Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


34. Last day

This past week has been amazing here in Paris, made so many memories with the guys and even Laney, im so glad we met her, she's such a great friend and her and liam were made for eachother, i'm going to miss Paris!. 

"Babe, any idea's on what to do today as it's our last day in Paris" Zayn asked, we were all sat in mine and zayn's hotel room discussing what we would do today as our last day. "Maybe we could go to the cineaqua" i spoke. not to sure whether anyone would want to go. "What's that?" Niall asked, with a confused look on his face. "Its a place where they have activities like shows and they have a cinema screening and also it's got a little Sea Life bit" "That sounds good" niall smirked. "Or maybe be should go to parc asterix" Laney suggested. "What's that?" we all asked. "A theme park, ride's and stuff" we were all interested, i love rollercoasters so i'd be glad to go. "YES LETS GO" niall shouted making us all laugh. We decided to go to parc asterix.

We all left the hotel and jumped straight into a cab. "Can you take us to parc asterix please?" Laney asked. "sure" We all sat in the cab scrunched up together, i could barely breathe, i was sat on zayn's lap clicking my fingers and humming to the song i was listening to through my earphones. "Baby don't stop everybody get up, put your money here, ooh dont ya leave me" i started singing a little louder than expected and when i took the earphones out i saw the boys smirking at me. 

When we arrived we were all amazing, it was huge, roller coasters everywhere. "WOW" louis shouted making me jump. "Where to first?" "lets go there" liam said pointing to a huge roller coaster labelled 'goudurix' I got a little too excited and started jumping on zayn's back, he ended up giving me a piggy back. We all lined up for the roller coaster whilst getting pushed and shoved by some exciting people. "Excuse me" a girl pushed me trying to get infront. "do you mind?you can't just push in, wait your turn" i half shouted. "babe, leave it" "no zayn, why should she push in? she's not exactly better than anyone else" i spat. "oh shutup you stressy bitch, i mean ain't you abit too old for this ride?" she was really starting to piss me off. "And you're not? you look the same fucking age as us, maybe older so shutup and stop acting the big one around here because you are not" laney shouted, she always stuck up for me which is why i loved her so much. "Woah, now we got two stressy girl's, gosh someone got your nickers in a twist huh?" "are you asking for a slap?" i spat. "well no but if you are threatening me you might want to shut that slutty mouth of yours" "Why don't you just leave them both alone?" zayn and liam joined in. "oh, sorry i forgot you were the worlds biggest boy band, im so sorry, NOT! why don't you go back to your gay band" That's it. "You fucking bitch" i shouted and punched her around the face with all the power i had making her fall into her friend who wasn't speaking at all. "omg Sarah" zayn grabbed me and tried to calm me down, laney and the boys were cheering making me laugh. "Okay guy's hop in" the man spoke as we hopped into the seat's of the roller coaster. I was holding hands with zayn. I looked over to see the girl i just hit, death staring me. "Bitch" She shouted towards me making everyone stare at her. "i think you need to remind yourself of who just punched you" i laughed. Laney high fived me and we started laughing. The roller coaster started and straight away it wen't fast causing us to scream.

Once we got off the ride we were all hungry. "LETS GET CANDY FLOSS" Laney shouted. "you're my new bestfriend" niall spoke whilst linking arm's with laney. im guessing niall was thinking the same.."Back off Horan,she's mine" liam muttered whilst pulling laney away from niall and kissing her lips. I smiled at them and kissed zayn. "What was that for?" zayn whispered. "Do i need an excuse to kiss my boyfriend?" "no babe" he smiled and lean't down to kiss me, it turned out more to be a make out session than a small kiss. "OKAY, STOP MAKING OUT" louis shouted jokingly making me and zayn split apart. We went to the little shop and bought some candy floss, i shared with zayn, it was pretty cute actually.


"Zayn come on" i shouted from out hotel room, we were packing for our early flight tomorrow and zayn was too busy running around the room teasing me. "Zayn, please, the sooner we finish packing the more time we have to rest" i begged, he still didn't listen to him, i walked out of our bedroom of the hotel room and saw him lay across the couch laughing, what the hell..I decided to jump on him making him moan in pain, i then kissed his lips. "Come on zaynie boo" i pulled him up by his arms making him follow me to the bedroom to finish packing. "I cant be bothered to pack" "stop moaning zayn, just think if you pack now we can sleep after" he seemed to love the idea of sleeping so he shoved all of his stuff quickly into his suitcase. surprisingly we finished at the same time. "Im going to shower " i spoke. "may i join?" zayn asked with pleading eyes. "zayn,im too tired for that" i yawned. "no, i meant actual washing each other not sex" he laughed. "alright then you may join me" i smirked whilst we both went into the on-suite I took my clothes off as did zayn and stood in the shower, the hot water splashed over our bodies whilst zayn held me from behind making me feel relaxed in his arms.

Laney's POV

"Babe, are you sure you have got everything?" liam asked worrying. "babe, yes i have stop worrying, i've got everything i brought with me. Are you sure i don't need to fly back to England to bring anymore thing's with me?" "babe i'm sure, we will buy you stuff there" he was so sweet and kind. "I've told my friend who i share an apartment with and she's fine with everything." "okay babe" Once we finished packing i jumped onto the bed with nothing else to do. "What are you thinking about babe?" liam asked whilst getting in to bed next to me with just his boxers on. "That i want you" i winked making him smirk. And i did really want him right now. "Then your wish is my command" He jumped on top of me and started kissing my neck making me release small moans. I nibbled on his earlobe making him giggle. he slipped my top over my head and through it onto the floor making me laugh slightly. I took off my bra as he kissed each one of my breasts. I gripped onto small pieces of his hair making him moan and he kissed further down. He looked up at me and smiled, i just wanted him so bad right now and i could tell he wanted me as well. He kissed each one of my thighs then kissed my clit. He then slid his tongue along my clit and made circles making me moan in pleasure, i gripped onto his hair harder only making him nibble onto my clit, but just as i was close to my climax he stopped. "Liam, i was so close" "babe, i know" he smirked then entered himself inside me making me moan louder, i gasped trying to catch my breath as he started to leave suction marks on my neck. I let go on his hair and gripped hard onto the sheets as he got faster. "l-liam" i moaned into his ear, he moaned in pleasure as he kept speeding up only to make me scream out in pleasure. After minutes of pleasure i hit my climax and so did liam, we both lay side to side on the bed trying to catch our breathe's. "Laney" "yeah?" "I love you" "i love you too liam" and i meant every word, i did love liam, i was falling for him harder everyday and i was scared, scared that i will loose him one day, but hopefully it doesn't come to that.









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