, i do but im always still hungry, my stomach is big so it's like eating me two really" we all burst out laughing.

"We're here" the driver said. "thank you" we spoke as the boys paid the driver. We looked up to see the bowling place, it was called ' Le bowling' We walked in to find not so many people here, it was a huge place though, we went to change into bowling shoes then booked a lane. "Oh guys, is it okay for Laney to come and join us?" Liam asked. "Who's Laney?" the boys asked. "A girl i met yesterday at that restaurant, she's the person i met up with today" he muttered, i smiled so did the boys. "Ooo, liam's in love" everyone sang, i giggled and liam just stood there blushing. "Of course you can liam, i would like to meet her" i smiled towards him. "Thanks sar, she would love to meet you too" i got excited as it's going to be great not being the only girl. All the boys agreed and i jumped on liam and gave him a hug. "Someone's excited" he laughed. "just a tad" We then started to play the game, we payed for 2 games, one now then one for when Laney comes. 

"LETS DO THIS" louis shouted making us all laugh, oh that louis. We sat down on the bench and niall was the first to go, it went niall,louis,zayn,me,harry then liam. Niall nearly got a strike, he was quite good. "well done nialler" i smirked making him take a bow."GO ON LOU LOU" i shouted making him laugh. He got strike straight away. "See we have some competition going on" i smirked making him wink at me. Zayn's go now.."go on babe" i blew him a kiss making me lick his lips, oh how i love it when he does that. He was amazing, he got a strike straight away like louis. I bit my lip making him laugh. So now it's my go, let's show them what im made of, i'm actually really good at bowling, my  dad taught me when i was about 15.."COME ON SARAH" they were shouting making me laugh,i looked over at zayn to see him stare at my ass when i bent down, i just laughed it off. with all my power i threw the ball and got a strike, i jumped up in the air and then walked over to the boys. "Seem's like we have competition miss cook" the boys muttered making me laugh. "well,i forgot to mention how amazing i am at bowling" i giggled. "Guys, anyone want a drink?" zayn asked, They all said yeah. so me and zayn went to order the drinks. "So zayn, i saw you staring at me ass back then" he just laughed. "you like?" i added. "i love" he smirked making me blush a tad. I kissed his cheek as we carried on walking to the mini bar. "can i have 5 beers and what ever she want's" he said pointing to me. "i'll have a vodka and coke please" After waiting 2 minutes he handed the drinks on a tray, zayn grabbed it and we walked back over to the boys and handed them their drinks. I took a sip of mine then placed it on the table, it made my throat burn slightly but it was just the vodka settling down. A girl walked through the doors and liam ran towards her and hugged her, she had longish blonde hair with blue eyes, she was about my height and she was beautiful. She walked over to us with liam by her side smiling. "Guys this is Laney" he said. "Nice to meet you laney" we all spoke in unison. "This is, niall, harry,louis, zayn and Sarah" he said pointing at us she said hey to us all then we carried on with the game, she was sat talking to liam but then liam got called for his turn, so this was my chance. "Hey Laney, it's really great to meet you" "And you Sarah, liam's told me a lot about you all" "well, what's going on with you guys?" i said taking a seat next to her. "Well i really like him, i get butterflies when i'm with him and i've never felt feelings this strong for someone before, it's weird" I knew exactly what she meant, she was starting to fall in love with him. "Do you think he has feelings for me?" she asked. "of course he does" she smiled and blushed. Then shortly after liam came back. I walked over to zayn and sat on his lap. "You alright babe?" he whispered sending chills down my body, he rubbed my leg making me weak. "I'm fine babe" i smiled showing him i weren't effected by his touch but really i was, i couldn't resist his touch. 

Liam's POV

"Can i ask you something Laney?" "Sure liam, you know you can ask me anything" she said in the sweetest way possible. Am i really about to do this? what if she says no.."I know we only met yesterday but i really like you,i have such a strong feeling about you and i know when me and the boys start the tour again that i might not see you again and i dont want that, i want you to be with me all the time, i don't want to have to let you go, When i think about what my life would be like if i loose contact with you i don't like it, it hurts me inside." She blushed and a single tear dropped from her eye. "L-liam, i dont know what to say" "Say yes" "yes?to what?" "coming on the tour with us when we go again and to being my girlfriend" "then yes, yes i will" she smiled and jumped on my, i hugged her so tightly not wanting to let go. We both leaned in and kissed, it was full of emotion and fireworks, i knew i made the right decision..just as we pulled away her smile got bigger and i heard all the guys saying 'aw' we laughed at them and went back to the game.







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