Story of my life

Sarah's use to moving around to different school's but will this school have a huge impact on the 18 year old? will the popular people be too much for sarah? will she fall for the guy she's been avoiding..?


21. I've missed you

I Was awoken by the smell of bacon,hm, Zayn wasn't lay next to me so im guessing he's already up, which takes me back to the bacon, im starving. I jumped out of the bunk and ran straight to the top of the bus to the lounge part where all the boys were, i witnessed them all eating bacon, how dare they not leave any for me. "None for me i see" "want some of mine babe?" zayn asked. "You're so nice zayn" i smirked. But i needed to get them back for not making me any. I grabbed a piece of bacon from each one of their plates and ate them all quickly trying not to let the laughter come upon me. "hey, we were eating them" "this will teach you a lesson to cook me some next time" i smirked then walked into the small bathroom thing at the other end of the tour bus. "By the way we are going to our next destination tomorrow so today's the last day in this part of aussie" Liam informed us before i entered the bathroom. We were in townsville at the moment and im guessing the next stop is mackay maybe..well we will soon see, i know alot about cities since i studied georgraphy back in school, which by the looks of things was actually really handy. 

I Jumped out of the shower letting the smoke release from the room and wrapped a towl around me, i felt so much relaxed. I dried myself up and Slipped on some Blue and green checked skinny trousers with a white crop top sweatshirt and some black combat boots. I slipped my black handbag over my shoulder and grabbed my rounded sunglasses. I applied a rare amount of foundation and eyeliner but put a bit more eye shadow and mascara on, i then applied some dark red lipstick. I left my hair wavy and puffed it up slightly. Once i was fine with my appearance my put my sunglasses over my eyes and went out to the other boys, who i found lazily lying around the computer area. I coughed showing my presence. "Where are you going babe?" Zayn asked confused. "To town, abit of shopping anyone want to come?" I asked they all sighed and tried to sleep, im guessing they're tired. "I'll come babe, i could do with a day with you" zayn laughed. I grinned happily then pulled zayn along, he was wearing black skinny jeans a white top and some black combat boots. 

We walked out of the tour bus to find some fans screaming at us, i walked over to them pulling zayn along. "Zayn, you really need to make more of an effort for your fans, they wait out here day and night for you guys, atleast talk to them" i ordered, i know the boys do alot for their fans but they could atleast talk to a few and not just stop and wave. "okay" he spoke dryly which really agitated me. "Hi guys" zayn spoke, the screams got worse. He took a few photo's with the fans and so did i, i loved taking photo's with them. "we must be heading off now, we'll see you guys later" Zayn muttered to the fans whilst we waved goodbye to them all. "you see, wasn't so hard after all" i joked. "shutup Sarah or i will not be responsible for my actions" he smirked. "What's that supposed to mean malik?" He grabbed both of my hands and placed them on his chest. "it means this" He then kissed my lips then my neck and started to nibble slightly which drives me crazy "no zayn, stop it, stop teasing me" i pushed him off laughing before holding his hand and dragging him to the black car we travel around in. "you love it really" he whispered into my ear. We both jumped into the car nearly hitting our heads against eachother. "Where to today mr malik?" the driver asked zayn. "To the city town please nick" So his names nick, that's one thing i've learnt today.


Me and zayn walked around the town of townsville hand in hand, everyone stared at us, they knew exactly who we were and paps were everywhere taking pictures of us, this is my chance to have a laugh. I stopped in the middle of the town and started posing for the camera's. i pulled a few funny faces and then grabbed zayn too, he started laughing before doing some funny poses. "i think that will do" i laughed whilst me and zayn walked around again. "how sarah?" "how what zayn?" "how do you not worry about publicity or anything, non of my other girlfriends do what you just did, they ignore the camera's or be really rude, but with you it's different, its exciting" I smiled at what he said. "Well im not like other girls and the main reason is because i dont care" he laughed and kissed me. "i do love you" "and i love you too zaynie boo" "please dont call me that" "hm, ill think about it" i laughed before something caught my eye. 

"What is it?" zayn asked eyeing me up. "look zayn, look" i half shouted pointing at a attracting shop. "It's a ice cream shop?" "But zayn, i love ice cream, i need you to meet my two bestfriends anyway" "and who might they be?" "ben and jerry's, so come on lets go" i muttered before dragging him into the ice cream store. Once we walked in i couldn't help but gasp, ice cream everywhere, it's like charlie and the chocolate factory but with ice cream instead of chocolate. "Lets get some" Zayn muttered. I got really excited once he said that and tugged his arm making me laugh hard. "Can i help you?" I heard a women ask but i wasn't really paying attention. I looked at the direction of the young women and my eyes lit up, i hit zayn's arm and his eyes then lit up as well. "Jess, jess is that really you?" i spoke, It was Jess from high school. "Omg Sarah, i knew you looked familiar, OMG she screamed before coming from out the counter and hugged me. "I-i dont know what to say,it's been so long" she spoke. "it's unreal how much i've missed you Jess, but why are you in aussie?" I asked, zayn just stayed quiet. "well, i've always wanted to live here and my aunt and uncle live near so i thought, why not?" she laughed, oh how i've missed her laugh, she looked alot more grown up and her hair was so much longer. "So i've been hearing about you and zayn in the magazines, i couldn't believe it at first, i just wanted to find you once i heard" she let out a few tears. "Omg jess, please don't cry" "Im sorry it's just, i've missed you both alot" she said, me and zayn hugged her. I gave her my number and she gave me mine followed by zayn, he didn't really speak much which annoyed me, why didn't he? i mean we haven't seen this girl in so long and he doesn't say a word. "Anyway, we best get going, i'll text you later Jess, urgh im glad we met again,missed you babe" i said whilst hugging her really tight. Zayn said goodbye and hugged her awkwardly, seriously what's wrong with them too?. We waved at jess then walked out. "That was amazing" i gasped. "sure was" "the thing is, we never even brought ice cream, but oh well" i laughed. 


We sat in starbucks drinking out hot chocolates but something didn't seem right. "zayn, what's up?" "oh,erm, nothing, i was just thinking" he obviously lied. "what for about an hour, coem on zayn tell me, you have been acted weird ever since we sat Jess, what happened when i moved away?" i asked. he sighed before answering. "Can i tell you when we get back to the bus, i don't want to say anything here" "sure" this must be important, well i hope so because he's acting like an ass right now.


Me and zayn sat in our bunk with the curtain shut. The boys have ,gone out, i don't know where but we are all going out for dinner tonight which should be good. "Zayn, tell me what happened when i left in high school, what happened with you and jess, i want to know why you are acting like an ass" i spoke. "How the fuck am i acting like an a- im sorry okay, fine i'll tell you".. "good" i replied, this was really bothering me now. "Well after you left Jess Got bullied again, really badly though, she slept around alot and she got bullied for it, boys took advantage of her, she was in a bad place i guess" he shrugged, if i wouldn't of left she would of been fine, and zayn would have. "so why aren't you and her speaking?" "well we are, i just didn't know what to say" "zayn, cut the crap, just tell me" "okay..well i got into a rough crowd when you left, i got drunk, went to parties slept around with girls because i needed to get over you but i just couldn't..One night i got so drunk and ended up having sex with Jess, and i guess things have just became awkward since, the friendship between us both got ruined because of it and we had a huge argument" I kind of felt bad for them both for leaving but i had to and i guess i could make them become friends again.."Oh zayn" i spoke. 

"I placed my hands on zayn's thighs rubbing the surface of his legs, i started to tease him by kissing around his lips but not directly on them. "quit teasing" he moaned. He then decided two could play at that game. He slipped on top of me and started kissing my neck and nibbling on it driving me insane, that's it, i can't do this any longer. I pulled his top over his head and he pulled mine off. he slipped his trousers off whilst i did the same to mine along with my bra. He left kissed down my stomach until he reached my pants, he dug his teeth into the top of my pants and pulled them off with his teeth. I moaned at he left kisses on my inner thighs, He slipped a finger inside of me making me moan, followed by another. "quit teasing malik" he laughed. He started to kiss my clit and lick around it in circles making me moan even louder. He began to nibble on my clit driving me insane, i let out a huge moan and started pulling strands of his hair making him moan. he then took his boxers off and inserted himself inside of me, i screamed in pleasure as he picked up the pace. I dug my nails into his back as he hit my climax. 

We sat on the bunk next to each other trying to catch our breathes. "wow" i whispered. "that was..amazing" zayn whispered back. "Next time it will be me on top of you teasing the hell out of you" i winked as he pulled me in to kiss him. Even his touch makes me melt inside.










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