Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


29. La Tour D'Argent

"Babe, hurry up" I heard zayn shout for the millionth time. "I'm coming, I'm coming" i looked in the mirror and smiled, i suppose I don't look to bad. I was wearing a plain black dress, not to tight, not to flared, it was a bit like a long top if you ask me.. Some black boot heels and the various amount of makeup with red lipstick and my natural waves. I walked out to see zayn smile. "you look gorgeous" "thank you, you don't look to bad yourself" i smirked whilst we made our way down to the lobby. "Hey guys" the boys spoke. "Hey" we replied whilst all getting into the cab. We were going to a restaurant called 'La Tour D'Argent' Sounded interesting if you ask me. 

"We're here" the cab driver called out, we got out an thanked before before entering the restaurant, it has HUGE, I looked around in shock, it was so gorgeous. "Have you got a reservation?" the women asked, well at least she spoke English. "Yes, under one direction" the women smiled then lead us to our table, it was a big table with everything set out neatly, i was very impressed. "So what can i get you guys to drink?" our waiter spoke. Can you just bring over 2 bottles of wine please" liam ordered then the waiter went away. Zayn rested his hand on my thigh making me smile. The waiter came back with the 2 bottles of wine then took our orders. I looked through the menu confused, i don't understand any of this, maybe i should just order the thing that sounds the nicest, i smiled to myself. The boys ordered but then he asked me. "erm, can I have the foie gras de canard au torcho?" "Yes, you may, they will be a long in 5 minutes" wow, they deliver food quickly.

Liam's POV

"Guys, Im just going to go to the toilete be right back" I smiled then walked away. I walked around the place and looked for the toilet until I found it, I hurried along to the toilet but knocked into someone, oops. "I am so so sorry, i didn't mean t-" i stopped talking when i stared at the girl i just bumped into, she was gorgeous,Hey blonde hair and those beautiful blue eyes, She wasn't exactly tall but wasn't exactly short, she was perfect. "Erm, hello?" I snapped out of my daydream. "sorry, erm, let me get you another drink" i demanded as her's dropped on the floor. "Urm, okay" she smiled then walked to the bar with me, her smile would make me melt.."so what would you like?" i asked her.."a red wine please" i smiled at her before ordering the wine. "So what's your name?" i asked, not knowing what to say."It's delaney, but my friend's call me laney, what's your name?" "wow, that's a gorgeous name for such a gorgeous girl", what the hell did i just say, she probably think's im a right creep now..well done liam, good one. "You're so sweet" she giggled with that cute laugh. "And im liam btw, liam payne" "aren't you from that boy band?" she asked nervously "yeah" i spoke whilst smiling. "This may sound weird laney but there's something about you that makes me just want to kiss you right now, i've never felt like this towards a girl when i've first met them, it's strange but i like it" i spoke awkwardly. "I feel exactly the same" she smiled. I felt butterflies in my stomach. then remembered i needed to go to the toilet. "So, my mates will be worrying where i am, This may be weird but, can i have your number please?" "of course" we exchanged numbers before saying our goodbye's. wow she was such an amazing, gorgeous girl,i'm deffiantly going to text her tonight, even thinking about her makes me smile.


Sarah's POV

I was digging into the food that just arrived, it was gorgeous, then i noticed liam came back. "what took you so long?" i asked. "i met a girl, and got her number" he spoke, he then wouldn't stop talking about her but she seemed nice.


Liam's POV

I lay in bed waiting for Laney to text me back, i asked her to meet me tomorrow, i would love to get to know her..My phone vibrated and i got excited, i feel like a teenage again, i laughed to myself before opening the text. ' I would love to meet you liam, by the Eiffel tower at 1pm?x' I smiled at the text before texting back. 'that sound's perfect, see you then x' and with that i put my phone down, i could't stop thinking about her, something about her brings my attention to her, she's not like the other girls, she's so much more..perfect,







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